My Dull Story....

By roy mackey

aug 3, 2019

Home Sweet Home

(The ARC... an 80 unit full on artist live work building.... my day job).

Chair Sweet Chair

(Steel face chair, one of two I did)

Ride Sweet Ride

(My thrid Harley...  A 2006 Heritage Sissytail)

Bird Bad Bird
OK OK... not that bad actually a lot of fun and traveling partner for 34 years so far....

     I am a steel sculptor, building manager and author. I have been doing steel sculpture for about 34 years. Getting a little tired of it now so am switching over to building vintage Harley's. I am just finishing my third self published book. In order to stabilize my finances I manage The ARC here in Vancouver BC. It is a crazy 80 unit artist live work building full of absolutely incredible people. I have a full on welding shop in my living room. I presently live here with a large parrot that I have been hanging around with now for 34 years give or take. She's the brains of the operation.

     I used to ride old Harley's and now that I am getting my second wind twenty years later I decided to start building another vintage panhead. That is taking awhile so I got impatient and bought the softail above. The panhead will be another year give or take ten.

     I have had an extremely dull life with the odd few moments of intesity. IE: three near death out of body experiences due to severe accidents., flew a hanglider to ten thousand feet at least once with no back up chute, did a couple of parachute jumps from 4000 ft or so., bungee jumped once, and managed to pull a 150 Cessna out of a spiral dive numerous times during flight school...

     I don't really believe the world, especially the mobs that run it, nor the media they pay to train us. I also don't believe my own bullshit anymore.. Ideas and beliefs come and go. We tend to clutch to them until life challenges that belief and before long we are onto another idea. I have been told this is called growth...

     I like black mold better that societal customs and traditions mostly because they try to enslave my thinking. Personally I find I can enslave my own thinking well enough on my own.

     The source of my motivation and inspiration in life aside from my out of body experiences comes from the teachings of "The Last Messiah" George Carlin. Those who thought he was a comedian missed his whole point. He was one of the few messiah's able to come here, make his point and then move on without getting nailed to the cross.

     Careful what you read here as it could bruise your political correctness shield. Never follow any advice I give either. Your best bet here is to just read any posts for entertainment or maybe amusement. If you lack common sense then I really advise you to hit the back button out of here. You will be doing both of us a favor... not to mention your family and friends.

     Oh... and if you like this blog or not make sure you buy a copy of my book... "A Fly in the Microwave.... fun on the farm when no one's around" The laughter will do you a ton of good....