The Danger of Rabbit Holes

by roy mackey

May 28, 2020

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     Most people don't realize how dangerous rabbit holes are. This is dangerous in itself because after all everyone has a rabbit hole they frequent. Especially these days. If you start taking your rabbit hole too seriously it could cost you your family, friends, job and eventually your life. It is not worth the risk as you have nothing to gain. Yes rabbit holes cause more pain and suffering than anything. Thus you have to learn how to manage your "rabbit holen" or you will pay the price. Thus if you don't want the embarrassment they can also cause you may want to check this out...  

     Plain and simple rabbit holes are a trap. They go on forever and the farther you go down them the harder it gets to see or hear anyone else's point. Every rabbit hole has its gate keepers. News stations are the gate keepers for the most popular rabbit holes.  Now a lot of the news station's "gates" take you down the same hole. These days that would be the anti Trump hole. Fox usually takes you down a pro Trump rabbit hole... But they will changing their story soon as apparently the rumor is they got bought out. If true you will see a slow and steady change of their narrative. You see smart people in the right places know that if you want to control a countries narrative and thus that country you have to control it's media. There are other rabbit holes though... Tons of them. I slipped once and fell down the Harley rabbit hole years ago. I tell you there's one thing you wont find down a Harley rabbit hole. That's any evidence that Honda's are any good for anything other than keeping plastic and pot metal recycling going!!!

     This is the same with religion. Start walking down a Catholic rabbit hole for awhile. Before two shakes of a stick a ton of "plain and simple evidence" will prove beyond a doubt that being a Catholic is the one and ONLY path to God. Of course this is the same with any religious rabbit hole

     The trouble is the farther you go down any rabbit hole the smarter you think you are getting and the more conviction you have for that rabbit hole. Simply because the "rabbit hole" provides you will all the plain and simple proof that cannot be argued.

     Nothing in life is more dangerous than a group of scared people who are mentally stuck down a rabbit hole. This is what happened to the Germans who got sucked into Hitler's rabbit hole. He first scared the hell out of them then was able to lure them down his rabbit hole. Scared people down a rabbit hole become extremely dangerous to those "in the light back up on the surface".

     This is how you can get people to do atrocious things. In fact this is also why whatzhis name in the white robe and sandals was able to be so non judgemental and forgiving. He did not live in the deep darkness of "rabbit holes" like most common people. When you live up in the light you never have a need to stone, burn, behead, gas, maim, kill, insult or imprison anyone else. He did not have religion to steer him away from his heart. Doing atrocious things to your fellow man requires a mentality that can only be found deep down in the darkness of rabbit holes.

     Now one way to tell if someone is really scared and has gone too far down their rabbit hole is to note how quick they flare up their anger when their choice is questioned. These people will lash out like a wild cat corned by dogs. Trump haters are a prime example of this. It is incredible to watch and you can find endless examples online. We are not talking disagreement here we are talking full on out of control rage. It is like all their humanity and communicative logic fly's out the window. After all how dare you question the logic they have been indoctrinated with by their "News Station".

     This is especially true if they have taken the time to go deep into their rabbit hole. If this ever happens to you it is best you quickly say you were just pulling their leg and then as fast as you can, back out the door. You could also fire out a subject changing question like "Oh by the way before I forget..., do you have that recipe handy?" This will often be enough to throw them off for long enough for you to get a chance to quickly glance at your watch, remembering the cookies you have in your oven.  If you don't they could start spieling off the dogma from their rabbit hole. This would only make matters worse as it not only agitates them it often agitates you if you have a different rabbit hole.    

Not Willing To Ditch Your Friends?

     Now there is a trick to rabbit holes that is priceless to know if you are NOT willing to give it up or NOT willing to disown your "heathen" friends. That trick is the fact there is a back door out of every rabbit hole. A short cut to quickly come back up into the light and being neutral up on the surface for when your friend stops by. Sorta like at Ikea. Most don't know it but at any point at that store there is a shortcut that gets you right to the food trough. If the hypnotic suggestions they play never took then there's a shortcut to the exit. You don't have to wind through their whole maze.  

     The quick way to this short cut is to just force yourself to stop thinking about the "proper ganda" that you have been indoctrinated with down your rabbit hole. OK this is hard to do but once you get it down it gets easier and easier. This will bring you immediately back up into the light. Practicing meditation can make this easier also because it teaches you to take control of your own thoughts. A side benefit is it feels blissful letting go of your indoctrinated narrative for awhile. Not to mention makes seeing those "fools" around you in a whole new light a hell of a lot easier.   

