Freedom and How To Find It......

by roy mackey

February 4, 2020

     Let's face it we are all chasing freedom in our modern world. Yes all of us and yet virtually none of us are getting nowhere near freedom. This is especially true if you take the "liars" or those trapped in self denial out of the list. Have you ever wondered why? Well I will tell you here....

     So why is it that in a world of so many options is "Freedom" so dam hard to find? Well it is very simple actually. You see freedom is like a garden. You don't find or catch a garden you grow it! If you ever want to get out of the rat race rut you have to start "growing" your freedom. Oh sure you might think you could wait until win the lottery but even if you did you would still have to grow your freedom.

     The next question then is how the hell do you "grow" freedom? Well this is also simple. You first have to figure out what you want your freedom to look like. Oh and forget the ten million in the bank here. I am talking the real freedom you are looking for. The thing that really sparks your passion. I talk about this in a few posts here. If you can for just a few moments sidestep the bullshit you have been feeding yourself for years and figure this out you will be on the path to your own freedom. The  best part is once you are actually "on the path" the destination will no longer be that important to you any more. As strange as this sounds it is how it really works. 

     Here is an example of this. For years I wanted to build another Harley project. I could never find the time or money to do it. I found more than enough money and time but only for other things. One day I finally I snapped out of my fog and said "fucket" I am starting on that project now. I decided that every month I was going to order some parts for it. Even if it is only a set of spark plugs!

     Well right off I never noticed much. A scored a few parts off eBay and then JP Cycles etc. Then one day a several months later I noticed I had next to fuck all gathered up...., but...., I had way more than I ever had!!! It then hit me that I was in the game! I was actually building my dream bike! This was so exciting to me that I started to focus on it more than I was. Next thing you know a buddy of mind found me some really rare parts and I picked up more steam. After that a few unexpected windfalls came in that lead to even more parts and sure enough even more steam. All of a sudden I was having so much fun caressing my dream that getting it done had faded from my mind. I was too lost in the moment trying to figure out what was next.

     This was incredibly delicious. Three years later I have dam near all the parts I need! In the next few days I am about to paint the frame and then start assembling the pieces. The funny thing I am noticing is the closer I get to getting it done the less I think about having it done. It is so much fun as it is that I just don't care when it gets done any more. Now I would have even been even farther along had I not sidestepped and picked up a newer Harley sissy tail to tide me over until the panhead was done.

     Well this is how life is supposed to be and if not then you are doing something wrong. If you love dancing you don't need fifty million in the bank to dance. You just have to start dancing every day. Then let life take that dancing to where it is supposed to go. Maybe dancing will take you to pulling a "Michael Jackson" on stage or maybe it is just so you can meet your soul mate who is also a dancer. Either way it won't matter to you because you are finally dancing!

    Now I know you have a great excuse..., and in fact your excuse as to why you can't dance, or start a Harley project, or move to the country, get a new job etc etc, really does bring a tear to my eye but you know what? That's how life is. Resistance is always there to hold you back. That is until one day you decide fucket and go for it anyway.

     Now I always used the excuse I could not build my dream Harley because I did not have the $35k needed. I danced around in that pity party for years. One day though I realized that it was not going to cost me $35k it was only going to cost me $350...., one hundred times!!!! As dumb as that sounds it was true and meant that I could start it now. The only thing I had to figure out is how to get one more of those $350. installments done at the parts store! All of a sudden that seemed like a reasonable challenge

     After realizing that it hit me that most people who want a Harley or some other "dream" thing could easily cover their dream. All they had to do was take an honest look at their life and figure out what they didn't really need, yet thought they needed. Hell a lot of people I know at the local church spend that much every month on booze, drugs and meds!!!! We all have excuses but the opposite of excuses is guts. The guts to actually start doing the dream we want to do.

     Now some guys pull up the family excuse. I got the wife and kids to worry about. OK fine but if you really wanted to "worry" about them then you better start living your dream because if they see you live your dream then that will teach them that they can live their dreams too. Or do you want them to grow up to be a "wage slave" just like you? Which is what will happen for sure if they follow your lousy two bit know-it-all advice. After all if your advice was any dam good you would have been rich by now. So sure fool yourself all you want but don't try to sucker your own kids down the path of another one of your hair brained theories about life.

     Now unless you have nailed your life and are living your dream you know less than they do! In this case leave those little bastards alone to figure out their life on their own. Now I know that stings but so does throwing away their life by conning them into following your two bit advice. Because believe me science has already proved what philosophers have know forever and that is "the pine cone always falls close to the tree!" Odds are extremely good your kids are going to end up in the same rut you dug for yourself.

     Thus it is time to stop using them or an excuse for that matter to get your ass in gear and start living your dream. Now of course I mean your real dream and not some idea of your dream you saw on TV or the net.

     Now if you are using the "I don't know what I want to do" excuse, an old time favorite of a lot of people, then here is how you tell. Think about back in high school and your dream girl. She was so special to you that you didn't even tell your best buddy. She was your innermost secret. Sure you could joke about "boinking" other girls but not her. You see we often keep what we perceive as really special to us quiet. In fact very quiet to the point we don't realize it ourselves.

