Christians Are a Funny Breed

by roy mackey

August 4, 2019

     Ya know I have noticed that Christians are a bit of a funny breed a cat. Actually in a lot of ways but there is one that gets me the most. That is in regards to the "mark of the beast"

     You see there is a quote in the bible somewhere... OK I never actually read the bible but did skim the pictures once... that says "no man shall buy, trade nor sell on the stock market, internet, eBay, Amazon, casinos, pubs, or grocery stores etc without the mark of the beast" Something like that anyway. Most Christians I talk to seem to know about this ugly "mark" prediction thing that is coming. At the same time it seems they try not to think about it much.

     When confronted though pretty well every one of them I have talked to say the same thing "they will never take the mark!!!" "whatever the cost may be" This gets me rolling in laughter every time and I will explain why. You see debit cards appear to be the obvious precursor to the mark, which would be nothing more than a smaller chip implanted in the back of our hands or forehead. In fact it is already being done now at a number of companies.  

Note: (I did hear awhile back that the devil had some Christian trying to convince people debit cards were not the precursor to the mark though not sure many were buying that story)

     What I find so funny is that even though at this point debit cards are only a "choice" the "devil" has offered us every Christian I know uses one for all their transactions!

     Now what do I think is going to happen when they don't have a choice? You guessed it..., fight to get first in line! After all it is pretty obvious since if they all signed up when it was still their choice not one of them won't sign up when they have no choice! After all if you dance with the devil long enough you will eventually trust her enough to want to sleep with her. 
     Now they could opt for using cash only but the banks hypnotic marketing along with their desperate need to "fit in" has obviously high jacked their freedom of choice. Yes like an alcoholic who is quitting for sure next weekend my bet is the front of the line for the "mark" will be all Christians!!!
     But hey... Maybe not you! If you want to find out if you would crack under the pressure why wait? Why not see if you can go cold turkey on the "devils" debit card now?

     Hell I am not even a Christian, though I did meet the guy once, and yet I have gone cold turkey on debit cards for almost two years now. If there is a face there I pay cash no questions. Of course when buying treasure to store up here on earth at Amazombie and iBuy etc I have no choice but to use the devils "debit or credit card"

     Now maybe the real truth is Christians arn't really all that worried about their "souls" anyway. I know a few that shouldn't be..., at least now anyway as it appears they must have sold theirs years back.

     My other guess is that when it came to not taking the mark they were likely just giving their preacher lip service to keep the missus happy. If that is the case with you then check out this link below. It might give you some seriously good reasons to quit using debit cards and switch to cash while you still can!!! Like I said I have for almost two years now and have to say it has been the most satisfying and funnest experience I've had!!! (I lead a dull life) In fact it makes me feel like a "Kings Kid" With God as the only witness to my transactions.

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