Big Pharma Gives Thanks.....

by roy mackey

April 4, 2020

       Yes big pharma apparently wants to give special thanks to all the North American Pot growers for all their effort, risk, jail time, marketing and especially their research and product development they have done over the years. All the effort of those early pot pioneers is what created this potentially huge profitable market they can now take over.   

     This effort by so many has saved big pharma millions upon millions of dollars in research and development money. This is not even counting all the marketing that is required to promote and good taxable product. On top of that they will be able to start patenting a lot of the spin off products where more small growers couldn't.

     This whole experiment turned out to be crowd funding at it's finest. Now even though it took far longer than expected to get a good solid market it did eventually get there. The government is also excited about this new take over. New tax bases are always  welcomed by any government. Big pharma will be handling all the patents, production and marketing and regulation while the government will be looking after all the regulation enforcement and taxation.

     This is just another fine example of what a few determined people with a vision can accomplish. Sure it did take them a long time but once again they proved slow and steady wins the race. Not to mention proving that you can actually "beat the man" as in the case of getting pot legalized.   
     Now thanks to lobbying and other methods available big pharma is hoping they can complete the take over as soon as possible. This will apparently be done by bringing in expensive certification and regulation all in the name of safety to the public. This alone will make it impossible for the small grower to survive over the long term. After all it is time for those pioneers to step aside and let the big boys take over now.  

     So in order to say thanks the goal is apparently to create some kind of resin monuments to all those who had their lives ruined in jail because they were caught with a joint, bag of pot or plants in the back yard. These monuments will be kind of like a token of thanks. Sort of like when the government gave the North American natives free land and no taxes when they took over this continent.

     Of course this actual complete take over will depend on how much the market takes off now that it has been legalized. If consumption sky rockets as they are all hoping then the take over will go quickly. Otherwise it will be a slow and steady process so as not to create any uprisings, rebellion or hard feelings. All the spin off products like oils and hemp fiber etc will also have to be regulated and controlled. The potential tax revenue from this is going to be huge!
     This is almost like the passing of a golden baton in a foot race. Though the gold and glory will go to the final baton carrier, big pharma, those who ran the first laps will always be remembered through the resin monuments that will located in a few of the states and provinces throughout North America.

     Another side benefit of this whole project is that pot does tend to pacify people who smoke it. This could not be better timing. After all with times getting so volatile these days having the people pacifying themselves will be a huge bonus for government. This will be especially true with regard to things like tax hikes and hyper inflation etc. A Zenned out pot smoker will accept them quicker than a red necked drunken cowboy ever will.

     Overall it is looking like this could work out really well for the government. Not to mention big pharma as they have run out of excuses as to why their drugs are killing so many people. They need to catch up to the alternative medicine that is out there and start coming up with products that actually work and not kill. This just might be their only chance to get their foot in the natural healing door so they can eventually take it over also. Of course they have already started which is why so much more regulation is now required.