How Being Vegetarian Almost Killed Me....

by roy mackey

aug 8, 2019

Look Who Came To Dinner

     Not sure you knew this or not but I was a full on vegetarian for  34 years. For the first three or four years I qualified as an "Anal" vegetarian. Anal vegetarians are the ones who carry the veggie bible around with them preaching their self righteous truths at every carnivorous sacrifice they can. Their nauseating drivel could ruin even the best steak if you were not aware of what they were doing.

     Now even though vegan's, anal vegan's and anal vegan extremists had not been officially born yet (except maybe for those who had read "Survival into the 21st Century" by Some Young Hippy). I was close to being vegan. Except for dairy. I ate no meat, fish, chicken, eggs or dead things that originally had a face. Vegan extremists are fairly recent. They are often very angry people who hate meat eaters to no end. Like most extremists I am fairly sure killing others who violate their beliefs would not be a problem for a lot of them. Youtube is full of them as it seems to be their venue for communication. Just the same I don't want to be hard on them as I was once almost there myself.

     Not only that once their teeth start falling out they often change their tunes as it is a serious problem for vegans. Except of course for the new ones. From my research it takes about three to four years before the dental bills start to go through the roof. When this happens instead of making an honest assessment of their diet they usually beat themselves into a few more years to depression first. They do this by thinking they are not being "good enough" vegans.  

     Anyway back to the preaching part. Eventually I managed to snap out of that after realizing a couple of things. First is the fact it is a free world. If I wanted my freedom I have to let others have theirs. That and of course I got sick of my same old jokes and babble. Thus I opted to just eat what I want and let others eat what they wanted. Since that point meat eaters never bothered me one iota. In fact I found meat eaters to be more worried about eating meat in front of me that I ever was.

     I have to say the day after I first became vegetarian I felt hugely better. It was incredible the change. Every aspect of my life improved. My energy went through the roof, I was no longer depressed, I felt alive like never before and many other things.

     The only problem was this was "home science" as I now like to call it. You see home science often misses some of the details. Like for example in my case the reason why I went vegetarian in the first place. You see I had just fallen madly in love with this vegetarian who said she would cook for me if I also went vegetarian. Well that was an offer I could not refuse especially since realizing me and cooking do not go well together. Thus 32 years later I started to wonder was it the vegetarian food that made me feel so great or was it being in love.... Trusting home science I have since figured out is always a bit of a gamble.  

     Anyway for the last three or four years I noticed that I was starving all the time. In fact when I got honest I realized that I had been starving for years. I would pack away a large veggie meal and then ten minutes later be back looking in the fridge. It was like my body was in constant craving mode.

     Finally my Mom who has also been vegetarian and almost as long as me slipped out once that she was craving bacon. I couldn't believe it as I had also been craving liver of all things!!! Of course I never told anyone but yes liver.  Real pure genuine cow guts... A vegetarian's worst nightmare. but I was not alone!

     Now my mom was kind of reluctant to try any but of course I coaxed her to go ahead. You know... Get her to check out the water for sharks so to speak. She eventually did and told me.. Or shall I say confessed. I then gave it a few weeks just to make sure she did not get trichinosis or something before deciding to do the same.

     Strange as it seems I had unconsciously been prepping myself for years by watching hundreds of lion eating a Gazelle on the Serengeti videos on youtube over the last quite a few years. Seeing a lion eating a fresh baked baby Gazelle right out of the "oven" was fascinating. Then after the baby was gone watching that lion polish off the "oven" also seemed weird. Eye opening in a strange way. This eventually led me to some interesting revelations at least to me. Here is the main one.

The World Is A Strange Place

     Yes no question life is a strange place. Mystics for years say we are all one and that one is God. This is why what we do unto others will be done unto us. After 40 years of metaphysical reflection I have started to see where this makes sense. After all even scientists can't really find where the coffee table ends and my head begins. It is all one mass of electrons. They also can't find any really solid matter. They thought it was molecules and then realized no... They were made up of atoms... Then they realized atoms were made up of protons and neutrons... All of which have massive empty space between  them.

