How To Get A Delicious Life Fast and Easy Like......

by roy mackey

Aug 11, 2019

Breakfast.... my favorite meal of the day....

     OK I get it.... You are tired of having a fast food life. There has to be more..., right? Well there is and this will get you there fast. If you think this is too simple then it is... At least for you. If not you could very well get places with it.
     The very first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to go with your life. What do you really want to do and I mean REALLY want to do. Not what your ego wants. The second you figure out that difference you are mostly home free. This is not a long winded and complicated process but you do have to get honest. If your life is not good then I can bet honesty is not your forte.
     How will you be able to tell it's what you really want? Well for starters you will likely feel very nervous and excited about the idea. It is also likely that you will notice your brain teaming up with common sense and logic to fight the idea.  
     You see the odds are hugely in favor of the fact that what you really want to do is the stupidest idea ever! It will rarely make any sense to you whatsoever yet stirs an excitement in the pit of your stomach. If your idea or dream makes too much logical sense based on a list of finely thought out points then sorry..., its not your dream. This is more than likely your ego talking logic. There are two things that rarely get along with your magical inner spirit. These are logic and common sense.
     Just to note I am going to do another post to help you find and confirm your decision about what you think your dream life is.

OK.... lunch is my second favorite meal....

     Now if you are not happy with your currant life and you do know the life you want then in order to get the new one the old one will have to die. Sorta like a snake shedding it's old skin or maybe like in the movies. You can act as a western gun slinger in one movie but if you want to get the role in the sci fi movie then you are going to have to let the gun slinger go or die. Sure it would be fun to carry parts of him along with you but more often than not he would just hold you back.
      So once you have decided what or where you want to be or go then you have to make a list. On this list you need to write down every imaginable thing you can think of that you would need to do in order to get that life you want. I mean everything from doing the laundry tomorrow to getting 200k in operating money. If you were say a farmer and your dream was to become a corporate lawyer dressing better would be a small start. Slathering up on cologne would also be another small step you could take. Or maybe start swiping change from the tip jar at the local cafe when the server is not looking. All these things help swing your sub-consciousness over to the new you one step at a time.
     You start with the small things first and then later work up to bigger things. Like say if your mom spills coffee on you. Then you would want to sue her for negligence. Over time all these smaller steps will lead you to the bigger and bigger steps you need to take. towards your dream life.... your American Dream life!   
     The trick is to spend some time with this list trying to visualize everything you think you would need to be the person in that new life. This will take awhile. Oh and don't forget you are not going to know everything up front. Some things will come to you later but not until you have started on the path.
     Another important thing to note is you have to take the right next step. For example start small with the cologne and better clothing and work up to suing your mom later. Don't try to run out and buy a new Porche first thing. The fool that tries to make the first step too big ends up in the water. Too big a step just means your ego is trying to creep into the picture again.   
     Once you have that list you are set. All you have to do next is start walking towards doing everything you can on that list now. You have to remember though once you start walking in that direction every step you take means you are living more and more of your dream life.  
     Think of it like sex. The second you and your partner decide you are going to have sex the fun begins. Even if it isn't going to be for a couple of days. Your anticipation goes way up, you realize even though it is not spring yet you take a bath anyway, maybe even shave and go for a hair cut. If your other half is coming in from out of town then maybe you would clean up your place. Go pick up some wine and even order in some big macs. Most of your day you would be sparked and excited.
     This is no different than going on a holiday. You don't work like a frustrated dog for the whole year saving every penny and then race to the resort, quickly unpack, run out to the pool, flop in a pool chair, squirm around in erotic ecstacy for a few minutes and then jump up and start heading back home. No, from the time you decide you are going you are charged. From then on until you get back it is pure delicious. You savor every moment connected to that holiday from buying swim gear to kissing your knees for five hours at thirty thousand feet on the way home.  
     You see this is the same with life. The main reason you are not happy is because you are not going anywhere!!! Sure you might be going really fast but just in circles and thus getting nowhere. If you are not getting seriously closer to your dream life then you are going no where. That's why your life is so depressing. The worst part is it will never change no matter how much money you make. You are only going to get older and more frustrated and less happy. You see you can never get enough of what you don't want!!!
     I don't care how fast you are honing in on that fifty million so you can finally pursue your dream of playing guitar. You might think you are making progress but you are only distracting yourself. After all most dreams don't take anything even slightly near fifty million in the bank to pursue. The fifty million is just a distraction. It makes you think you are working towards your dream but the truth is it is just you avoiding your dream. Why would we do this? Mostly because living your dream is the scariest thing you will ever do. Not much different than is asking your high school crush out on a date and in fact worse.  
     Think about when you ask someone out. If the person is so so then no big deal hit em up for coffee. But if you are seriously  enamoured with this person it becomes a whole new story!!!  
     The point to note here is a delicious life is not coming. It never will nor never can. A delicious life is a decision and one that you have to make. A mountain of money is never going to be able to make that decision for you. You have to make it yourself. And when you do your life will instantly get delicious like you never dreamed possible. Will every moment be blissful in this new life? No of course not as that would suck. Think about it hot tubs are way more enjoyable in the winter when it is miserably cold outside. You need the contrast in order for any experience to be really good.
     You see once you have owned up to what you really want to do and start walking towards that dream life you will notice a satisfaction that you never dreamed possible. Almost like a sense of accomplishment that you never experienced being the starving artist you were. Every step you take towards law school will feel incredible. This will hit you way before you are even close to arriving. In fact it will be so good that before long you will care less if it even arrives!!! You will want to savor every moment along the way. Even if you are still doing your old job it will no longer bother you like it did before. It will become irrelevant and in fact beneficial as it will be providing you the income to work towards your dream no matter how little it provides. When that happens you will know you are on the your right path for the first time in your godfersaken and pathetic life.
     In fact the job you once hated you could now start to love. The reason for this is not that we actually hated the job but instead hated our life. Once you allow yourself to pursue your real dream then the job will no longer be as bad as you thought it was.

