Kicking Your Bucket List

by roy mackey

Aug 7, 2019

     OK... here is something that might surprise you.. Of all the things you are going to do on your "Bucket List" kicking it is going to be the funnest and most deliciously intense thing you do by a huge margin. I hate to rain on your fear parade but it's true. Bin there done that....  three times in fact.
     Now just in case if you are thinking of pulling stupid and checking out early... IIIIIII wwwwooooouuullldddnnn'tttt!!! At least not until you've read and grasped the whole dam post here.  
     Thanks to severe accidents I have been dead and out of body three times in my life. (actually more but that's another story) Incredible since I normally lead such a dull and uneventful life, short of the odd moments of intensity every couple of years like hangliding, bungee jumping and parachuting, pulling a Cessna out of spiral dives numerous times and bombing around on my Harley etc. Otherwise navel gazing has been my most consistent state.
     The point here is about dying. After my first near death out of body experience I got to learn some really cool stuff. My curiosity as to what happened during that experience lead me to the path of metaphysical study. They seemed like the only ones who capable of offering up any kind of sensible explanation. Even back then going to religion seemed futile for any real explanations about much of anything in life other than the odd quote here and there. Sorta like going to the doctor if you had some disease. The odds of them being able to do anything have always been zilch to none. This fact has been more than proven... More on that in another post somewhere and sometime here on this site.
     Anyway for the last forty years I have obsessively read everything I could about people who have had out of body experiences. Combined with my own experiences this all led me to some basic conclusions. The biggest of them all was the fact that dying is the most blissful experience one will ever have. I have read stories about people who had just fallen madly in love the day before winning the lottery and then when going out of body shortly after that had no interest whatsoever in coming back!!!  The level of bliss one feels as you leave your body is incredible. Words can't describe it and this is a very common response from everyone.
     A little bit of a funny but quite interesting story here. After reading every out of body story I could for twenty years I noticed one strange thing. No one ever described anything that even slightly looked like hell. I had told this friend of mine about that observation. Then one day a few months later that friend called me back quite excited asking me if I had read this particular persons book. I hadn't so she went on to say the lady went out of body and saw the gates of hell. My first response back to her was "let me guess the lady was a devote Christian". Well sure enough that was the case. She was amazed that I knew...  
     I told her after reading thousands of out of body stories from people in every imaginable walk in life over the last twenty years that was the first one I heard about where the person said they saw hell..., and she was Christian. Now I am not saying that means anything but does seem a little suspicious...  : )

