Why I Like Trump......

by roy mackey

October 7, 2019

     Ya know even though I have zero interest in politics, as much as I hate to say it I am a real fan of Trump. (George Carlin was my life mentor and taught me all I needed to know about politics and life for that matter) Now don't get me wrong I consider all governments a murderous group of parasites that in the end always kill their host. History has proven this over and over again right back to Rome and likely earlier. Now of course I am not saying all people in politics are criminal. Most times just the high end ones. Sure they likely all do a little pocket lining if given the chance but lets not kid ourselves we would all do the same.
     Apparently in the beginning Rome took off like a rocket once it had a solid and stable gold based currency. That lasted for a long time until the parasites in power decided they needed more war money than there actually was. Thus they started thinning down the gold coins with other metals. This was of course thievery and is what started the decline of their empire.
     This is exactly what happened with the American dollar. When it was a solid and stable gold backed currency the country flourished. That ended when they started devaluing the dollar through inflation. Most don't realize it but it but the US dollar has lost over 90% of it's buying power over the last 80 years or so. Then once "Dick-son" took the US dollar off the gold standard she has been pretty well free falling down hill since then. Thus, for moral reasons, I am not a believer in government period.
The First Reason I Like the Idiot

     Trump though is a different story. To begin with he is the first president who got fairly elected that actually admitted the government is a swamp of corruption. I don't think I knew one person other than my grandmother who didn't already think that same way. Yet when he got in most people I know suddenly hated him. It became obvious before long that the reason was because mainstream media told them to hate him. But wait? He is the first president who said he was actually on our side by actually admitting the government was corrupt and the media was fake? What's up with that????   
     When Baby Bush got elected the second time that pretty well nailed down beyond a doubt the fact that US elections were rigged. Like I admit there are some pretty stupid Americans but not enough of them to re-elect that idiot. And this opinion is based only on his demeanor as a human being not his policies. If you compare him to Kennedy you will see two different people... A man and a mouse. Now he seemed like an innocent and likeable enough guy for comedy night at the local pub but president are you kidding me??? No question it pays to have the right Dad and a corrupt government.
     You see my life long goal has always been to move to America. Mostly to become a corporate lawyer defending oil companies so I would always have gas for my Harley. That dream ended when Baby Bush and his gang of thugs pulled off the World Trade Tower attacks. Even though I thought it was genius, (being able to fool so many people), I knew at that point America was dead. Corruption had won. Science of course has since proven beyond any doubt what so ever that it was a controlled demolition and obviously an inside job. Thus here I was trapped in the cold north hoping to get as many sunny days as I can out of the short summer months. All the while watching Americans deluding themselves into thinking that 9 recently trained Cessna pilots over threw the most powerful military in the history of mankind. A military so powerful they can read your license plate from space yet lost all track of three airliners for 45 minutes!!! 
     Now long before world scientists determined it was an inside job I already knew it was. Of course this was not because I was smart. You see initially the shock of the moment made me believe what the media was telling me. Once we accept a story like that our brains don't go back to question the obvious details. Like the rest I just went with the flow of the herd. I eventually snapped out of that trance once I remembered a seminar I attended on banking and the world money system. This was held in Vancouver BC just under two years before 9/11. It was held at some huge convention room down town by one of those weirdo conspiracy guys.
     I had left the comfort of my cave on Vancouver Island and came over to check it out. There were about 1500 very well dressed people at the event and one slob. (hey times were tough and art sales thin) The speaker at the event went on to explain a ton of creepy stuff about banking but the thing that really caught my eye was what he said about the US government. He went into detail about how the US government was going to pull off a huge "self attack" (false flag) in order to get an excuse to invade Iraq. He said it would be within two years for sure. Oil and the petro-dollar were the main reasons.
     Now at the time I thought the guy was a little psycho but around a year later I heard he had been thrown in jail. (not sure how I found that out as this was pre computer era) Well this immediately made me re-assess the guy and think maybe he was not a psycho. After all governments almost never throw real psycho's in jail!!! Government likes to save jail space for people who are trying to cut in on their business not yours. You know people who compete with what they do. Killing people, stealing, drugs, alcohol, guns and other contraband etc.  
     When 9/11 happened this talk did not register to me. Then a few days weeks or months later the memory of that talk hit me. I checked the dates and it was just under two years since I saw the talk and sure enough they were after Iraq just like he had said!!! No wonder they threw him in jail!!! He was trying to blow their cover.
     Now even back then I knew most governments were really creepy. So finding out that America was just as bad deflated my "American Dream" in a flash.  
     Since then I really backed away from politics and sadly let my American Dream go. Then out of the blue Trump came along. The first president to claim that the whole system was corrupt and that his goal was to clean out the swamp!!! I was euphoric!!! Now the last person to hint at this corruption was Eisenhower. In his last speech he talked about the dangers of corruption and the "shadow government". So this is the first reason I like the Trumpster. He was the first honest president to call it like it was and was saying the same thing Eisenhower was. In a flash my faith and hope in the US government was restored!!! All I had to hope was that he succeeded and if so I could move to NYC to live my dream life flying back and forth to court in my 911 saving big oil!!! My "American Dream"  
Why I Agree With His Fake News Line
     This leads to another thing I like about Trump which is he outright calls most media Fake News and right in front of the fake media!!! Jackpot!!!! Hell I figured that out back when I was a kid watching the news with my family.