     More often than not your "dream" is that absolutely dumb assed idea that could never work in a million years. The one you are absolutely not qualified for in the slightest. The one you have never told anyone. The one in fact you couldn't tell anyone about after all you know they would just laugh out loud. Thus you keeper quiet. Well the only person that can get you out of this hole of desperation is you.

     So once again lock the noisy kids in the basement with lights off and give the wife some booze money, keys to the car and send her out on the town. Then hit the couch to do some serious un-distracted contemplation. It will hurt to stay focused but eventually your dreams will start popping up again. The best part is if nothing else you will feel like you are young again, if you arn't already that is.

     Now if you are younger this is a little trickier. You see the younger you are then the more likely your dream will involved getting something to make you look "cool" and thus attract a mating partner so you don't grow old and lonely like your loser divorced Dad or Mom. This is just whoremoanal stuff firing off that can confuse you. One way to tell is to ask your self things like "is this goal or dream about me looking cool or is it something I would like to do even if I knew no one in the world was going to see me do or get it". The trick is to feel out how much of your "dream" is based on outside input like money, fame or status. Believe me there are a lot of lives out that that get wasted just because someone chased something that would give them "status" or "fame" rather than something they actually savored doing.

     Now the higher your self esteem is the easier this will be for you. People with high self esteem more often do what serves them and not so much what people around them approve of.  

     So once you have your real dream sorted out then most times you can, and in fact actually have to, start living your dream right off. Lets say you want to buy land in the country outside of the zombie zone in the city and have no money. Well for starters that means you have to start saving some money. If you don't have a job then the first thing is find a job and then start saving.

     Now once you start looking for a J...ust O...ver B...roke. You are not "looking for a job" you are "buying your dream property". If you want your dream property there are going to be a lot of things that you need to do other than just handing the seller the money. Finding a job is one of them. Saving up at least the down payment is another. Oh and then there is figuring out where you are going to buy. Not to mention dealing with those crooked real estate salesman who have only one goal in mind.... jacking up their commission. After all they, like most people sold out their "dream" also for to the allure of big and easy money in real estate sales.

     You see you are on the path of living your dream the second that you admit to yourself what your dream is and are willing to start walking towards it.

     Now, am I riding my vintage Harley now? No! Do I care? Nope? Why? Well it is because I am having so much fun with the process I don't care. The first ride will just be another step in the process. So will the second ride, then the first trip, then the second trip and then the next bike! This is how it goes with "dreams" You start living them now and as you do they start unfolding. You don't get them then! When  you are doing this then your dream starts to grow. Attention and focus on your dream is what gives it the nutrients it needs to grow. Without attention and focus it dries up and dies just like your dreams have for you.

     You see there are a lot of people out there that tell you that you need to set goals. I tried that for years... Eat only raw food, do a thousand sit ups a day, save tons of money, keep my place clean etc etc. The theory is by setting those goals one day you will arrive. Well after years of me writing stupid lists I got zero results. The biggest reason is if you set a real goal then your life has to change. If it doesn't then you really didn't set a goal. Actually all you did was recite a dream out loud, on paper, or to your friends on farcebook.

     Real goals, when set. have to change your life. It is how it works. No not your whole life but a part of your life. When I set my goal to build my vintage bike almost every day I asked myself what I could do today to get me closer. Even if it was only studying up on the parts I was going to need or the expenses I could eliminate and move over to the bike etc etc. Three years later I have almost all the parts I need to puter together. Not bad after spending twenty years just dreaming about it and getting no where.

Dreams Don't Arrive.... They Unfold

     The big thing I learned is dreams don't "arrive" they "unfold". The more you focus and work on them the more they unfold. Now when I say focus I don't mean wet dreaming about them on the couch!!! I mean actually doing something real. Like I said above even if it is looking for a job. By taking these steps knowing they are just steps on the path to your dream property it is a lot more fun. Humans are good at making anything "fun" a habit. Fun never feels like work. Doing anything that you can link to buying your dream property will suddenly be effortless. Even if it is piling boards at a saw mill. After all it will just be you taking steps towards your dream house in Trumanville.

     So you get a better job that pays $200 more a month, cut out your beer habit saves you $400 a month and right there you have $600 a month to put towards your dream. At the end of the year you have $7200 saved for your dream house. Times ten is $72k!!! Very shortly after you get on the path to your dream you will realize that you are living your dream!!!

     You see when I get my panhead running I won't feel that much better because I will planning my second one or more changes to this one or some dam thing. This is what makes life so sweet..., humans are never satisfied with what they have, no matter what they have. Poor fools call this greedy, wise people call this growth.  

     OK I know what you are thinking... Ten years!!! I will be dead by then. Well if you are lucky yes but the truth is you likely won't and if not you will still be there...., without the 72K!!! Not to mention missed out on ten years of "living your dream"

     There is something else though that most don't factor in but every successful person has a story about. The more you walk towards your goal the more your goal seems to run towards you. This happens all the time. Once you get truly committed the strangest things can happen that you never would have expected that thrust you towards you goal faster than ever. Most people are afraid to start because without those "miracles" the journey seems too far. Rarely though is it as far as it seems. You just have to start walking. You will find the "rides" will appear along the way to help you out.

