Desperately Seeking Boomers

by roy mackey

August 28, 2019

Whatdahellza DSB

     What is a desperately seeking boomer? Well first off they are nothing more than a theory I have come up with. I got a lot of dumb-assed theories. So here we go.
     What I have noticed is a new group that has been really popular over the last ten or twenty years. Even though they are now starting to almost fade a bit. These are what I call Desperately seeking boomers. DSB's They are group of people made up mostly boomers and often the younger of that crowd. Of course they can come from all age groups but I think the bulk are young boomers.
     What this group has done for the most part was follow the herd and shelve their real dream for the cash and pension plan. As with any choice there comes consequences. With this one time tends to speed up. Partially because you quickly end up hating or being numb your days and thus they drag on. This does not usually happen though until you have established your "lifestyle". Meaning you have figured out a way to spend just over what you are earning. Then you spark up hope for something to change and dive into the rut. Now anytime one of your days is too similar to the next time really speeds up. The more your days drag on the faster your years fly by. Ten, twenty or thirty years can go by in a flash and somewhere during that time you realize your life is not turning out like you wanted. You feel empty and un-satiated.
     Now instead of slowing down and taking a break to think about it most just run to the life buffet and grab as many things as they can. When they spot something else that looks interesting they lop it into their Ralf Bucket List. Next chance at the buffet they grab some of it also. Some have Ralf Bucket Lists a mile long.
     Most DSB's know that time is running out and the more things they can "scarf" before "times up" the better. It used to be he who died with the most money won. Now it is who checked off the most from their Ralf bucket list.
     I admit it doing this does have some merit. But scarfing back as many gourmet foods as you can at one sitting, something I could easily do, is not really enjoying gourmet food. The same with anything. You can gulp it or savor it.  Starving people gulp stuff and well fed people slow down and savor stuff. Life is no different. Almost everyone these days is in a hurry to scarf back as much as they can from the buffet of life.

Where This Theory Began

     I had someone call me once. They always wanted to be a metal artist but instead sold their soul to law school. After thirty years of doing that she was still starving. At least she noticed it. She phoned me in what sounded like a state of desperation. Her time was running out so she finally decided to pursue art. She wanted to see if I could train her to do work like I did so she could get right to the good stuff.

     I told her she didn't need me and that all she needed was to buy a gas torch, some snips and steel and just weld every day for twenty or thirty years. It did not take me long to realize that was not the answer she was looking for. She did not have twenty years. I was going to tell her to sell off some of her assets and investments so she could buy some more time but figured I had already struck out in the advice department.
     Over a few years there I had a huge rash of these type of inquiries. In fact that was when I first came up with this theory. For awhile I felt sorry for them but then realized who was I kidding I always wanted to be a lawyer... Piecing together clues as I revved my 911 back and forth to court. I instead sold out to my art and thirty four years of slogging a torch getting no where fast.  
     Now if you have done this don't worry. You can read my dream life post here    HERE    and then just start over. On top of that if you don't have time then you could just sell off your assets and dive full on into the Desperately Seeking Boomer mind frame. After all no one said it was bad and in fact it is actually a good thing. We have all done it at least some at a big buffet. You try a little bit of a lot of things... Then when you figure out what is best you go back and pull a plate or two of the high grade choices. Deeeeelish!!!  

Being a DSB Is Not Bad

     The only time the DSB state is bad is when you already know what your REAL dream is and you are using the DSB state to avoid it. After all our real dream, love or craving often scares the hell out of us. Thus most dance around the bush with it by avoiding it any way we can.

     If you are on the fence about pursuing your dream then consider this. If you don't you won't be getting much older. People who pursue their dream have reason to live longer. Most people who live a long time are wired about their life. Science has actually proven this. Sure some still die young as there are no absolutes in the world but rarely do you see very old people who are miserable. They might act that way but inside they are often loving it. If for no other reason that for the attention they get.
     Now desperately seeking boomers also look like they are wired about life but looks can be deceiving. On top of that only they will know for sure if they are living the dream or running from their dream. From the outside it is impossible to tell. From the inside almost as bad if you are not used to being really honest with yourself.
    Sting I read, with all his bazillions of dollars spends most of his day practicing??? WTF. What a waste of money you might think. But not really after all most of us want fifty million in the bank so we can do the same. The trouble is strumming on a guitar costs next to nothing. Oh sure it could eat into your youtube time, Trump debates, farcebook likes fishing and netfilx etc but won't eat into your cash pile other than a few bucks for the guitar. 
     Thus the sum of the summary here is.... There is nothing wrong with being a desperately seeking boomer as long as you don't have a dream you are running from. After all by looking around you might bump into something that could be your dream. 
What Are You Avoiding

    Now if you are a desperately seeking boomer because you are trying to consciously or unconsciously avoid your dream or passion in life then it is a real problem. I think most of the times this is more the case. Though most have been blocking their dream out for so long they can barely remember it if at all.

     This is the only code you have to crack in life. Once you identify, admit to or own up to your real dream then you are on your way. Though I would still read the Dream Life post on this site. Link at the bottom.
     If you are having trouble figuring out your real dream here are some clues. Your real dream is that absolutely dumb-assed idea that you have had for years. The one you can't stop thinking about but never told anyone about. It is that thing that stirs a spark of excitement deep inside you but of course it is something that "you could never do". You might try fooling some people that you don't know but you ain't fooling me.
     Now you might think you are too old to do it but let me tell you now you aint. First off there is a good chance that reincarnation is true. If that is the case that means you are only "older" with a worn out body. So in that case you are best to get it out of your system now. That way next round you won't have to waste time chasing it and can move on to greater things. Of course if there is no reincarnation then times running out!!! It's now or never!!! Once you do dive in it will be the best "meal" you ever had!!!