Facebook........ Seriously?????

by roy  mackey

January 26, 2021

     Have you ever stepped in a dog mine..., barfed on your new girlfriends shoes...., backed over your dying grandmothers favorite cat...... or had a facebook account? If you have experienced any of these creepy things then this post is for you.

     Can you imagine what it would be like if you went to a cool party and some dork was there with his photo album? Some guy desperately looking for a victim to share his full scrapbook of snapshots with. Endlessly going around trying to show everyone pictures of his life? That would be completely creepy. Most people would try to slowly back away from the guy and make a break for the washroom.... All the while hoping that he clings onto some other hapless victim.  If the guy left the party he would instantly become the joke of the party. After all who the hell brings their photo album to a social event?

     Well sadly that is almost everyone these days because most are just looking for an excuse to pull it out of their back pocket to prop up their self esteem. Though that is another side story as now we are just talking about facebook. You see virtually everyone who visits their "anti-social" media" platforms does just that!!! I have done the same and often yet eventually snapped out of the endorphin trance. Once you get away from facebook and realize that the platform is just another "social" event" you realize how creepy posting stuff there really is.

     This is pretty well the main reason that I opted to close my farcebook account. Now there are a ton of reasons as to why facebook is totally creepy but this one one is what kind of got me the most. Course it was not that I don't love bragging...

     Now some people like to call posting stuff on facebook sharing but I have been saying for years "sharing" is when I give you a big bite out of my small chocolate bar. Bragging is when I post my amazing chocolate bar on facebook.

     After all it is the one place where everyone can get away with bragging... Often when people post something on facebook they are hoping that the people they don't like will see more than the people they do. Because lets face it your "real" friends already know you got the new harley transmission long before you posted it. We just don't like to admit this point.

     Now all of this is especially not good for people with low self esteem because they are far more likely to end up addicted to  the endorphin rush that comes from the "likes" their bragging gets them. This means they end up spending more and more time on there. Which of course eventually sucks any real life they may have had right out of them.

     This is no different than what happens to a junkie. Of course like the junkie few can admit that they have a real problem. They might go as far as saying (lying) that they rarely go on the platform any more. I have done the same... Of course lying just undercuts our self esteem even more.

     Just the same it is true that people sometimes want to hear what you are doing. I have one of them people.... My Mom....  So what I did was move my "life news" or I should say "facebook braggings" over to my art website.

     These days personal websites are easier to run than facebook. Not to mention personal websites are not censored. Now sure this is still bragging because most of what I put on there are the "good" things in my life. The big difference here is that the people that see what I have there are only those who are curious and have nothing better to do. Like my Mom they can go there every year or two to see what I am up to in a few quick scrolls. Unlike facebook, I am not stuffing it in front of their faces every time I finally have something interesting happen.  

     This is no different than if I stopped over to see someone in person. When I got to their place I would expect that they would show me around their house and bike garage etc. I would not consider it bragging at all but just showing me what they were up to. It would be fun.

     If I had not seen them for years I would not drag out my photo album (from my back pocket) and start scrolling through MY photos. Any normal person would do the same. They would leave that for when their "friend" stopped over to their place.

     Instead while I was at their place I would want to see their "life" as in projects, cars, garden and hear their ideas etc. This used to be common sense but most people, thanks to anti-social platforms like farcebook etc not any more. Most people these days have lost touch with this reality.

     Facebook is basically a platform for bragging and painting an image of what we really want our life to look like. To Suckerberg we are just their product. This is why they hire highly paid brain scientists to make sure we stay on their site as long as possible. The longer we are on the site clicking on all the quizzes to find out what our personality type is the more data they gather on who we are so they can figure out more ways to keep us there. Not to mention rake in advertising money.

     What we basically end up doing is buying endorphin rushes and paying for it with our time that we use to go there. Of course as long as we are on there we are not doing or producing anything real. Oh sure a junkie artist might say they get the best inspiration while on their drug of choice but rarely none of it goes any where.... Other than back to spending more time looking for more inspiration (endorphins)

     So if you can muster up the strength I highly recommend you close your facebook account for two months. Will you do that... Nope..... not likely...

     OK... Maybe you will.... After all since 2017 around 17 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 40 have closed their accounts and took back their real life. Now I can't speak for them but the farther I get away from it the creepier it is to even think back to when I was one of their Suckerberg's inmates. Life has gotten delicious again!

     Good Luck!!!!  And if you do escape drop me a line!!!! Even better stop in for one of my fresh brewed lousy coffee's.