A Fly in the Microwave....

fun on the farm when no one's around   

Vol 2

     A Fly in the Microwave is a collection of semi fictional short stories about growing up on a small farm in the Rocky Mountains. Mostly stories about nice clean farm fun. You know burning cars, shooting anything that moved, playing with gasoline, home made fire works and shopping at the town dump. Written from the perspective of a very naive eight or ten year old... me. I have changed since then... I am now older. It was a ton of fun to write and initially I expected to sell five copies. Turns out I am now honing in on 1500 copies! Volume two shown above is around 500 copies. I now only sell it face to face or through my site via paypal. I did have a few book stores sell some copies but the meager profit wiped out my motivation. I also had it in ebook format on kobo but never did get around to a request they wanted so it got ditched. In fact it was even on Amazon for awhile but the devil... (us taxation....) wanted to touch me in private places... (my bank account) I opted out and after taking offense they forced amazon to delete my book. I never sold many there anyway so really did not care. I keep getting asked about volume three and have started on it but have been distracted with other projects.

     I cannot recall the number of people who bought and read this book only to come back to buy four, five or sometimes even more copies for their friends. It was even read and loved by one of New York City's most famous art dealers, Ivan Karp from OK Harris Works of Art. He even wrote me three hand written letters expressing his appreciation of the books and my art! 

     If you find you have been taking life too seriously then I do recommend you check out and score a copy.

    Do note that this book is not suitable for snowflakes. It is far from politically correct or environmentally friendly. It has dangerous ideas in it that could kill you or those around you. Though it would do your spineless kid some good if they were not that sharp it could kill them or at least pop their bubble about how good a parent they think you really are.

     One added note: writing books sucks... it is a ton of work and very little pay unless you are writing something good. Thus if you like this book please show your appreciation by buying your friend a copy also. When you are a writer it is amazing how much  difference even one sale makes! Lots of people write me saying they lent their book to twenty people and they all absolutely loved it!!! Hey that's great but where do I cash that in. Heaven? On top of that now that they read the book are they going to buy it? Not likely.

     Going to a movie these days, at least her in Canada, eats up a twenty dollar bill..., a fifty dollar bill if you go for the popcorn. If you buy your friend a copy not only will they get to enjoy it but will also think you are a pretty cool guy or gal. On top of that I can then also afford to buy some more digital ink for the next volume!!! You will be supporting a good cause and banking up some great karma too boot. Not sure about you but I could use all the good karma I can get.

A Fly in the Microwave.... volume 1