Tub Scum

by roy mackey

August 24, 2019

     One of my passions in life is hunting for ease and flow. Systems that work and return a good investment on the effort or cash expended. I don't care if it is with my welding, eating, cleaning, my Harley's, my truck or whatever. I do this mostly because I am furking lazy.

     When I apply this to food it is with the goal of getting my energy up. Having more energy means it is not as hard to do more which again fits with being lazy. I really like subtle details that are easy to change and yet have a small impact daily. Doing enough of these starts to add up and has a huge impact on making one feel they are in the flow.

     Time is also something I am always looking at. If I can save time then I will have more left at the end of the day for important stuff like youtube. Now has any of this made me rich? Not even close but it could be why I absolutely love life. At least lately anyway but haven't quite figured if that is the reason or not yet. 

     But anyway onto more important things like tub scum... Tub scum sucks as it is a ton of work to clean and takes a ton of time and needs done often. If you live with a woman you won't notice tub scum much. My theory is that women shed stuff from their pores that dissolve tub scum. I figured that one out three weeks after I split up with my girlfriend. I got up one morning and holy crap my tub had gone black!!! It was always clean and white before she moved. Though this sucked big time I did not think there was much I could do about it.

The Three Products I Use

     Then back in December 2018 my life changed. (seems dramatic but if you hate tub cleaning like I do then you will understand!!)  I bumped into the Mother Dirt website. They had some long winded babble about biome, friendly bacteria and better feeling skin. It kind of sounded logical to me... Friendly bacteria on the inside likely does mean we have friendly bacteria on the outside. Their theory seemed to make sense that our soaps were killing off that bacteria. Without that bacteria we start to stink and then have to buy more chemical laden anti smell crap to cover the smell which also kills that bacteria off even more. Well anyway some dam thing like that.

     Since I love to experiment with stuff I decided to give it a shot even though it was a little expensive. When the soap arrived I realized that chlorine also kills bacteria and since I am a cheap bastard I wanted to give this stuff a fair try. Fair.., at least as far as "home science" can do. So as long as I was showering in water heavily laden with chlorine and other toxic and deadly mind numbing chemicals that city water has the whole concept seemed fruitless. Thus before I started using the soap I went to and scored a shower filter.

The Shower Filter I Scored From great guy great stuff.

     Well after using the soap for a month or so I noticed something about my skin felt way different. Not being one of those guys who worries about my "complexion" I could not quite figure out what it was. Other than I just felt cleaner. Either way to me it felt good so that was good enough. Since the products had no added scents I did not have to worry about smelling like somebody's rendition of a lilac bush either.

     Well about three months later was when the grand slam with these products hit me. I noticed my tub was spotless. Normally every two or three weeks the black clouds of work would appear on my tubs bottom. This was like a dream come true. I am guessing the company figured out what women sweat from their pores that keeps tub and shower stalls so clean and then added it to the soap!!!!

     After some reflection on this scum I might have figured out what was causing it. Most soaps are made using lard, boiled down animal guts and other waste oil and animal products. We rub down our bodies in this dead cow lard mixed with a ton of toxic chemicals. Oh and topped off with some nice scents so we don't throw up when we use it. Then the shower rinses most of it off our upper body and onto the tub. At that point some of it makes it way down the drain. The rest dries out on the tub. A couple weeks of showers and it starts to build up. Before long the black cloud of work is back. To strip that lard off you just need some even more toxic chemicals to wash down your tub!!! Well not any more... Thank You!!!! Mother Dirt!!!!!

     Now nine months later I could scrub the hell out of my tub and it would not look one iota different!!! The only dirt that builds up in my tub now is from airborne dust that settles in the corners. That's only because the air here at the ARC is in-DUST-rial. And believe me in dust it is. One of the drawbacks to living in an industrial area.  

     So my conclusion.... Yes this soap is more expensive than the stuff dow chemical makes out of their waste products. This higher price, at first, is a little hard to swallow. After a few months though you start to see the value. If you are a guy your tub does not need cleaning every three weeks. If you are a woman your complexion is likely better. Not to mention if you are an environmentalist. After all if the soap does not kill the friendly bacteria on your body it likely won't harm the river it ends up in after going to the sewerage plant.

     You see price is meaningless if you are not getting value. Value determines price more than anything. The value this crap offers me by not having to clean my tub every three weeks has me sold right there. The environment and better feeling skin are just trivial free bonuses. So needless to say this product to me anyway is a real godsend!!!

     I also notice my hair feels a lot better and I don't have to wash it ever day like I did with Lardco's Bulk Buy Discount Shampoo. Now I pretty well feel sorry for all those hard working lard washing tub scrubbers out there.

     If you also have a tinge of lazy then I highly recommend you check it out!!! Who knows you might just be saving your own skin not to mention the environment also!!!