Spending Money is Like Having Sex......

by roy mackey

July 14, 2020

     Seriously... it is amazing how similar spending money is to having sex. If you don't grasp this then odds are you will be broke your whole life. Pretty well the only difference is that when it comes to spending money you have to get third party approval first before you perform any transaction. (unless of course you are using cash) For a lot of people this is comforting because they have been trained to fear spending money without getting approval first. It's a security of mom and dad sort of thing. Anyway both spending money and sex are...., or at least can be...., intimate experiences. If you are spending money and not aware of this then chances are you are getting ripped off every time you buy something. Once you grasp this you won't believe how efficient and satisfying your spending and soon life will become.

     So here is how it works. In order to have sex you and your partner's bodies need food, air and water. They use these ingredients to produce the energy and the fluids required for the procedure. Once the body is old enough and has the required elements in place then it only has to find another body in the same position with the same desire and the exchange, so to speak, is made. The two or more involved in the procedure don't need any outside approval from anyone other than the consent of each party involved. At least as of now anyway. Sex is like a sacred and natural experience.  

     Well spending money, believe it or not, is the exact same thing..., a sacred and natural experience. When it comes to spending money you first need the elements to conduct the transaction which of course is money. In order to get the money you have to use your body and mind to do some kind of service for some other person. After you do that service for long enough then the other person will give you some money. Once you have the fluids... I mean money..., in your hand you just have to go out and find a partner to exchange that money with. Now it also has to be someone who is willing to perform the exchange with you. Just like it is when it comes to having sex. Once you found this person then you give them your money and they give you what they are selling in return.

     You see your money is also a sacred, part of who you are. If you flitter it away begrudgingly with the thought you never have enough then you are just flittering away "you" begrudgingly for never "being" enough. Your money is the gift you get for your service to mankind. You get to share it with who ever you want. Of course that is after the vampires in taxation have stolen a big chunk. Now since money is a sacred part of your energy you want to make sure you are using it properly for what you really want. 

     Of course for some people they will bitch that they have to give it to their landlord for their lousy home. If that is the case then you need to show some gratitude. First off your lousy house is an exact expression of what you are able to pay because of what you have given back to society. If you want a bigger or better abode you only have to figure out how to give even more back to society. If you are too lazy for that then you can trying living in a tent in Vancouver one winter. This will very quickly make you appreciate the place you now have.  

     Now if you are spending your money consciously then the spending is often very delicious, thrilling and satisfying. No matter how much that spending is. Kind of like sex is but on a less physical level. Though sometimes it can be very physically intense depending on what you are buying. If your spending is not like this then the odds are you are spending unconsciously. This is the one of the biggest reasons most people are broke at the end of each month. When you begrudgingly spend your money on bills, food and rent you are just being ungrateful. You have lost touch with the reality of the situation. After all I read once half the kids in the world starve to death before they are twelve. This puts your whinny self down in sissy mode. Being ungrateful almost always leads to more experiences of being ungrateful.  

     So to compare the difference between spending money consciously or unconsciously back to having sex here is what you would find. It would be like having  sex with someone you loved and they loved you back verses having sex with someone you could care less about and who hated you. As you likely already know the difference is mind bending. You feel quenched in the first example and depleted in the second. Thus in the second example you rush out and have sex with everyone you can yet never feel actually quenched. Which of course can never happen no matter how many different positions or potions you try. People doing this often go around bragging how great their sex life is. Yet the truth is it really sucks big time. They just can't admit it but now at least you know the truth. : )

     People do this same thing all the time with money as they rush out and buy more and more and yet never feel satisfied or quenched. This is what "poor" people do and believe me there are a lot of "poor" rich people. They are the ones doing endless spending trying to find some real satisfaction. You can spend all the money you want on Amazombie but rarely does it ever make you feel really quenched.

