Why I Love China

by roy mackey

October 10, 2019

     So why do I love China? Well it isn't just because of the cheap products they make for us. No it is simply because they are genius at warfare. They take over countries without firing shot. In fact because it is so obvious it makes it really hard to see.

     You see when the American military goes to war with a country they spend trillions. Big guns, big bombs, smart bombs, shock and awe kind of "look at me" sort of thing. Then they pound away for years trying to teach the old dogs in that country new tricks. Which of course never works. The US taxpayer gets stuck with the huge tab. The bomb makers make a killing at each end of the deal and, as with most government projects, more gets destroyed than ever gets created.

     With the Chinese though they got really smart and it only cost them mere pennies on the millions that America spends. What did they do? Well they opened up a school for accountants, trained as many of them as they could and got them sent over to North America. These accountants then slowly started to infiltrate businesses. Once in they would redirect purchases over to China. Most greedy North American store owners didn't mind because the prices were so cheap and the profits so high it was like free candy. Huge profits were made and slowly one by one they choked out American companies.

     It was the same with American consumers. They could give a shite their kids worked at a US factory that made the same thing right in America only better and more expensive. They just wanted to save money. So they did. Next thing you know they were crying because their kid had to move home unemployed!!! Even worse is they blamed the government for the problem!!! A double win for China!!!

     Now most people in North America could never comprehend this mostly because when we want anything we want it right now. We could never take the time that China would take to accomplish anything. China though has long range goals. They truly understand the effects of compounding interest and even more so... compounding efforts!!!! Partly because they simply can. If anyone complains they can just dispose of them. Sure it might not be that humane but hey it can benefit the "herd" in the long run. 

     What makes it even worse is American politicians can't think long range or they won't get elected next round. Thus they are forced to appease the short term thinking of average consumers. Any successful business knows you can't always think short term. Most don't think about it but in reality a country is just a bigger business.
When China Took Over Staples

     I remember when China took over staples. I had bought some rubbermaid plastic file boxes as I was catching up on a few years of back taxes. They had a huge stack of them there right inside the front door. The next time I went back for more the rubbermaid ones weren't there but these new ones were there and almost half the price!!! I was like jackpot and proudly grabbed one!!! When I got home I tossed in onto the floor in the corner. It sounded funny when it landed so I picked it back up. The whole bottom had cracked off it making it useless. I was so mad and decided I was going back to Rubbermaid.

     Well when I went back there it took me forever to find the Rubbermaid ones. They were at the back of the store near the washrooms on the top shelf requiring a ladder!!!! Three months later when I went back they were gone completely. I asked the staff what happened. He said they weren't just weren't selling well so they quit stocking them!!! Funny people never noticed them there on the top shelf at the back by the washrooms? Product by product they took over the whole store.

     Now like I mentioned above most North American citizens (now called consumers) also lapped it up like free beer. In fact just like the early natives around 200 or so years ago lapped up glass beads in trade for beaver pelts. Consumers seriously did not care that they were cutting their own throat as they had big union paying jobs, pension was coming and the good times were rolling even faster now. Especially with them collecting high wages and stuff being so cheap!!! Hell that union made tool was often ten times the price of that cheap China knock off. This self indulgent binge got so out of hand that American factories started shutting down. Shops trying to sell the old and expensive American Union Made stuff had no choice but to shut down also. Factories had no choice it was either shut down or move to China and have their businesses stolen right out from under them.

     The painful part was the biggest force in all this was the consumer. You see they control everything yet don't know it!!! What they buy is what gets made. The majority of consumers don't care how good your product is or who it is made by either. They just have one mission and that is to keep up with the Jones's on farcebook and saving money helps them do that. 

