The Most Selfish Thing in Life...., Having Kids....

by roy mackey

March 2, 2020

     Yes sad but true... Having kids is one of the most selfish things people can do in life. Now if you have kids chances are that you will never be able to really understand this. Therefore it's best you head back over to to do more shopping. Though if you are curious and promise not to throw a fit of anger then please... Feel free to continue...
     There is one thing that people without kids always have to tolerate all the time. That is the self righteous attitude of "breeders" as they are often called. After all they can be outright brutal about how "selfish" they perceive non breeders to be.  

     If you happen to be one of those non-breeders who decided to not have kids then you know exactly what I am talking about. Most non-breeders  experienced this often over their life time. I am sure you have also experienced this in the past more than once. I know I sure have seen my fair share. Often it is just a subtle stab and rarely much blood, at least for me anyway. The reason it never bothered me that much was because I had figured this out years ago. Thus I knew it was nothing more than a part of their insecurity showing through. 

     I saw a bumper sticker at a store awhile back... "Six Billion Miracles is Enough". Old stock from last year obviously as it should have said almost eight billion.... Now sure I realize that out in Sticksville Idaho it might seem like theirs tons of room. Though spending an hour in Beijing just might give you a different opinion. Either way some people do just choose to not have kids. I figured that out for myself the second I started getting interested in girls back when I was nine. Girls yes..., kids no. By shear fluke and the grace of God I managed to make it. I don't have to say how many didn't make it through the mine field though. After all the fact that we are up to almost eight billion now proves the point more than enough.

     So if you are wondering... "why the fuck is having kids the most selfish thing you can do you idiot? You obviously never had kids so you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about or how much you have to sacrifice for your kids. It's the most unselfish thing you can do. In fact you are the selfish moron here... SO THERE!"

     Well even though a lot think that's true they are actually missing one important thing. All humans have one basic need that is really above all. That is the need to be loved. It is programmed right into the bulge, or soft spot in our jeans. This need is so powerful that people will even go as far as killing other humans just to get it. In fact some people have even starved themselves in the desert for forty days and forty nights looking for it. It is the basis of pretty well all we do. If we strive to do a good job it is often just so we can get love and approval from the boss down at the head orfice more than anything else. If we "brag" I mean "share" our accomplishments on farcebook it is also done with the hope of receiving love and admiration. Don't believe me? Think back to something you posted and how great you felt when you got a lot of likes or comments or how alone you felt when no one said a thing. It is an inborn craving that is so intense most will not even admit it is there to themselves.

     Now of course this is a good thing. If it were not for this powerful urge for love and admiration the human race would not be around anymore. The universe knew that when they first planted us down here. Humans are so self focused that is hard to believe. The thing is they had to be in order to survive. In mankind's earlier years those who did not look out for "number 1" ended up as cat food feeding some lion. So number one is our own survival. Right after that and virtually as intense is the craving for love and admiration. Next after that is sex..., the process set up to make duplicates of ourselves. Trivial crap like breathing and eating comes next.

     The powers that run this joint also had to make sex extremely pleasurable other wise we would just be walking around all day eating and looking for love and approval. Hell if sex was even half as hard as it is ordering a pizza online from Domino's no one would be doing it. But because it is so intense it is what most of us think about non stop after of course love and approval.

     Thus by design the intense craving for love and admiration along with the deliciousness of sex is what was needed to keep the human race alive. And thank God for that one I might add.

     Once you realize that the number one thing we all crave in life is love and admiration things get a little clearer. You see when you have kids those little bastards are programmed to their core to love you no matter what. You can beat'm, starve'm, hate'm, ignore'm or what ever but they are going to still love and admire you to no end. They might not show it but it will still be there at their core. Even they can't shut it off. Hell kids that were beaten all their lives often still make excuses for the weak minded, lame brained, self centered Dad who was just unable to deal  or cope with life.  

     Now your wife, partner or significant other likely won't be so loyal. Especially if you believe the statistics about divorce. Of course when they arn't it hurts big time! In fact anytime any one of us lose a source of real love it always hurts big time. This is debilitating pain that can wipe out your ability to do anything. If you have lived longer than fifteen or twenty years you know what that dreaded feeling is like. Most would gladly crawl naked over broken glass to avoid it.

     So you see when you have kids you are pretty well guaranteed to have someone there who loves you no questions for the rest of your life!!! This is no small matter and in fact becomes even more important as you grow older. Eons ago if you grew old and had no kids who loved you around you would die a miserable and lonely life. Way back there they would even leave you for wolf feed as you were slowing down the tribe and no one liked you anyway. After all because you never had kids you must have been cursed by God himself. Remember that wino guy who wore a white robe and sandals all the time? Apparently he never had kids so they nailed him to a wooden cross!! I hada teacher back in grade school that was harping about him all the time.  