Hmmm... I keep forgetting about dinner....... my third favorite meal

     Here is another thing that most people don't realize. Once you start pursuing your real dream the satisfaction you experience is incredible. So much so that it becomes what all your online shopping on Amazombie use to be. It quenches you and thus you no longer need all the "rewards" that cake, beer, Amazombie and other shopping used to give you. That crap is like Chinese food. It tastes great but half an hour later you are starving again!!!  It never truly satiates.
     This is the magic thing about life. Now one really big thing that blocks people from getting the delicious life they have dreamed about is worry. They worry they might be throwing their life away on some silly dream. That's the best part because of course you are!!! You have to!!! If you are not willing to "waste" your life you will never get anywhere. On top of that I am not sure if you noticed we were born to be wasted. There is even a song called that. Every live person will soon be a dead rotting corpse six feet under or pile of ashes in a land fill somewhere. We get a lot of lives and the only way you can "waste" this one is to worry about wasting it! When you die your rubbery old bio suit stays here to feed the worms or to have science poke sticks at for fun and profit.
     Now I know this all seems too simple but hey it works. You just have to muster up the guts to give it a shot. Let go of what you never really wanted in the first place. When you do you will notice a feeling of lightness you cannot believe.
     Another thing you will notice is that you will care less and less about what is going on in the world according to the censored and manipulated info on farcebook. Nor will you need to share (brag) as much on farcebook either. You see poor people try to look rich... Rich people try to look poor. There is a reason for this. When you have the gold it is better to not brag about having the gold. After all humans only brag about that which they wished they had more of. Something to be aware of next time you are around those bragging types you know.
     For years I used to brag about all my freedom I had as an artist. Right... Not enough money in my pocket to go for a coffee most days is not freedom, believe me. Most humans are great at deluding themselves about the reality around them.
     So make a mad-dog decision once and for all about what you want to do in your life. Then make a list of everything you need to do to get there. Don't worry you won't know everything as more ideas will come as you go along. After that do everything you can on that list. Do this and you will instantly feel better about life. Not only that magic will start to unfold. And if it don't who cares you will feel great anyway as you will know you are finally working towards what you have always wanted.
     Treat your life dreams like your children... Or better yet... Your Harley. Quit ignoring it or them.   
     Oh and by the way your old "we got kids and responsibilities" excuse is just bullshit that that will only teach your kids to be as enslaved as you are! Don't let your bullshit fear lay that line on you and them. Do those sterile little bastards some good and set them an example of how good life can be. They ain't scared and even if they are all the better as they need to get over it. It will make them strong so they can go forth and have a happy in their own life.., of course after they tear themselves out of the death grip of your clutch.
     Now sure Mrs. Jones next door might not approve but so what that bitch is cheating on her husband anyway, not to mention has maxed out his gold cards and drinks on Tuesdays. 

     Here is the boil down:

     If you do this your life will become delicious beyond anything you have likely experienced. Just when you least expect it something cool will come along. It will feel delicious and help remind you that you are on the path. Even if it is short or small it will charge you like never before. As time goes on more of this will happen. Then you will die. You won't care though as that only means you get a fresh start for another round. Sure you won't remember this life time but your essence will so a lot of what you learned this round will carry over making the next round even better. The show goes on!!!
     Remember the dream life is in your head. It is a feeling. You might find you stay at your old job but play guitar on the weekend, or maybe start that Amway business you have always dreamed about. Who knows. The key point is to notice how you are feeling not what you are doing or have. If you feel like a million who cares what other people think about what you are doing! Don't let approval from the outside influence your choices. You have done that in the past and proved in doesn't work.
     Oh... one last thing. Buy my dam book... A Fly in the Microwave... kick back with your feet up and let yourself get lost in laughter. Stop trying so hard and when you least expect it the inspirations will flow.