     Now after having my first out of body experience and then reading all about them I was really prepared for my second one. Not that I planned it..., at least consciously anyway. Thus when the pain hit as bad as it did I remember thinking "jack pot!!! Now I get to see what actually happens as I started to race up..., or maybe it was down..., to that bright white..., or maybe it was orange..., light! Unfortunately for me I was almost there before I heard my body cough. In a flash I was falling back into my body... Very reluctantly. The thrill of being so close to knowing was unreal.
     This experience told me a few things. First never drive an older Volkswagen Beetle for any reason period, especially one with bad brakes!!! The second thing was that from that point on I knew I was not even slightly afraid of death. Now most tough guys..., not unlike my daredevil self always say they aren't afraid of death but until you are actually seriously knocking on it's door you will never know for sure.
     Then years later and thanks to Lance, an amazing councillor I used to see, I picked up some more pretty amazing stuff. All about daredevils that really surprised and I hate to say it embarrassed me.
     You see daredevils often brag in subtle and not so subtle ways that they are not afraid of dying and in truth they aren't. Why?..., well the real truth is it's life that scares the shit out of them. You see death is the only thing that can save daredevils from their real terror..., life. If my parachute does not open I have only a few more seconds and it is game over. Right now....., no waiting for eighty years in terror for "the big day". It is the only place they feel really safe and close to "home" where we came from.
     I learned about that somewhat on my own in grade 4 or 5. The military would come by our school to vaccinate everyone. Since kids that young are really intuitive they knew it was a crime but like Jews going to the gas chambers we had no guns or any form of self defense. Thus compliance was the only an option. Most of us also new by that point that our parents were too stupid to figure out it was a crime so there was no hope getting help from them. They had been brainwashed years earlier way before we came along. So being the brave daredevil I was I rushed to the front of the line. I figured get it over fast beats waiting in terror at the last of the line.
     Man if they only would have had Kung Fu classes back in the valley then. I would have taken the class and then gave Old Sergeant Needle Rock one swift kick in the groin and made a break for the door.  
     Anyway back to daredevils... You see daredevils know that life can be a whole different story compared to having your chute not opening. If I slip on the ice in the driveway that can easily turn into a freak accident that paralyzes a guy for the rest of my life. If you get married to the wrong person she/they could wipe you out financially. Leaving you begging for change on the street with no teeth while they are dancing in the stock market.
     If one of the trillions of operations that has to happen in your body every second fails they once again you could be fucked. Maybe it causes you to go blind, deaf or maybe sticks you with a mental dysfunction like thinking government is there to save you. The intensity of being near death all the time is what keeps your mind off your real fear. This is one of the main reasons they feel so comfortable with it.  
     Now my therapist Lance was an incredible guy and helped me sort at of this stuff out. I alone pretty well proved he had extremely high tolerance for bone headed idiots. Eventually though what he taught me started to sink in which really saved my life.
     Anyway there is nothing wrong with doing dangerous stuff he said. But if one is doing it because of their fear of life, which is almost always the case, then it is a problem. I did notice after that it seems a lot of daredevils are single and not that settled in life. Now I know why as their terror has them constantly on the run never far from the safety of near death.
     Of course anyone who has died and left their body only to be rejected at the gates and sent back knows how blissful it is. Yes and this is why daredevils lurk there... Close to home and close to "mommy..." So if you know a daredevil don't let them intimidate you... Odds are they are as scared shiteless as you are!
     Having an out of body experience in almost every case completely takes away your fear of death. OK... Not your fear of pain if you have it but in reality as intense as the pain can be in your toe if you have your hand cut off at the same time you toe is not such an issue. When you know you are dying or likely to die your brain has no time for trivial things like pain.
     Now strangely out of body experiences can also wipe out your desire to commit sewercider. Most people would think the opposite. If it is so blissful over there then every depressed person would dive into it. Well if you do get to the gates and get rejected back here the opposite happens. For me ever since I realized how blissful it is over there it made my appetite for life skyrocketed.
     You see it kind of proved to me that life really is a video game and I can sleep and cry when I am dead if I want to. Very little if anything seems depressing to me any more. Even when my Dad died I was like..., "whatever... the lucky son of a bitch" I didn't have to do the old "he's in a better place right now" to comfort me. I knew fucking well where he was and was envious but at the same time too busy with life to be seriously jealous. On top of that I knew we would catch up far sooner than later!!!  : )
     You see Dad and I were best friends and talked almost every day especially as his "departure" time got closer. Before he left I told him "don't waste any time coming back to give me signs as we can meet up later Us heathens would be fine."  I am pretty sure he's already back here somewhere.
      I have read lots of stories where losers tried to commit sewercider and failed like they do with everything else in their Godforsaken lifes. Only to go out of body before  getting kicked back in. After that they become totally recharged and go on to create amazing lives. They finally realized failure only means something to idiots and that failure is nothing but bumps on the path to a successful or if nothing else fun life.
     Hell even old George Baxter tried for years to invent the light bulb. He failed a thousand times and then when he finally got it Edison came along and swiped the idea off of poor old George. Then went on to make a million. Hell George didn't care though. After all he was dead. Edison was just picking up on Georges ideas mentally. Of course Edison thought they were his own ideas and never figured out they weren't until after he also died!!!
     Actually now that I think about it that's what the white man did when we came to this country and "found" it. Who were we kidding??? It was never lost and was being treated as precious for eons by a highly advanced civilization capable of compassion and respect towards all living things. Edison was just doing the same thing..., stealing ideas from the ether.  
     Anyway... Edison was not the only idea thief. A lot of creative types think their ideas are their own which is almost never the case. This is what "inspiration" is, ideas that came from someone a lot smarter than us and popped into our heads. We jump up and down like we thought up something great. The truth is we just "heard" a great idea. This usually happens when we are half asleep or not thinking. After all in life we learn most when we stop broadcasting and start receiving.  
     With George the end result was all he cared about. After all he just wanted to come back down here and open a little lighting shop on the corner of fourth and main once the cars got here but unless lights got invented his lighting shop would have gone no where. So in truth old Edison was doing George a favor.
     Back to the story here... out of body experiences teach you that life is just like rolling around in the snow naked. It seems bad but whenever we have had enough we can just jump back into the hot tub by dying. From this perspective the bad is not near as bad and just like monopoly life is just a game. Sure the snow hurts like hell but you can tolerate hugely more than you ever thought you could. Not only that but if it is a game then you may as well aim for winning and keep trudging on.
     Now this is far more apt to happen when you eventually let go of control and trust your inner guidance. Eventually you realize that the bad things in your life that you were hating were actually your best friends trying to steer you into a new blissful direction.
     So you can worry all you want about dying but the second you let go of your old bio sack you will experience bliss like you never dreamed possible. Then after a little r and r you we be raring and ready for another round.  
     If you have ever seen the movie "It's a wonderful life" this totally sums up out of body experiences. It is agonizingly corny but if you can get past that it is worth watching. If you are wondering why it feels so heart warming it is because it speaks real truth. If you die go out of body and come back you will be exactly the same way. You will treat your kids like they could be gone tomorrow, your wife like she could be gone tomorrow and your money like it could be gone tomorrow. You will never trust big banks again. Your appreciation for your life will go through the roof. You will become the happiest person you know. You will look forward to every day as if you won the lottery. The best part is if you don't win the lottery you won't really care. Just like a rainy day in the summer you will take it with a grain of salt. After all you know that in a day or three that cancer causing sun will be back again drying out your sunscreen.
     Now if you are hating life and not getting what I am saying here but are too spineless to kill yourself read this post below. It will help you have the equivalent to an out of body experience.

How to experience an out of body experience without the pain of beating the hell out of your bio suit click the link below.