Bullies..... Our Unsung Hero's

By roy mackey

January 6, 2020

     Yes most people don't realize it but bullies are the world's unsung hero's. I know this sounds crazy and your Mom is going to want to kill me but before you report me to all the "Woke Jokes" out there hear me out.

     Here is how it goes. The world is full of geniuses. People who have the ability to create miracles that could shock and awe the world!!! So why is it then that things seem so slow to change. Well it is simply because all those geniuses out there are pussy's with barely enough self esteem and motivation to get out of bed in the morning. For them to work 14 hours a day on their dream is next to impossible.

     You see between their parents, teachers, Al Gore and Greta making them feel constantly guilty all the time they just shrink into themselves. By the time they get out of school their esteem is beat to hell. This then leads them to getting nine to five jobs, mortgages, and buying stuff until they eventually grow old and die. All in a desperate attempt to prop up that lagging self esteem. Now of course since real self esteem cannot be bought they merely waste their time until eventually they end up taking their potential to change the world with them to the grave.  

     Now not all of them do that. Some, thanks to bullies, get determined to rock the world and make huge changes and show that bully once and for all who is the big shot. You see bullies pick on these weak geniuses and humiliate them to no end. This easy for them to do because lets face it most bullies act like knuckle draggers. Not that knuckle dragging is a bad trait because without that trait they could never be bullies... And without bullies we would still be living in caves without computers.  Remember without fins and gills birds suck in the water and everything has it's place down here.
     Now what happens is the supposed poor recipient of that bullying ends up with making two choices. Pack up and go die or pack up and go do something. Every so often one will pick a craft that they can excel at and get obsessed. Next thing you know they are dancing like a "smooth criminal" and rocking the headlines with fame, fortune and everything they ever wanted in life. Yes they end up showing that bully who used to pick on them a thing or two. That same bully who is still killing people by serving them food like substances from the local fast food joint at minimum wage.  

     The "smooth criminal" dances and struts around looking down at the bully like he is dirt. Which is really sad because it was the bully who actually gave the smooth operator the drive he needed to succeed. Had he not bullied him he would have never made the great heights he did. Life is about drive. If you have drive then you can accomplish great things. It is drive..., not dreams, that keep you focused and working on your dream. Hell everyone has dreams but most of them just make their beds wet. The reason for this is drive and focus is very hard to come by. Those that don't have it get stuck thinking about nine to five, mortgages, the Jones's and eventually cemeteries. Drive is what keeps a person off the typical consumable pleasures and their nose constantly on the goal. In most cases the "smooth criminal" has all the drive they have because of their bully.

Some Bullies Get Paid

     In reality a coach is a prime example of a bully who not only gets paid but also gets tons of respect. Not sure why because all they do is get guys to chase each other around field. After all lets face it sports rarely change the world other keeping a bunch of weak geniuses pacified in front of the tube.

     Unlike coaches though bullies motivate people who really can change the world. You can pretty well bet that most people who accomplished incredible things in life have a story about some bully who treated them badly. Even Elon Musky said he was bullied. Those bullies are what make you push that extra mile no matter what.  

     The even sadder thing is that most successful people never pay tribute in a respectful way to the impact the bully had. They go on about hard work and long hours did the trick. Which is true but where did they get all that hard to find drive. In most cases it came from their own personal bully. The reason most won't acknowledge the bully is because they spent most of their lives trying to get revenge on them. So to hit the big time and then be able to change that revenge seeking to gratitude is pretty tough to do.
     Now most of us, if we get honest, have a "bully" in our past that we hope sees how great our life now is on farcebook! It is just a fact of life. For a lot of those people those "bullies" go back to when we are five or six. This shows how powerful the impact that bullies can have on our lives. Oh sure that Steve Jobs speech made you feel warm all over and even choked you up but in the long haul it never did much. If it would have more people would have been driven to great heights because of it. After all millions heard that same speech.

     I even knew someone once to spend thousands of dollars to take an Anthony Robbins course. He put her state and drive through the roof. Three years later she was still wading around in her same miserable life.

     Those that didn't get bullied, or got the participation trophy even though they didn't win or never suffered any humiliation in life rarely get far. Their Mom may have told them they were special but the world never agreed. The only way you get any where in life is if you have a serious goal, serious desire and the motivation and drive to pull it off. You might have the gumption to pull off the first two but the last two are a bitch. Of course that is unless you have or had the good fortune to have a bully there to help you.
     So.... What does this all mean? Well if you succeeded in life and were bullied when younger, don't hold a grudge against those bullies,... don't feel sympathy for them either...., feel gratitude for what they did for you because even though you might not want to admit it, they were a huge part of your success. The were your silent partner or "coach" that kept you going and gave you drive when things got tough.

     After all drive and motivation to stick with a long range goal is extremely hard to do. Shucksters are all over the net trying to sell you that drive and motivation often for tens of thousands of dollars. If you had bullies you don't need to spend a dime because you have your drive and motivation burnt right into your soul.

     Now a lot of people think that when they get to the fame and fortune they might think revenge is sweet. The truth is though if you have any gratitude at all you would realize that it is gratitude you need for what they did. Because if it were not for them sex, drugs, rock and roll along with mortgages would have quickly bled you dry just like it did to everyone else you know. Your dreams would have dissolved like sugar cubes in boiling water.
     In my fruitless and desperate hunt for pure drive I have read tons of successful people's stories. Most had either bullies or some intensely negative experience in life that gave them the drive to succeed. This was something that I missed back in school. Even though I was extremely introverted and shy I was strong. So only had a couple times where someone attempted bullying me which they regretted.

     The one thing reading all those stories did help me conclude is that those people never really appreciated what their bullies actually did for them. Sorta like Bill Gates. You gotta know he was bullied lots as a kid and look what he accomplished with some slight of hand and drive. The only thing now is sadly because he never got over his bullying he is on a mission to  get "the population" back down to five billion" using his vaccines. I heard him proudly announce that on a stage in front of a crowd of people. Unfortunately this is tragic but is what can happen if you don't get over the bullies in your life. You end up turning into a homicidal Hitler like maniac.

     So if you did get anywhere in life and you have already acknowledged your two main donors, your Mom and Dad, then make sure you give special heart felt thanks to the next most important person in your life.... your bully!