Gimmie Back My Bullet (s) Coffee

by roy mackey

august 31, 2019

Brain Food

     Ok when it comes to eating I have been obsessed for years with tying new ways of killing the pain so to speak. The first time I got into this was when I went vegetarian 34 years ago. Since then I have been searching for the holy grail with all sorts of stuff. Things like sleeping, meditating, juice fasting, water fasting, running fast, running slow, martial arts, rebirthing, vitamins, daydreaming, parasite cleanses, aluminum foil helmets, chanting Hari Krishna, home style "look at the pictures only" yoga, early rising, late rising, making my bed first thing, not making my bed, distilled water, eating pond scum, putting dirt in my water and God remembers what the hell else.

     The main reason for doing all of this is the fact that I am, and always have been, lazy. I figured if I worked hard at searching and found things that gave me more energy I could get more done and even though I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed I could still get somewhere in this race against ourselves called life.

     Some of the things I found have made an incredible difference in my life. Others?...., well mostly money, time and effort down the drain.... Or in most cases toilet.

     Now of all the things I did try the ones that were cheap and created the most difference were my favorites. Of those my all time favorite up until recently was eating pond scum. That one gave me so much energy that I had to take up martial arts and kick boxing just to burn off the energy!!!  This last one I stumbled onto though was a real doozie!!! Bullet Coffee..., a pure godsend that saved my pathetic life.  

Nirvana Shall Reign!!! The order arrived!!!

How To Change Your Life Instructions

     To those that have not yet heard about bullet coffee it is pretty simple. First make your coffee. I do a two and a half cups of the strongest I can get my new but vintage style perk to make. Pour that in a preheated blender, add two tablespoons of MCT oil... I use Brain Octane from If you are on a budget coconut oil will work. Of course use organic. Then add two tablespoons of organic grass fed butter. The organic grass fed part is vital for this. I buy two different brands the one runs about 18 bucks a pound and the New Zealand crap runs about 34 bucks a pound. Margarine will not work for this!!!!!!!!! Though not required I also add a few other things like C60, Maca root powder, a pre-biotic powder, colloidal minerals and collagen protein for that added biohacking effect. Next blend it all up for twenty seconds on high. That makes me about two and a half cups of high test energy. This takes about about five minutes to kick in and then lasts all day long!!!

by far my favorite pair a sites!!!

     After doing this for about a year at this point I have to say this is one of the best things I have ever tried. Literally life changing. After spending 34 years as an anemic and malnourished, fog brained, vegetarian who was starving all the time I suddenly lost all my cravings. I also felt a clarity that I have not experienced since I was a lot smarter forty years ago. I also lost all my cravings or need for any other coffee during the day. With bullet coffee I get a buzz that lifts me up and keeps me up all day! A real eye opener!!! This stuff apparently ties in with the fourth state of water that scientists recently discovered.

     Now when I say don't get between me and my bullet coffee in the morning seriously I really do mean it!!! To me it is a godsend as far as energy and feeling stable all day without constant cravings. I now combine it with intermittent fasting which has been another godsend that makes my life hugely better. More on that in another post.

     Now if you want to try this coffee I do highly recommend going to This is one of the most incredible online companies I have ever dealt with and I deal with a lot. Their service is beyond compare. One of my orders got stuck at the boarder. The mob or I should say "feds" at the border got suspicious I guess and hung onto it. The gang at bulletproof wrote me apologising and included a thirty dollar credit on my next order!!!!! I dam near passed out and of course used that up as fast as I could before they came to their senses!!!  : )  

     The other nice thing about is the free info they have on that site. I love quality and you can't beat the quality they have in both products and service.

     Now I admit it does get a little pricey if you are on a budget. If so you can cut a few corners and save a lot by doing "homemade" with some grass fed butter and coconut oil.

     Luckily for me my job pays me very well and since I was never man enough to develop a drinking problem the cost is not that bad. I spend about 300 to 400 a month on their site. Now this may seem like a lot for just coffee but when I factor in how much less food I eat this is actually cheap. Partly because a lot the food I buy goes to waste. Especially the stuff I TRY to cook!!! Not to mention "snacking food" which I used to buy lots of is a lot more expensive!!!

     On top of that how much better I feel and the added energy I  have is huge. This is really bonus as between managing the 80 unit ARC, doing my steel sculpture,  writing my next book and being lazy I need all the energy I can get!!!

     Dave Asprey owner of is a really cool guy who wants to live to 180. He spends a ton of money experimenting and has been a leader in the biohacking field. If he thinks something really does work then he usually starts selling it on his site or at least recommending it. If you want to, not so much live longer, but live healthier he is a good guy to follow. He spends a lot of money experimenting so you don't have to. You will learn stuff off his site that you will never learn from big pharma chemical..., via your doctor.

     Thus if there is anything these days I cannot rave enough about it is bullet coffee!!! Fast, easy, delicious, constant energy and no cravings which saves your food bill. Simple math that pays for itself. Oh and all their coffee is mold free...., another fascinating rabbit hole to go down that explains a lot about the ups and downs of regular coffee you may have noticed. Dam I sound like I work for the company!!!