     Don't believe me? Well then read about almost any famous person and odds are they will have this story of an incredible fluke alignment that was a major factor in them getting famous. I have heard, read about and even experienced these alignments (on a smaller scale of course) numerous times.

      Someone somewhere once said "God helps those who help themselves". It coulda been my Dad back at the supper table as I always expected Mom to serve up my food. Years later I figured out that was why I never got as much as the rest of the family did. They reached out and grabbed as much as they could, what they could, when they could and as fast as they could.

     So the whole point of growing your own freedom is you first have to figure out what your real "freedom" is. In almost all cases that freedom is simply you pursuing your dream. Once you nail that down you have a target to focus on.

     Once you have your target to focus on decision making then becomes a lot easier. If your dream is moving to Alaska buying a convertible sports car verses a four wheel drive truck becomes a simple decision. Every choice you have to make will depend on whether it takes you closer or farther away from your goal. If your goal is to buy a big screen tv then you want to stop wasting money on trivial things like vitamins and health foods.

Freedom By Itself Is Useless

     You will then see that it is only your day to day decisions that are keeping you from living or walking towards your dream life. Which, as you now know, is the same dam thing as freedom. Because in truth no one wants just freedom. After all by it self it is useless. Instead what they want is "freedom so they can live their dream" The more things they do towards their dream life the more it and their freedom starts to "grow"

     Of course the more it starts to grow the more you realize that it is the "growing" that is the fun part anyway and not just the end game. Sorta like sex in a way. The end game is fun but the journey is where the real action and fun is.

     As an added note. Do you know who the freest people in the world are? Prison inmates!!! They are totally free. They don't have to think about anything and yet can still stay alive. They have someone else do it all for them. They are told when to get up, when to go to bed, are given their food, they don't have to cook it, if they are lazy they still get food. they don't even have to think about heat as it is all done for them. They are swimming in freedom... by itself... What they don't have is freedom to do what they want. So when you actually think about it no one really wants total freedom. They want freedom to do what they want. It is like night without day. So be careful when visualizing freedom!!! It could end you up in jail!!!

     So like I said above, hit the couch to reflect, nail down your real dream, then start "watering it" every day. Because here is another proven fact. What we focus on expands. Don't believe me? Think of any one of your loser friends. Ever notice what ever they talk about is what they are always talking about. You will find that most of them have been doing the same dam thing for the last ten years hoping that it is going to change but it never does. Well just so you know it ain't going to either. After all how much has your life really changed in the last ten years. If it is anything I am guessing not much. Now the reason I say this is for one obvious reason. You would have never slogged through this post if it had actually changed. You would out there loving life mowing lawns with your little lawn care business or some other "dumb" dream. Grinning ear to ear and driving your neighbor crazy with envy.

     Now here is another point I should point out.... There's more to feeling free in an unfree world than just figuring out what your real dream is. Once you start living your actual dream you automatically end up giving things that you thought were enslaving you less and less attention. People who are not living their dream are easy to spot. They are the ones ranting and raving about government, meat eaters, global warming, the neighbors dog etc etc. These are just signs of a frustrated person who believes they can't get what "they" want therefor they want to lay down rules for everyone else to follow. Since no one gives a shit about what they want these frustrated people get even more frustrated. Often blaming those around them even more for their problems.

    Once you get caught up living your dream you could care less about "stopping Harper" or "Truedough" or "Trumpet" or global warming or some other stupid distraction. You get so wrapped up in the dream you just don't have time for worrying about all the things that could take dream from you. Because believe me there are plenty. China wants to rule the world and use you for body parts, extreme religions want to cut your head off for sending an email, monsteranto wants to pump you full of glysophate to block your pineal gland, Amazombie wants sell and record everything you buy and then some, CNN wants to scare the crap out of you, governments want to bleed more taxes out of you you, Truedough wants to bankrupt Canada so the UN can take over, the UN wants to rule the world and kill the middle class and worst of all Amway wants you to give up your dream to chase a "get rich" carrot for them!

     So you see if you try to deal with all those threats first you life will go down the drain..., like most. You can't beat them. You can though mentally avoid them and when you do that by choosing to live your dream all those threats fade away..., at least from you life. This is simply because you are too focused on living your dream. The more this happens the more bliss you will experience in your life. The more real freedom you will be enjoying. Freedom, I should add, that money could never buy.

     Sure these demons will still be there and might just steal your dream life. But herez the thing though. There is a "guy" coming for you sooner than later that is going to steal your dream anyway. Heza nice chap, little gaunt in the face, needs more sun and meat, should ditch the hay cutter he always carries and of course the black robe, an obvious sign he is self conscious about his job.

     Now If you have been living your dream for any length of time you will be able to fearlessly let him "shave your neck" when he arrives. Then start on the path to another new round of life here on "planet fun" If you haven't been living your "dream" then this day will be a lot more traumatic for you.

     So remember your dream life starts the day you make the decision to start walking towards it. Ever notice nothing comes from Amazombie unless you take the time and money to make the order... Life's also like that.