     Years ago when I was a kid and a lot smarter there was a forest fire close to my home town one summer. The news at the time that covered this story showed clips of the flames up close, then jumped to people running down the street (a clip from the foot races at our annual fall fair) and then back to the flames again. Our whole family were hysterically laughing our heads off at how dumb it was. Our relatives out in Saskatchewan though weren't. They were phoning us in a state of panic trying to find out how many of us, if any, were still alive!!! The worst part was this was decades ago when people were so honest no one even locked their doors!!!

The Second Reason I Like the Idiot

     The second reason I like the idiot is the absolutely embarrassing, ridiculous and child like behavior of his opposition and their biased privately owned fake media that back them. Good lord they are desperately clutching for straws like I have never seen in politics before. This is another very good sign he is a good guy. They were so shocked that their rigged election was going to put in Hillary that they must have lost control. This reeks of guilt like I have never seen!!!
     I learned years ago while managing the ARC that the biggest finger pointers are pretty well always the biggest violators. This was well before Trump came along. The worst part is most of their stuff all has no sound basis whatsoever. On top of that they manipulate these situations as if he was already guilty and are just trying to find the key to lock him up. This is blatant manipulation of the crowds with false pretenses at it's finest!!!!! You gotta know something is up when they push this hard and this much? Never in the recent history of politics has the opposition ever pushed so desperately this hard or this much. To the me the obvious reason is they have to as their corruption is going to get the lid blown off if they don't.
     Now to anyone who has been sold the anti-Trump narrative this is all pure delicious. After all we all want to see the "bad guy" go down and go down hard! In fact it is the only thing that keeps the fake media's dwindling ratings half afloat. Most of the younger generation however are more than seeing through their thin veil. Their super intense reaction really sparked my faith in Trump even more. So not only did his ideas agree with mine the overly panicking opposition was huge proof he was the "Real" deal.
     Americans along with most of the world these days are going through an awakening. They are starting to see through the thinning veil of deception that has caused them so much pain for so long. At the same time because of this those who are really in power and run the world are seeing their empire crumble and quickly. Almost daily now more and more holes are being blown into the climate scare propaganda, the FED scam, the massive debt plan etc etc. Most have pretty well figured out that there is an agenda behind it all and it ain't for the benefit of Joe Consumer. 
The Third Reason I Like Trump

     Now the third reason is, like Trump, I am not a fan of Globalism. I used to be back when I was seventeen but time does create more clarity. Now you might be and that's fine but to me local government is bad enough. Having someone over in Europe deciding what we do here in Canada or the US would be a real gong show. In fact America began by cutting the cord from the old world.  
     You see since mankind invented the first club there has been those that have wanted to rule the whole world. Globalism is just that. Another group that wants to rule the whole world. Rome was really big on it. Hitler was another who had wet dreams for that goal more than anyone, other than of course the very corrupt US. Now China is excitedly gearing up to grab hold of that role next. Yet here is Trump talking about pulling back and no longer fighting every one's wars any more and peace lovers are wanting to hang him? You got to be kidding me!!!!!

     Of course the reason for this is all because of the powers of privately owned manipulative media. First they get everyone scared to death and then blame those fears on Trump. This is a highly effective way to control the masses. I remember back in the seventies when they were saying ice was going to be covering most of Canada by the year 2000. Of course everyone forgets the last screw up with predictions as we are so much smarter now. 
     Now there is no question that the "United Nations" is an incredible idea for the goal of ruling the world. First you only have to unite the nations and then infiltrate that single group via corruption and you have rule of the world. The powers that be finally figured out that it is too much work using war to pound every country into mentally homogenized submission.
     Fortunately their push to get everyone united is of course failing thanks in part to Trump. Just the same they are still pushing ahead with the second part of their plan which is getting every country massively in debt. Even Canada with it massive debt is still giving away billions of dollars to foreign countries yet ignoring their own people. This destabilizes the country in a big way.