     There are advantages to coming back up and out into the light again. Mostly because you are then able to connect with people you love heart to heart. You can have a good time with them and then head back down your hole when they leave. The only time there is a problem is when you want to drag them down into the darkness of your hole with you. You see they might very well have their own secret rabbit hole they prefer. One that if you could just take the time to come down you would see the folly of your ways. They might even be able to save your soul, life, freedom or finances. thus you can see why this is so urgent for both you and them.  

     Now humans are funny. Once they pick a rabbit hole and explore it the rabbit hole hypnotizes them to go out and find others to bring down that hole. Rabbit holes need "fed" so to speak with new "believers" so that it doesn't die. Even though they can be resurrected as in the case of the flat earth. You see as the round earth rabbit hole started to attract more traffic the flat earth hole started to quickly shrivel up and die. Eventually it almost completely died, short of a few primitive people deep in the Amazon and some politicians here and there. It was like this for centuries. Then someone came along and decided to dig out that hole again. As strange as it may seem that hole is starting to get a lot more traffic.

     Now even though I have had the privilege of seeing the roundness of the earth once I opted to take a quick hike down that hole... Just to see what those idiots were up to. Well I obviously still don't buy the theory and only because I did not go down deep enough. I did though get deep enough to see some pretty strange "evidence". In fact evidence that you would have to be pretty brain dead to not have to consider. Most people that say they are crazy are just too scared to go down that rabbit hole with an open mind. All with good reason of course as most base their whole life around the rabbit hole they have chosen. To go down another rabbit hole could uproot the whole foundation of their life. Thus the best you can expect is to see them barking away like crazy at the entrance of the flat earth hole.

     Eventually I backed out of going any deeper and for a good reason. You see rabbit holes are hypnotic and like hypnosis you never know you are hypnotized until it is too late. Of course by then though you can't notice! The trouble with going too far down a rabbit hole is it can tear your old life, family and friends apart. Just like a hungry wolf tearing up a rabbit. They make people judgemental because they make people focus on their and only their hole as if it were the only truth in life.

     Little side story here. We all know about the looney's out there that wear aluminum foil helmets. Well most people including myself, laughed and made jokes about them for years. One day though I realized that I had never actually tried on one of those aluminum helmets!!! Yet I was still barking loudly at them like everyone else. This is herd mentality. It is also exactly what six year old boys do regarding girls. Never realizing that in a few years girls and getting close to them will be all they think about!!! (at least in most cases) Their very adamant opinion is also based on having no experience with what they are against. Here is the really scary part. Science has done some high tech research that may just give these "foil freaks" some credibility...... Now try getting a good nights sleep with that in the back of your mind!!!

     When you first opt to go down a rabbit hole you get a lot of pleasing bits of information. This is to lure you in. As you go deeper the information gets more complicated and absorbing. This has the effect of making you feel like you are getting smarter. There are some people who embrace this fully and really dive in willing and able. Then after coming back to the surface they think they are carrying the light and must bring others down their hole. Be it a Harley hole, pro or anti Trump hole, pro or anti climate change hole or whatever.  If they bump into someone who has barely gone down their chosen rabbit hole that person doesn't have a chance when it comes to debating or arguing. The person who has gone the deepest down their hole has all the answers. Thus can win any argument at least in their own mind. Not to mention thinking they look cool and educated. Deep rabbit holer's are quite often broke, single desperate and destitute with no car no life and no job but smarter than hell, at least in their own mind. 

     The problem is there is more to making choices than logic and as overwhelming and convincing as a particular rabbit hole can be it never controls reality. It only controls your reality.

     You see a person who has gone deep into the Harley rabbit hole will be constantly bumping into Honda riders broken down on the road or unable to get parts for their obsolete plastic beast. Of course those who have gone down the Honda rabbit hole will never see this. They instead will be bumping into "oil sprinklers" every day. (old Harley's appear to "leak" a lot of oil) Now the more the Harley guy bumps into more broken down Honda's the more he will start declaring that his rabbit hole is true and of course vise versa. After all they both have the "proof" as they have seen it with their own eyes.

     There is another thing about rabbit holes. Though they get us convinced they rarely stand up to logic. I learned that from studying the Vintage Harley rabbit hole. You see Harley's like Honda's just don't stand up to logic.

