To Hell With Gratitude

by roy mackey

Aug 11, 2019

     Gratitude... Yes there are a thousand reasons to be grateful... A lot of people make gratitude lists each night. Slogging through..., whoops...  I mean writing down all the reasons they have to be grateful. Apparently if you do that it will attract money and abundance to you, at least according to Well I hate to pop your bubble but it aint goinna happen. In fact it is an emotionless ritual that rates up there with "Dear Lord... here we sit... giving thanks for the meat... Please pass the tater's... I'm starved...  let's eat..."
     You see very few people can talk themselves into gratitude. Sure they brag to their friends head tilted and hand over their heart, how grateful they are for their jobs, kids, dog, wife and car etc. Truth is though they are only fooling them selves. No you can't talk yourself into gratitude. At least real gratitude. It is too powerful. It is kind like talking yourself into the fact you love your wife. Forgetting the fact that the love left way back when you caught her cheating the very first time. Then when she poisoned your dog it faded even more. Maxing your credit card was that other situation that never helped either. But of course the straw that broke the camels back was when she sold your Starwars collection on eBay for twenty bucks while you were out of town.
     No if you want real gratitude the best way is to earn it. When you get it that way it never leaves you.., at least for long.
First Method to Experiencing Gratitude

     So how do you earn gratitude. Well basically there are two ways. This first way and then... the best way. To start with the first way you must become the most ungrateful person you know. That should be really easy if you are an average North American with champagne tastes on a beer budget and dragging around entitlement issues.
     Then just keep up that role as long as you can, expressing a lack of gratitude every where you can. Never pass up a chance to complain about something. For most of us in this country it comes automatic. We think it looks cool and shows we have taste. Ok the exact opposite is true but so what? Your job here is to just be ungrateful and who cares what people think.    
     If you do this long enough eventually shit will happen as it always does and usually it hits the ungrateful especially hard. You know your dog dies, your partner burns to death in a terrible car crash, you find you have cancer with two months to live, you go blind, someone scratches the new paint on your motorbike and a host of other seriously tragic things.
     Then if you survive, as most often do, it is almost guaranteed that your gratitude will skyrocket without you doing another thing!!! Gratitude will swell up inside you so intensely it will bring tears to your eyes. You will be so thankful that the natural path cured the cancer or that you found out your partner was cheating on you and deserved to die or that the scratch can be easily polished out that it will astound you.
     Now for some this method is too slow. They want to feel intense gratitude now and at the same time already know writing cheesy "gratitude lists" while holding pink crystals every night doesn't work. That's totally understandable and is why I have the answer for you right here below. It is the second way. The best way.
The Second and Far Better Method

     This second method works extremely well but does come with a warning. It will scare the living hell right out of most new agey law of attraction types who will end up racing back to I will also tell you now it is not easy to do but has the power to change your life in big ways.

     If you do this right it will feel like kicking yourself in the nuts twice or having a baby. Very painful but just like the Grinch, Scrooge, George Baily or a host of other fools you will be given a second chance that will really light your fire.
     That second chance will give you permanent gratitude that you can't stop. The level of that gratitude will depend on how well you do the exercise. The best part is the sooner you do it the sooner REAL gratitude will be a huge part of your life on a permanent basis.
     Now this does not have to take long but you have to make sure you don't get distracted. You want total focus for this so lock your kids in the basement with the lights off and give the wife the car keys and some booze money to go out with her friends. Find yourself a nice comfortable spot that is quiet where you are sure no one will barge in on you. Oh and shut your eyephone off.  You only need to do this exercise once if you do it right the first time. Now it is fine to read this over first but if you don't actually do it then you can expect pretty well nothing long range or lasting to happen. The results will depend on the intensity at which you do the exercise.  
     Next you need to make a short list of the absolute worst things that you could ever imagine happening to you and your life. I mean seriously. Things like some psycho chopping up your family, or poking the eyes out of your dog, or you losing your legs or even worse you going blind, or your best friend burning to death because of something stupid you did, your lover cheating on you or even worse your best friend voting for Trudeau if you live in Canada. I mean seriously sicko harsh stuff here.
     Now this could be relating to your life in general or even just around one particular subject like your job, partner kids or anything else you are taking for granted or are mad at lately.
        Then you need to imagine, in as much graphic detail as you can, the things you listed having actually happened. After doing that for a bit notice how you feel. This won't be pretty but don't run from those feelings no matter how scary or sad. Let them well up inside you until it hurts. Actually feel the pain. Imagine all the details as if you were really there in that sinking boat. You are not coming back here again so now that you are here lock it down and really feel the pain. Like I said the new agey law of attraction types will be running in terror back to their shallow gratitude lists by now. For you though don't give up. Stick with it to experience all the pain you can.