     In fact it seems every day there are stories about how Truedough gave away more money. We are definitely not the only ones doing this. The reason this doesn't make sense to almost anyone is because IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! That is unless you know the plan behind it all. Then it makes perfect sense. The elite are so close to pulling this off that it is unreal. Virtually all countries in the world right now could never pay off their debts if they even wanted to. Eventually they will all go bankrupt when the "mysterious" lender refuses to lend any more.   
     This will likely happen a lot sooner than later. Especially with Trump screwing up their plans. They have been like a lion sneaking up on it's prey. They are doing it slowly and steadily so no one notices. Then in a flash pounce on it's victim and in this case it is going to be the average person that pays. Unless of course Trump does get his way.
     A prime example is not long ago only one person per household had to work. Now the average family can no longer survive without at least two of the family members working. In fact I bet a lot even depend on their kids working to survive. Though since it is illegal for kids to work it would be hard to find real stats on that. 
     Eventually once they do pull the plug things will get ugly..., real ugly. Ugly like no one remembers. Then after letting that very rough time of serious hardship sink in they will stepping up to the plate with the miracle cure all. This will be a new all digital currency. This is the wet dream that the group running the world have been waiting for. Something far more powerful than a hundred nuclear bombs..., a new world digital currency.
     At that point nirvana shall reign for them as disobedience will no longer be an option. Those that do disobey will have their digital accounts "shut off". Those that help those that have had their accounts "shut off" will also have their accounts "shut off" Of course you helping your "cut off" friend will be super easy to spot. With every transaction you make being recordeble the beast (computer) will tell in a second if you are buying more than normal or maybe brands you normally don't. No one will be able to take that risk even with your very best life long friend as your family's security will be at stake!
     From this point on your new "real" best friend will be your government. If for no other reason than your own survival. Your humanity will be forced down the drain. It is at this point they will make Hitler look like Mr. Dress up. Like I said all this is basically done by first inventing the solution, digital currency, then creating the problem, massive world wide debt before bankrupting each country, next is letting the very extreme hardship of that soak in for a bit and then finally stepping up to the plate with their new solution!!! Which of course is the new currency. This makes it guaranteed to be embraced fully every time by every one, Christians included. After all to have our currency collapse in this very modern and co-dependent society will be very painful beyond words and very quickly.
     Now the group doing this has apparently had this planned for a very long time. Their goal has been to unfold it slowly so no one notices. It also explains why government has been clamping down so hard on small farmers. Some city's are even outlawing gardens in your back yard. You see gardens create local stability and independence. If people are too independent then the collapse would not work for them. If their monetary collapse does not cause huge pain no one with half a brain would buy into their new money scheme/solution.
     Now most people can't even fathom this as a possibility. Yet it was not that long ago that a very civilized and first world country gassed innocent Jews by the millions??? Very intelligent and respected men in that society would spend their days gassing innocent women and children all day before heading home to the wife and kids for nice home cooked meal. This is proof  that with the right manipulation from government and media we humans are capable of horrific things.
     This is what makes privately owned for profit media one of the worst sources for honest information. The reason of course is the average trusting human trusts and believes these soulless sources with their hidden agendas. This is what gives the media so much power when it comes to manipulation of the masses that it is hard to comprehend. This is also what globalism is about. It is also why they are pushing immigration so intensely this last while. This helps thin down patriotism and gets the country fighting among themselves. Thus they never notice what's really going on around them in the big picture.  

What Now?

     So if you understand what Trump is really up to then it makes a lot more sense. Do I trust Trump? Of course not he is a politician. But if I were forced to ever trust any politician it would be him bar none. Now sure he is stupid. Who the hell else would take on the worlds elite parasites that actually run the world and own all those plastic sheets that we like to pretend is money?

     Kennedy only irritated them a little before he caught lead. I think it was Nixon who also stepped out of line once but lucked out. Though they did impeach him. No you would have to be stupid to take on such a crazy challenge which is why he fit the bill. The worst part for him it is an uphill battle because the elites own the media and the media steers the masses. So the only thing they focus on is his failures. Which says volumes right there.   
     Now as much as I like to keep a very positive outlook on life there has been no question in my mind things would appear to be pretty hopeless. Common sense was dead. Delusions of "greenness" are everywhere yet it is a joke. Fridges that used to last 30 years now use less power and last five years. Only a freezer salesman working in the Arctic could pitch the logic of that one.

     Most decent jobs have left North America. Governments are giving away money to foreign governments like it was hard candies and going into massive debt because of it. Then along comes Trump who claims he is going to clean out the swamp so no question I am in. Sure they all lie but at least his lie gives a normal person some hope. He is the first one to come along that made me think I could still move to the USA chasing my "American Dream" 

     Now to those who don't think anything fishy is going on why is it that a group of private banks, conveniently called the Federal Reserve own and control Americas money system? If you feel brave enough diving into that rabbit hole online for a bit. How the fed works is mind bending criminal operation once you start to grasp the basic concepts. Great reading for those who like money and/or love their families.