     Now in order for any form of life to live here on earth it has to eat some other living thing. I don't care what it is... OK there are no absolutes in the universe... But generally every bloody thing alive in order to stay alive has to eat something else that is or at least was alive at one point. Yet if we are all really connected and just "one" then "we"  is just one big self cannibalistic force that lives by eating the weaker parts of itself. Man that can turn into a creepy rabbit hole if you are not careful...

     Logical observation of life around us can get pretty weird no question. But to avoid the rabbit hole and look around yes it is true everything alive has to eat something else alive... Or at least something that was alive at one point. Plants eat soil which is mostly made up of other dead rotting things like plants, worm shit and rotting corpses all with a few minerals etc tossed in for seasoning. Reflecting on this made me come to grips with eating meat again.

Off to the Morgue

     Thus I eventually got up the courage to head to the morgue to scope out some cow guts. Now after 34 years of zero meat I was completely lost in a cow morgue. I did though at least go to a good cow morgue. The cows in there were all grass fed in real open fields and led great lives right up until their retirement one night in barn two instead of the normal barn one that they usually sleep in. They never knew what happened. No twelve hours in a truck trauma before landing in some slaughter house half way across the country.

     Now since eating meat again how do I feel. Well we are back to home science again but I do know I am no longer starving all the time. The amount of food I consume has plummeted. For the last seven or eight months I do all my eating for the day between noonish and five pm'ish which I find is effortless. Intermittent fasting if you are interested. As a vegetarian it would have been hugely harder even though I have done seven day juice only fasts in the past.

     Now back when I was first a meat eater was I a good one nope... Glutton would be a better term. After a few years of being a vegetarian was I a good one... Nope. Glutton would be a better term. Sure I did eat absolutely no meat or meat products but I was not a health nut. I ate tons of junk from the feed markets that was wrapped in brightly colored packages. That was of course after I gave up being an anal vegetarian after the first four years.  Now though I am finding a little more balance so will see where this goes.

     Now I should add the obvious as to why I no longer believe in vegetarian diets. You see back when I first started the diet I had thick hair, great teeth, big muscles, endless stamina etc etc. 34 years later most of that has faded. Now this may sound funny to you if you are an old world scientist, or an average person on the street but if you are a "new" scientist this is huge evidence!!! And just like the evidence for flying was staring us in the eye all the time the closed minds of the time could not see it. Diet could very well be the same.   

     So will I ever go back to vegetarian? It wouldn't surprise me. After all like I said in another post on this site I no longer believe all the theories I come up with. Also I do find biohacking and experimentation to be very fascinating. If I come up with a theory that sounded like it had some potential to work I might just try it. Though as of now though I no longer see vegetarianism as viable or healthy solution.

    On top of that I saw a soya bean field once. It went as far as the eye could see. A very smart guy was talking about this "vegan" field. In order to make that field they had to kill everything and make a complex bio diverse field into a mono crop. They had to kill off every other plant. All the fertilizers and pesticides they use kill all the soil bacteria, bugs and worms. When the birds eat those dead bugs they die. On top of that because there are no trees and other forest infrastructure it kills off all the animals that depended on that. 

     Nothing lives on those massive barren mono-crop fields. The damage these fields create is astronomical. So I am no longer convinced that vegetarianism will solve what it thinks it will solve.

     Now I have also learned that there are three types of people. Some apparently should eat mostly meat, some should eat only vegetables and some should be half way. I went through a questionnaire and sure enough as my intuition told me I was the middle of the road type. This explained to me why some people when they go vegetarian they all of a sudden get hugely healthier and other turn anemic and almost die. I had a friend have the later happen to her after only 2 years. As much as vegans and socialist like to think we are all the same they are wrong. One "solution" will never fix all problems.