The Ghosts of Christmas Presents

     Remember this is what the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future did to Scrooge. They kept him there until he could not stand the pain any longer. Clarence did the same with George Baily in "Itz a Wonderful Life". Then after doing that until you seriously can't stand it any more come back to now and realize that none of this happened. If you took this seriously enough and really felt what it would be like you will never lack gratitude again!  To drive it even more home you can watch the last part of "It's a Wonderful life" or  "Scrooge" etc again on youtube. Just to refresh in your mind how criminal bankers are... I mean..., to help you realize how much gratitude can really spring forth from within.
     Now yes this is like a negative visualization but if you done it intensely enough you will feel gratitude so strongly you won't believe it. It will give you your first taste of REAL gratitude. One that dwarfs what a shallow little gratitude list could ever dream of.
      The best part is about all of this is you don't have to have some ghost drag you through all that past present and future stuff either. Ghosts are kind of creepy anyway and you are never sure you can trust the bastards. Hell on top of all that you can even do it in the misery of your own home all on your own.
     Another cool thing is that once this REAL gratitude starts flowing out of you never again will you have to slog through cheesy gratitude lists. If you find your self mad about someone or something again all you have to do is quickly remember your visualization and it will snap you right back to reality. This can happen in mere seconds.
     Oh and one other thing. These feelings of gratitude are so intense they can and will light up your life like a ton of fireworks. This type of gratitude becomes very addictive. Not only that but you can tap into it anytime you want now. Never again will you take your wife, kids, boss or dog for granted. It can even wipe out negative reactions you may have had to stupid things people have done to you. After all it helps you realize anyone can do stupid things even yourself. Cause... if you are like pretty well everyone alive you have already done a ton of really stupid things.
     There is another thing I should point out. The negative visualization is only needed at first. Eventually as you lock into the feelings of REAL gratitude you will be able to bring it up without having to remind yourself of what "could" be happening first.
    Locking into this real gratitude will also mean you don't have to watch every word you say any more for fear of saying anything negative. You see negative words don't attract bad things. What they do is lead you to negative emotions and it is the negative emotions that draw in the bad things. The more you indulge in REAL gratitude the more you will notice when you are not. At that point you will no longer have to dance around what words you use. As you will only have to pay attention to how you feel in any moment. That of course will come automatically. 
Quit Your Bloody Cry Babying

     Now I realize you may think your life is bad but seriously did you get your legs blown off or your eyes poked out, your family killed, your drunken best friend run over by a train. Not likely so quit your self centered cry babying for a bloody change in your Godfersaken life!!! Remember God and Mothers got a lot in common. "if you don't quit your crying... They will give you something to really cry about!!!" I've been there!!!
     Also when you complain about everything and show lack of gratitude it doesn't make you look cool or sophisticated. It makes you look like a cry baby idiot who has everyone laughing at you behind your back. On top of that barking at your waiter means your food is likely going to get "tampered with". The loser is only you when you travel through life with an empty bag of gratitude.  
     Now you could keep your negative attitude up but I am telling you shite attracts more flies than it does honey. It is never wise to go around begging for a attitude adjustment as the odds are not in your favor already. No one gets out of here alive or unscratched. Count your blessings that you have been lucky this far.
     If you do this exercise intensely enough and you will be so overwhelmed with real gratitude for what you have in your life will feel like you won the lottery every day you wake up!!!! Because honestly life for virtually all of us is hugely sweeter than we think it is. How bad do you think a war vet wishes he could wind back time enough to get his legs back? You still have yours so its time to enjoy those beauties and appreciate them like never before. The same with you wife, kids, dog, cat and paint job on your bike! After all you have those things when a lot don't.
     This is serious stuff that seriously works........ And once you get a taste of real gratitude you won't care what you had to "pay" to get it no matter how much that "payment" hurt like hell.