     Most people don't even think twice about having kids. To hell with the fact that the worlds "lice infestation", humans, are eating the face off the earth. Very few to no one really cares one iota about the measly earth, other than to maybe buy some "token" fair trade bananas or the odd "organic" thing here and there. The fact is they couldn't give too hoots about earth's problems. They have their own to worry about. Now they are not bad it is just the craving to be loved and admired is programmed in and just too powerful.

     Very few can fight that urge mostly because the thought of growing old and dying in the hospital with no one there to wave you goodbye is a horrible thought. With enough kids at least one of them will be there "for you". After all life can be a miserable, lonely and very painful situation up until the day you die miserably, drug induced at some cold morbid hospital. This is especially painful if you had expectations of a huge teary eyed audience watching you leave.   

     Now when I and a lot of others out there chose to not have kids that was something that we all had to consider. Whether or not we knew all the details we still had to consider that lonely hospital bed departure. If you do of course have kids, even if they say they hate you and never come around, they will. If given warning they will be there when the chips are down. At least the odds are extremely likely of it. After all even hard core people will crack when the chips are down and stop by hoping to make last minute amends with you before you die. One last chance to get back from you all the love they gave you. Because you see it works both ways parents need kids for unconditional love and kids need parents for the same.  

     Of course the best part about having kids is you don't have to do anything to earn the love they are going to give you. Oh sure you have to feed them and keep them alive but that's to be expected. You don't have to be nice though, or generous or anything for that matter to your kids. Like I said they are programmed to love you and your miserable uptight self no matter what. Now you might not believe me now but you when you crawl up on your deathbed they will be there forgiving and forgetting all the pain your greedy little self caused them. Of course the day after they realize it was a misdiagnosis they will be gone like the wind again. But still you know they will be there in your time of "departure need"

     People though who decide not to have kids will never get that need to be loved unconditionally fulfilled, no matter what, unless of course they earn it. When you don't have kids and are an ahole then yes you can expect no one to turn up at your hospital bed or funeral. And unless you have programmed yourself to be hardcore negative or some other dam thing this is going to hurt as it goes against your basic programming.

     Now most breeders will go on and on about how much work it takes to have kids, how much of their own life they had to sacrifice and how they had to give up all the things other people didn't. It's a fine argument but here's the thing if someone offered you a pile of gold for a hundred bucks an ounce yes you would have to make sacrifices. You would have to give up your beer budget and latte money but would I be crying for you? Nope not one iota. Especially with gold selling at around two thousand dollars an ounce !!!

     When you are dealing with something as intense as the need to be loved your measly sacrifices are petty no matter what you think. Yes you might be able to fool your self but you ain't fooling me. The need to be loved in life is a serious craving that dwarfs other cravings by a long shot. The price you had to pay in the form of sacrifices to get that need fulfilled is petty at best.    

     Then of course there is another thing. Most people who did "give up their career as a musician or whatever" for their kids did so because that career scared the hell out of them. In fact most people's real dream scares the hell out of them so they often throw excuses in front of themselves so they can avoid it. Hell you remember all the excuses you had for not asking your high school crush out. It is what we do in life. Getting rejected by someone we are not all that enamoured with is no big deal. But getting rejected or failing at our real dream would be tragic and unbearable pain.

     So you can brag all you want to your partying friends about how unselfish you are but I hate to pop your bubble. Not one of us is buying your story. And if you get honest with yourself for a bit you will realize you don't either.
Very Important Last Minute Point

     Now one thing I really need to point out here is this. If you did have kids don't start getting all self-consciousy on me here. All this above does not mean you are any less than those who choose not to have kids. Not even slightly. The goal here is to let you know that you are just as selfish as all of us are. So stop standing so proudly on your high horse of self righteousness. You just chose what was more important to you and then did it. You are paying the price now..., by having to feed and look after those little brats. I will be paying it later as I slowly die one dark night out in my "garden of independence" only to be later torn limb from limb by a pack of hungry coyotes. You were just too scared of dying lonely.... I was just too scared of being trapped.

     Remember it takes two sides to make a coin. Next time you are around those you know who chose to not have kids get down off your high horse. Stop pulling the "you wouldn't understand" line of justification. Talk to them like they are the same selfish greedy little pig that you are because when you boil it down that is what we all are. Which I might add is actually a beautiful thing. After all my plan to save the world by not having kids does not seem to be working. Of course neither is your plan to save it by popping out the lazy assed unemployed "miracle" that you did.

     Oh one last thing... There are two sides to every coin. If you pick one of those sides just remember the other side does not go away.  : )  

"In Loving Memory of..., uh..., what da fuck was his name again?............... you know...... that guy with no kids....."