     "Vintage Harley's don't leak oil..., they have a total loss rear chain oiling system. That's not a leak you see on your nice new white cement driveway. That is supposed to be there."

     Well to anyone else it is a fucking leak and get that piece of vintage shite off my clean white drive way!!!  The same with Harley's lasting forever. Of course they will if your wallet is big enough!!! Anything can last forever if you can get and afford all the parts it constantly needs. This I know well as I spent thousands on one I had years ago and so far have spent over 20k on the one I am building now and am just over half way to finished. They are money pits.

     Now the Honda rabbit hole is the same dam thing. Seventeen carbs, forty five valves and hundreds of horsepower. Yet like a bic lighter, toilet paper or tampons is disposable because six months later out comes the new and improved model to match my new phone. Making the one you just bought last summer obsolete, smell funny and about as dated as facebook.

     So even after all this speed, horsepower and valves they can't come near the mystique of Harley's. They even tried to copy the look and sound of Harley's to no avail. Though the thing they do have is they start,, run and don't leak oil, mystique or not. Would I buy one? Never mostly because I have gone too far down the Harley hole. At the same time though I can appreciate them for sure. Especially after my Harley's oil leak stained my new hardwood flooring.  

     One important thing I need to point out here is it is not like rabbit holes are bad. In fact the opposite is true. Rabbit holes are what make life fun and add variety. Sorta like booze and drugs but you just have to be able to put them down for periods. Sure you can get drunk, stoned and punch out your friends on Saturday. Nothing wrong with that but if you can't make it to church with them on Sunday morning it starts to become a problem. If you can't you end up turning into the equivalent of a drunk junkie, functioning or not. If you are able to put it down and check out other rabbit holes then odds are you are set. If you can walk way down another rabbit hole and still hang onto your original one you are doing very well.

     Most don't go down other rabbit holes because they are afraid that they will get "sucked in" not realizing that they are already "sucked in" to the hole they "live" in now. Like I said above these people, like a dog, will sit outside of other rabbit holes and bark like crazy but never have the nerve to venture in. Thus peering down the hole they attack the concepts of that rabbit hole without really knowing them.

Spotting Dangerous Rabbit Holers

     Now if you watch closely anytime you meet someone new you can tell what rabbit hole they are down and how intensely they are down that hole. A guy with a leather jacket covered in "boy scout" patches and walking with his toes pointed outward from each foot has likely gone way too far down the Harley rabbit hole. Another guy wearing a bright red MAGA hat and carrying a automatic rifle into McDonalds for lunch has likely done the Trump rabbit hole. If you see someone looking nervous, angry, desperate, scared stiff and acting like they know everything they have likely gone down the CNN rabbit hole. If you see any of this you have to realize everything they say is going to be tilted towards desperately trying to steer you down their rabbit hole, verbally or non verbally. Now with these people you have to be very careful. If you act like a normal human being and don't start barking out your own rabbit hole's doctrine then they will quickly start seeing you as someone to recruit.

      I have this happen lots with network marketers. You see I love network marketing..., well at least their products anyway. They often sell very high quality products that you just can't get anywhere else. Mostly because the Joe Average consumers would not pay the extra ten cents they cost without an explanation as to why it costs more. (At least in the past anyway as this has really started to change thanks to the net.) They missed that "you get what you pay for" section back in high schools common sense class.

     I have also spent years down this rabbit hole studying what real network marketing is mostly out of pure interest. So when being approached by people thinking they are doing network marketing I know that they really arn't. They are actually doing network selling which is hugely different and a shit ton of work. This is mostly because they don't really understand it. Even though most think they do. What I do the second they ask me the "leading in question", is ask if it is a network marketing company. They often get very nervous and wonder how I knew as they answer.

     Well once I tell them "hell I love network marketing companies!!" most almost wet their pants with excitement. Right off they think they have an easy recruit. After all pretty well everyone of their family and friends they talked to almost kicked them out of the house when they brought it up!!! This same thing happens to overzealous rabbit holers. They turn into the dreaded multi-level marketers, I mean sellers we all hate. Just like that guy who thinks he knows everything and likely does. Problem is it is only about his reality he created going down his rabbit hole.

