The Dreaded "I Hate Trump" Rage....

by roy mackey

February 13, 2020

     If you have ever thrown a "I Hate Trump" rage in public you might want to check out this post. OK for some it might be a little embarrassing but like most embarrassing things it is better to find out late than never…..

     Do you want to hear a creepy thought about US politics? If so think about this. There are some people who are extremely better than us/me/you in every way who actually believe the other side of the political game!!! Super rich, super intelligent, super happy, super generous people, with amazing accomplishments to their names yet still managed to pick the OTHER political side... Now I don't care who you voted for... CNN or the Fox both sides have a lot of these very accomplished people following them? So before disowning your friends and neighbors you might want to slow down and think about it for a bit. Ask yourself "What da hellz really going on here???"

     Now I know your news station told you that everyone on the "other side" are all brain dead red neck wally mart shoppers. Of course you don't have to be that smart to figure out that's not the case. That many people all can't be either "stupid" or "paid off" or "brainwashed". Thus common sense would tell you something definitely smells funny here.

     Now another thing I realized is even though we all instinctively think we are the smartest people alive we might not be. Especially if financial success, absolutely perfect health, or total happiness is any indicator. If so that would mean most of us must be dead wrong. Not to mention the fact that science has even proven that the smarter people think they are the lower their IQ often is. So then what's up? Is it a good cop bad cop situation that's going on here?

     Is it a case of CNN has us scared to death that Trumpet is going to end up getting us all nuked in a ball of fire?  At the same time Fox says Trump is going to make us rich but if he doesn't get in again we are all going to be commie slaves slowly dying of starvation? Though the Fox's option starts off a little more optimistic both options lead to fear. Which then of course over time evolves into a state of pure panic.

     This panic is often followed  by some people disowning all the people they know on the dreaded "other side" of the political fence. Those "idiots" who don't have a politically correct clue. You know, those fools going around with their "MAGNA" hats or the ones chanting "IMPEACH" non stop. The worst part is they often do this in a state of frenzied rage. After all who hasn't seen at least one perfectly normal person they know throw one of these almost trendy political rages lately? It is actually quite embarrassing to watch or see on farcebook. In fact you see it on farcebook often and I will say they most often relate to either how stupid Trumpet is or how stupid the demigods are. Now these are not totally stupid people either. It is just they have been sold a narrative that their "station" has decided to portray.   

     Anyway this all smells like a trap to me. After all you have to remember both the "good cop" and the "bad cop" are on the same team. They just want to get you to trust them and follow their agenda. Of course the "good cop" in this case is your political choice and the "bad cop" is your friends political choice.

     The weird thing about this is the fact that it seems history could be repeating itself. After all the powers that actually run the world's governments awhile back got Hitler to separate out a part of their society and then "taught" the remaining public to hate that segregated crowd. Sounds to me like someone is looking for something similar here. Now I know what you're thinking... Not your side of course... It's the other side doing that!!! Which of course always leads to the highly intellectual "is so"... "is not"... "is so"... "is not"...., debate that humans are so good at.   

     I don't ever remember seeing this type of political frenzy like we have had lately. This isn't normal by any means. A lot of people are seriously freaking out that their lives are going to be over if their "side" doesn't win. There are a lot out people there on both sides of the fence that are plain "scared shitless"

     Now the best part is both sides, Fox and CNN do lay out the "facts" plain and simple to support their case. I found that out by actually forcing myself to watch both sides. Which I admit was a bit of a challenge and eye opener as I also had my prejudgements based on my station preference. Now it did not take me long to realize that they both use video clips with voice over editing to create the narrative that they believe. Then they flog it out there back to back. Images they post of the "bad guys" are absolutely non flattering shots taken from videos at the exact right time. This type of pitch is incredibly convincing partly because they have gotten so dam good at it! These guys really know how to tweak your brain big time.

     Where the real problem comes up is once someone has seen too many of these "facts" presented by "their" station. Once they do it doesn't take long before anything the other side says becomes pure hogwash and nothing more than brain washing and political corruption etc.

     The strange thing is super intelligent people on both sides of the fence have taken the bait. They have bought their stations narrative lock stock and barrel. Now for the self proclaimed super intelligent people out there this is a hard pill to swallow. Even considering they could be wrong could cave their whole world in. It is people like this who are usually the ones to get so..., volatile..., around the subject. The thing is they have good reason as they believe their life is really on the line.  