     Thus once the accountants got the ball rolling it got easier and easier for it to pick up speed. Then before long the people started to notice something was wrong. The factories were all gone and they were sick of their thirty four year old kid still living at home unemployed. Needless to say they did not blame themselves they blamed the government and greedy corporations. It is often what the masses do because they don't understand it is them who have all the power. Of course the government doesn't want to tell the consumer that as it could back fire on them. Nothing is worse for a government than "consumers" who are aware of what is really going on.  
     I saw a guy from Walmart talking once. Some anal vegan was grilling him as to why they don't sell organic food. His intelligent response was that their customers won't buy organic food. They can only sell what customers buy. Pretty simple logic there. The anal vegan of course was completely confused by that concept.   
     Now it was a little tricky for the Chinese government to pull this off as they had to get their group of slaves motivated to work really hard. Something that never happens in socialist or communist countries. Most people just do slightly less than they have to. Eventually though they did the obvious which was stir in a little capitalism. This of course is the number one all time best thing for motivating people. All of a sudden Chinese people could get rich. Once that happened they were off to the races. After all a countries riches are always made when the working class are motivated. This is what built America into one of the most powerful nations in the world.  
     So before long China had all the industry, tons of highly motivated slaves hoping to get rich or at least a better life and all money flowing in their direction. Most countries in the world felt the pleasure/pain of this. Great deals on disposable junk and no more factories in town. 
     Now all the while this was going on America was starting to stir in a lot more communism via the form of endless regulation and increased taxes. This worked to shut down or at least curtail entrepreneurs from even starting any new businesses other than the odd mickey mouse gizmo on on Kickstarter.. The ones that did often got so choked by red tape they eventually died anyway. Large corporations choked by high taxes and red tape out of desperation were forced to move elsewhere or die. After all it is a free country that our fore fathers fought for. Thus they were not obligated to keep losing money making union made products.
     So where did all this lead to? America being in the worst condition it ever has. No jobs, huge debt, record numbers of homeless people, everyone out for themselves etc etc. The worst part it has just begun. The people demanding more will only lead to less and less as government, in a desperate bid to get re-elected, borrows more and more to meet those public demands. Eventually the parasite (government) kills the host and the country ends up in the pit of desperation. 
     Now what makes it so sweet is the Chinese never had to fire a bullet. Every time a North American consumer opts for China over what's left of "Union USA" China gets a little stronger and the US a little weaker. Thus every dollar the US consumer spends is really a vote for either America or China. (or your country depending where you live)

     Now it is only time, and very little I might add, before China bleeds America right dry and takes over as the new world leader. The only thing left now is the face off which all male animals (and countries) do. The one that wins that war gets sole priority to screw the herd from then on. After all even today just try finding an American product to buy especially in stores like Wallysmart, Cambodia tire or Hopeless Depot let alone the next year or so.

     Even worse is Amazombie... where they make sure they don't list where the product is made. That after all is none of your picky assed business I guess!!! There are even rumors out there that all of Amazombie is made in China. No matter what the ad says. With Google sleeping with China so much lately who knows maybe it is true? The amount of money Amazon is steering towards China is mind bending.

     Meanwhile back in the US the herd of self serving consumers are starting to cry like babies wondering what hit them. In fact apparently "greed and grab" even got to the military as China now makes a lot of the essential items for the US Monster Military Machine. Which is good in one sense because we won't be able to go to war with them until we stock up on the parts we need first. I just hope they will let the US do that before the bullets start flying.
     Now fortunately for the world Chinese corruption will eventually wipe them out also like it did in America but until then it will be interesting. The other problem is a lot of people will start thinking that communism actually does work. Of course they would be missing the whole point that it was capitalism that motivated the real productive part of their society. It was the motivated working class, trying to get rich, that made the country great. If they would have went full out capitalism they would have owned the world by now.
     So in the end the American consumer made it's own bed and now doesn't want to sleep in it. The worst part is now they are so broke they have no choice but to buy more China. It is all they can afford. Especially since all the cheap stuff they bought earlier has long since broke or became no longer functional. So yes there is no question the Chinese are Genius at modern warfare.
     The big problem in the US is they cannot implement genius concepts like this or the "consumers" would vote them out next election. China can because the naive protesters can be locked up and have their body parts harvested.
     Now a lot of people looking for an excuse like to blame the worlds creepy elite for all these problems. Yes they obviously have a part in it but really what did it take other than to offer a little tweak here and there. Humans always instinctively want to get more for less. If you know that about human nature then steering the herd is pretty easy.

     Besides it is what the two brothers "Corruption" and "Government" do best. They first leak out some freedom and capitalism to get the herd running. Then reign it back in to milk the profits the herd has generated. Then as they do that they blame capitalism for all the problems that the government actually creates doing this. Since most consumers don't want to blame themselves for the problems they take that sucker bait fast and eagerly.

     To make matters worse are the entitlement issues that a lot of Americans have. Americans act as if the rest of the world cares or should care about what they think their rights or beliefs are. Yet the truth is they don't give a shite.. They will work twice as hard for less pay because they want to get somewhere with their life. Very very few will do that in America any more. Those with entitlement issues think that because the country got to where it was using hard work that they don't have to work hard to stay there. That is one eye opener that is going to hurt a lot of people when they find out it does not work that way, 
     You gotta admit the world is an absolutely fascinating place to say the very least!!! Every day is like another spine tingling episode of Rod Sterling's "Twilight Zone"!!!  : )