Take Back Your Power and Get Rich

by roy mackey

August 27, 2019

     Seriously lets face it the world has so many things to worry about now it is unreal... Ok it always did but hey now we know about them more thanks to the net. It's huge. Either some bloody disease is going to get us, some new political or religious group is going to bomb us or cut off our heads, some new chemical is in our foods is killing us, an asteroid is going to wipe us out any day now, chemtrails are slowly poisoning us and we are being tracked, tailed and monitored every second. It has gotten so bad all a guy can do is sit on the couch and watch youtube for relief.......... This is no accident.
     Right... Or you could show some manhood, park your security blanket cell phone in a blocker bag and get a life. After all man the opportunities right now are endless. What are the opportunities? Problems. Problems are an entrapenure's best friend. They are the path to fame and fortune. They are the uncut diamond. Even if your tv breaks down that is a prime opportunity. Mostly to help you get you and your jackoff digital self onto something new doing some real work for a change.  
     The reason everyone is so poor is they are not solving problems. Like I said problems are like raw uncut diamonds. They are everywhere these days. You can't step out your door without tripping over them even worse is go on farcebook. That is a gold mine for problems. All you got to do is find a problem and work at solving it.
     Most people though including a lot of the rich are focused just on how they can "get" what they want. Everyone is focused on what they can "get" and yet more and more are getting less and less!!! This is what happens when you try to just "get" without giving or solving some problem for people. It's really simple math but most don't have the energy for that.... thus they stay poor.
     You see with "get" mentality you can't see all the opportunities that abound. When it comes to opportunities what most are looking for is some magical and shinny "genie in a bottle" sort of thing. Something to just rub like they do parts of their bodies for an amazing reward. The trouble is opportunities never look like that. They look like that pile of dogshite on the sidewalk, or that shurta fael toaster you scored at Iskea that died, or that total lack of service you got at hopeless depot. The more you look the more you see.  
     Now I am not telling you anything new here as you quite familiar with it already as that is what you do at your job. You solve problems. Not your problems but someone's problems. Someone needs boards piled, papers sorted or ditches dug so they call you and away you go.
     This same thing applies all the way up to Steve Jobs. You see the military needed someone to solve their problem of getting everyone to carry a tracking device. Stevie Boy Wonder came along and just added a phone and camera and now people even pay huge money to carry those tracking devices around with them!!!! The military didn't even have to spend a dime buying them for the people!!! 
     Even better is Farcebook. The military was trying to figure out how to get elaborate digital profiles on everyone. They were stumped at how they could get people to do this without paying them. Not only that they would be really reluctant to giving up personal information like what they eat and what their favorite color, number etc was. So Suckerburg came along and redesigned the format so it looked like a social networking site which got everyone to even type in all their own data! The military pays huge for this type of problem solving!
     The best part they are just beginning. The military also wanted to find out more about what goes on in the average persons bedroom at night. Installing cameras and microphones would be a hard sell. Instead you can now just buy rings and watches that record a lot of stuff about your body and it's heart rate and sleep cycles etc. Some you know they are recording and of course some you don't. Then in the morning you can upload it to the "net" where you (and certain others) can see stuff about yourself. Using the data gathered those watching can tell almost everything you did, talked about, thought about or dreamed about all night. Not to mention what you likely ate before going to bed and how good your digestion is.
     This of course means not only are we unpaid guinea pigs but we record and upload our own data for free. This is pure paradise for the powers that be. All you have to do is throw some chemical in the feed and then the beast watches what happens to the health of the masses. For those seeking power this is such a valuable tool it is hard to imagine. The best part about it all is this system makes people feel that THEY are in control.
     For you and me though this is an incredible time to get very rich. Sure anything tied to the beast might be selling out your friends and neighbors but hey humans never let that bother themselves in the past so why should we now. This was obviously proven by Hitler in Germany. No wonder everyone hated Hitler so much. He exposed to the world how ruthless ALL we humans are. But of course we are talking opportunities here and not about humanity or being nice.  
     So if you don't think now is a good time to get rich then you really need to put down your phone for a month or two and start looking around. This is what real men did back when men were real men. Careful though... If you do you might find out that you really don't have any friends at all or at least not even near the three hundred you thought you had!!!
     At the same time though you will start to see things that the "distracted herd" is not seeing. Like problems..., those sweet little gems that will make you rich. Oh sure most people see those problems also but they only pick them up so they can repost them on farcebook for a few likes. If they also put down there phones they might be able to see that those problems are nothing but tarnished gold needing a little work.
     Now sure you might have to pick up a few problems before you find one that you think you can solve but eventually you will find one up your alley and when you do it will be a riot. The right problem for you will be evident by the fact it is a fun one to work on. Because unfortunately you mom was wrong. You really are nothing but a worthless glob of shit filled biomass until you prove yourself to be of some value to at least some one. The bigger the group you prove your value to the more money you will make.  
     Don't believe me? Then research history's government organized genocide projects where they kill everyone. Do you think if you were a rocket scientist in that group you would have been killed. Nope youda been rushed off in luxury to that mobs closet lab. The more powerful you are at solving problems the more likely your survival will be. Not sure if your read but after Hitler was rushed off to safety on that tropical island it was an all out fight for who got the countries scientists.
     Remember the vain build their muscles, the greedy build their bank accounts, the fools build bomb shelters... the wise build their brains.
     The nice thing about solving problems is you don't have a lot of competition. Most people are too busy reposting those problems than actually working on something to solve any of them. They are called cry-babies. In fact I have gotten real good at it myself.  
     The other nice thing about problems is that they are increasing exponentially. There has not been one new invention that didn't lead to new problems. Often a lot of them so every new invention could create five ten or fifty delicious new problems!!! Thus the world keeps getting more and more opportunities to make money all the time. And to think that some people think it is harder than ever to get anywhere these days!!!
     What they don't realize is the fact that it is hard because of their phone. They spend so much time nursing that puppy and/or their desktop beast (for the feds) that they have no ambition left to solve any problems. This is what is making it so hard for people to get anywhere. They are not using their phone their phone is using them!!!
     My friend calls smart phones not "i" as in my phone by "Eye" as in their phone. That phone is their eye watching you!!!
    So needless to say if you want to get rich or go down in history grab a problem and get to work. Oh sure it might not work and if not grab another problem. In the end you might not solve a thing but at least you gave it a shot and failures lead mankind farther than you think. After all nothing is wasted in life. There is a reason for everything. And seriously what kind of satisfaction did you really get of your phone, desktop beast, farcebook or youtube anyway?