     Here is how it goes. You mention the weather to your friend and if they are really deep down their rabbit hole they will spark up with a anti Trump speech or anti global warming speech, or an electric car speech. This is done in the desperate attempt to let you know they have all the answers and can save you. All you have to do is follow them down their rabbit hole and they will be able to prove it to you.  After all like I said above eager rabbit holer's are often desperate to drag people down into the darkness of their narrow thinking. A lot of the time their reply will be out of context or designed to check if you will let them share what they are learning down their hole.

     A lot of people don't realize it but Facebook and other social media platforms are where "rabbit holer's" go to fight and argue. This is why facebook has such a creepy feel to it lately. As people head into more and more fear they cling more and more to their savior which is their rabbit hole. The more you scroll through facebook the deeper you go into the darkness of the fight.

     Now of course if facebook was all darkness most would not go so deep. What happens though there are little glimpses of light during the decent to keep you going. Things like a funny cat video or similar. Just like "rabbit holes" they want to keep you there and take over your mental time. They are very good at it as are most rabbit holes. You see facebook needs you to keep going down their hole. After all you are their product and without being able to sell "you" they would go broke. Thus eventually they get you deep enough where they can hypnotize you. Once that happens they have a permanent disciple who will work devotedly to expand it's cause. Which is keeping that rabbit hole alive. Now apparently people, at least in North America, are waking up and ditching facebook in record numbers. In fact 17 million since 2017!!!

     Now like I said above it is very fortunate that rabbit holes don't control reality. For example the "running out of oil" rabbit hole had a lot of very intelligent and successful people in total panic. People from scientists to politicians to gas station owners and hot rodders. They were all convinced that any day now the oil was going to run out and the world was going to crash... Thirty years later we have found more oil in the ground than ever before. The "Ozone hole" was another dilly. Turns out someone had invented a new coolant for refrigeration systems that was cheaper to produce and wanted to sell it. Thus they paid some scientists to prove the old coolant was destroying the ozone. This is a great money game. Invent the cure and then go create the problem and you are instantly rich.

     So you may think that your rabbit hole has all the answers but unfortunately it is not likely the case. Reality is above and beyond the reach of any rabbit hole. If you don't believe me try shutting off CNN for awhile and watching only the fox. I know this would be extremely scary to do but if you did and from a neutral mind set you would find your whole world would change in ways you would not expect. Your hope for the future would sky rocket. You would feel all this excitement about the "swamp" getting cleaned out of all the corruption you already knew existed. You would start loving your country again and appreciating all the good it has done. Even though not forgetting the bad. After all we all have our good and bad sides.  

     One other thing... For 34 years I was a devotee of the vegetarian rabbit hole. Never ate one blade of chicken, fish, meat or any meat by-products. I knew the facts and could never imagine ever eating meat again. When I first began I would thump the veggie bible non stop just like your network marketing friend and even had a case of MDS. (meat derangement syndrome) Though the MDS did eventually fade after a few years.

     Then thankfully 34 years later and right out of the blue I watched a bunch of videos on theirtube... I mean youtube about vegans going back to eating meat. The reactions of vegan viewers was mind bending to me!!! Total all out, foaming at the mouth rage similar to those who have TDS, Trump derangement syndrome. This fascinated me after all who wants to be spouting out of control rage like that in public? What happened to the all lovingness that is associated with not wanting to kill animals? Well I now realize they were just rabbit holer's too anamored with their own rabbit hole and scared shiteless of life.

     As it turned out they were all the inspiration I needed to go back to eating meat after 34 years. Shortly after doing so I realized I had been starving myself for years and health wise had paid the price. I was also denying the natural order of things. I now feel my conscious is a lot cleaner because meat eaters kill the earth and it's beings far less than vegans any day. If you want proof there is a rabbit hole that can prove it. Now hold on here.... Before you go blowing hate steam all over your walls I did not say this was reality in your rabbit hole it is, though, reality in mine.  
     So to summarize this drivel...., don't let anyone tell you not to go down any rabbit holes as they are what life is all about. Just remember though if you let that hole go to your head it can ruin your life. You will end up in a dark cave where everyone thinks, acts, dresses and lives just like you. All saluting a Fuhrer you might regret. I don't know about you but I get more than enough of me as it is. The worst part is that rabbit hole will not change reality... Neither will any other rabbit hole.

     Earth is like a playground at school. We are here to learn expand and have fun in any way we see fit. Your way might not be one that your best friend chooses but that does not mean you still can't be best friends. Play with your rabbit hole just don't let it play with your humanity by expecting others to give up their rabbit holes.

(in case you were curious "rabbit hole" was said at least 83 times in this post)