     So why are "news stations" doing this?... Well that could lead to endless conspiracies but the obvious one is ratings. With everyone so panicked lately watching your news station every day at least once becomes vital. Like I said a lot think their life actually depends on it. Of course as we all know..., ratings are money....

     Now even if you could prove to me you are the smartest person alive. I would still have to question your political choice. Partly because the two, ever so slightly less smarter, people below you picked the other side. Of course the four below that picked again the other side..... And then the eight before that and on and on it goes.

     So whatz the answer here? Well for starters it is seriously time to get over this craziness. We are all going to die. Most of us sooner than later. Life does that to most people. If you start to get too panicked about the world situation then just switch to the "other" news station for awhile and they will "feed" you the other side of the coin. Of course both sides will scare the shit out of you but hey that appears to be what the game is anyway.

     You see you have to remember never in the history of mankind have so many people ever had it so good and so safe. We are living longer and almost never have to worry about war. Especially if you don't live in a poor oil rich country with no real means to fight back.

     Not all that many years ago it was a totally different story. There was always some neighboring country that was going to invade, kill all the men, rape all the women and then turn the kids into slaves. Starvation and plague was also another constant threat. A minor infection meant you died..., slowly. How about getting a tooth pulled? Now that'd be a fun day to remember!!! A dry summer meant your crops failed and you, along with the wife and kids, slowly died of starvation that winter. Most have no concept of how good we humans now have it. As bad as we might think we have it now all it would take is having to experience one day back then. If we did and came back we would be hugging our ikea heated pillow like it was pure blissful magic.

     Because of all this I am convinced that the most responsible thing we can do for the world and ourselves is to shut off the news... Both sides. I know this may sound irresponsible but actually it is the opposite. Letting some news station whip you into a frenzy that makes you disown your life long friends is not only creepy but is what divides a country.

     Now if you want to see what your leader is doing then watch the speeches he gives, front to back, without any of your "stations" "editing". Read what he says, what his body language says and make your own decisions. Keep your stations obviously logical bias at bay. (easier said than done if you have been following one channel for a long time)  Then move on with your life.

     If after watching a couple of his speeches you find he doesn't sync with you then let the world know at the next election. After that get on with your real life and stop letting the media, fake or not, whip you into a frenzy all the time. Remember a scared sheep is easier to control than one who is not scared. The fact that the media is trying to scare the hell out of everyone so much is a blatant sign that someone is planning some intense control sometime soon. After all history tells us that is what all governments eventually do anyway. Governments since the beginning of time are known for stealing your money, killing your kids in their wars and eventually destroying everything hard working men and women like you create. Oh and of course most times radically slowing down mankind's progress due to intense regulation designed to please and profit the "status quo". Expecting any more from them is pure delusional.

    So instead of getting into a frenzy of fear if you think the world has a problem then join the race get a job and use your money to solve that problem. The world needs less farcebook whiners and lot more real world doer's. After all it is the do'ers that get it done not the whiners! You can attend a hundred protests about plastic in our oceans or spend a hundred hours researching/innovating/experimenting with ways the problem could be solved. Then go and do something about it. Even on a small scale it could help way more than barking at everyone else to do something.

     Not to mention if you do try solving a world problem and succeed you could burn your lottery tickets. You would have so much money it would be unreal. Not only that often times people don't invent what they intend to invent but still invent something and get rich. The best example is the guy who was trying to invent some chemical spray to keep bread from going moldy at the same time when ingested would help make people more docile. He was looking for a replacement to fluoride as it is getting unpopular now. Well it turns out the first batch he made turned out to be some kind of useless sticky crap. A week or so later his Mom in the psych ward told him he could use it to stick notes to the fridge. Viola the invention of the post it notes!!! Not quite sure if this is exactly how it went but you get my point.

     So you see if you stop wasting your time bragging about your perfect life on facebook and got to work on a world problem, and as you know there is more than enough of them to go around now, you too could invent some dam thing that could make you rich!!! The best part though is you would will no longer have time to sing in "The World's Ending" Chorus scaring the shite out of everyone who thinks they have nothing better to do but listen.

     Oh and a little side note.... often the people who think the world is ending are just picking up on the fact that "their world" is ending. Best to not pay any attention to them... unless of course they owe you ten bucks. Then you should be collecting as fast as you can!!!