     When I first stumbled onto this I was amazed. This actually happened shortly after I decided to eliminate the middle man in as many of my money transactions as possible. I went to only cash if there was a face there. No matter what I was buying. This was an incredibly delicious experience that I talk about in another post here.   The link

     First, since I was using cash, I was closer to the feeling of what it was actually costing me. This made me question if I really needed the crap I was buying or not. After doing that for awhile I started to question my online buying via the middleman VISA. It did not take long to realize that me sending money to Bozo so he could send it to China to stimulate their economy while ours was crashing was not all that satisfying. Not to mention rather stupid. Especially considering I didn't really need all the crap I was buying online anyway. It was all nothing more than child like irresponsible spending that was just milking my bank account.

     Before long it dawned on me that the only thing I really get satisfaction out of other than my basics were the parts I was buying for for my Harley's! So  now it feels like all the money I spend on my Harley's is free because I saved at least that much no longer buying the empty Amazombie crap I was.

     If you take it back to sex if you were in a very intense and loving relationship with another person you would never waste any sexual energy on some off the street person trying to sell you some quick satisfaction. That would be crazy! Instead you would be saving it all for who you really wanted. Which of course would be your loving partner.

     So when it comes to your money don't waste it on junk purchases that really don't mean much to you. Instead figure out what and where you really want to spend your money on and spend it there. Don't let Bozo and all the other carnie side show attractions lure the cash out of your pocket one small dollar at a time. Only to be rushed off to support China taking over Hong Kong and other atrocities. If you do this you won't believe the contentment you will soon be enjoying!

     When I first started doing this I was amazed at how easy it was. Every time I got tempted by some sideshow I would ask myself what Harley parts could I buy for that amount. That made the decision fast and easy. The funny thing is my Harley spending never really went up all that much but because it was so satisfying it made my junk spending plummet. And now a couple years later I have almost completed a custom 1954 Harley Davidson HyrdaGlide. This of course is a hell of a lot better than having a garage full of made in China Amazombie crap to put in my next garage sale!!!

So what is the summary here?

     Well first off you have to decide what you really want out of life and start spending your money in that direction. The more you do that the less you will want to blow money on useless crap just to stroke your ego by impressing your "friends", or amusing your inner child with some online "presents" etc.

     If you want more money you just have to figure out more ways to make people's lives better. It is not rocket science but it is work. If you already have a job then you need to do that job as if you loved it. If you don't have a job you need to get one fast. All this gets easy once you get focused on "what's in it for them" verses the typical North American cliche "what's in it for me" mind frame. The "what's in it for them" mind frame will wipe out any racism you bump into quicker than anything. This has been proven over and over again.

     If you got a back bone use it to give up the middle man having to approve all of your purchases and start using cash. Stop acting like a milk cow getting milked a little bit every time you spend "your" money! Don't let banks stand between you and your intimate purchasing experiences and take back your power any time you can. Your banks will hate it but you will be amazed at how delicious that is! The more you return your buying to the organic and natural experience of true exchange without a middle man the more you will savor your spending. After all there is more to good wine than just fermented grapes! A savored life is a life of real luxury one that the rich have no easier time finding than the poor.

     Oh and if you don't think we are soon going to have a middle man standing between you and the person you want to have sex with you are going to be surprised. The powers that steal here on earth like governments etc will never let anyone get anything enjoyable without paying. With sex they never had the technology to control it like they do now. Yes sooner than you think your phone is going to make you pay for any sex you have. Even the sex you have with your partner. That though is another story.

     Side note: regarding spending. Guys, can you imagine what it would be like having to contact the sperm bank every time you wanted to make a "deposit" in your girlfriends "account"? Or when she wanted to make a withdrawal from your "account"? That would seriously suck! Yet when it comes to money you never buy anything without doing the same thing!!! Even embarrassingly worse is the fact you have to pay for that approval!!! Because if your "convenient card" don't work you are hooped, leaving empty handed as your transaction is cancelled.

     The worst part is most think using a middle man, as in a card, was their own choice. No the people that sold you that idea did so because they skim a little off the top each time. A fast way to amass a fortune is to skim a little off a lot. An even faster way is to skim a lot off a little..., but to do the latter you have to be a government with guns.