How to Spot, Avoid and Forgive Haters....

by roy mackey

June 22, 2020

     Most people don't think about it much but hate is starting to be the new "black" these days. Seems everyone is in on it. This post will help you spot, avoid and forgive the haters in your life. Or even better help you avoid falling into the hate trap yourself. All for free..., oh...., side benefit. It will make your life delicious and full of energy.

     Yes hate is the new trend that's getting trendier every day. A big reason for this is facebook and mainstream media, more on that later. If hate is not your gig and you would rather avoid it you have to be careful. If not you could step in a pile of it. This sucks because it is almost impossible to wash off and as you know it stinks big time.
     First thing, you have to be able to identify the "Hater's" in your group. Their hate is like a virus if you get too close to their mouth spray you can get infected yourself. Of course once infected you too will start finding it almost impossible to hear different opinions. Not to mention life will start feeling scarier and scarier as your own opinions risk getting questioned.
     Now even though hate can be a great motivator it is rarely a good thing. After all I have never heard of any spiritual practice that says much positive about hate. They all know that hatred is very low on the vibrational scale. It is on the opposite end of the scale to that of love. Where hatred flies love dies because hatred just begets more hatred.
     Hatred also saps your energy. Think about it. When you have to do something you hate it feels you can barely get motivated. When it is something you love you bounce off the couch charged and ready to go. The funniest thing about all of this is both hate and love are inside jobs. Thus you are the one who gets to control it.

Don't Hate Haters!

     Some people tend to think that if they hate haters they are raising up their vibration. Yet the truth is they just become the same as the haters that they hate.
     Here's an old quote of mine. "There is nothing I hate more than people who hate people" Which of course then means I hate myself. : )

     Now sure haters are hard to handle and can be quite discomforting but you have to realize that more than anything they are just scared. Often scared of life, or maybe dying, or a certain government, or religious group or your opinion or whatever.
     Hate always grows out of fear. The fear then puts them into panic mode. Thus they often desperately hunt out a logical solution. Once they find a solution that they like they race down that "rabbit hole" as fast as they can. They dig up all the facts they can so as to arm themselves for protection. If you do bump into them they will often start preaching those facts as if they were instructed by God himself. Now even though half the people in the world, that are hugely smarter than them, have the opposite opinion they are just not able to see that. Their fear makes them act like they are the official word of God. Any humility they may have had goes right out the window. You see this on facebook being "vented" non stop.


Bin there.... dun that.....

     I fell into this trap when I first turned vegetarian 35 years ago. That was back when I knew everything. Anyone who stood too close to me for too long got hit over the head with my veggie bible. Which, at the time, was "Survival Into The 21'st Century" or something like that. It was the hippies guide on how to live off alfalfa sprouts. Eventually though I gave up the "thumping" part and just let everyone live the life they chose. Of course I knew in ten years the world was going to be dead because of meat eaters. Though I just decided that I would humbly go my way and enjoy those few meager years we had left. Of course life rarely turns out even near to how our best logic and intellect says it will..... : )
     Now we have all seen haters in our circle exposed thanks to things like Trump or climate change etc. Trump haters will fly right off the handle so fast when his name comes up it will make your head swim. The same with those either for or against climate change. They instantly flair up in a fit of spit spewing blather, words and accusations. If you have ever tried talking to them it is next to futile and they will only conclude that you are a racist and want all black people back picking cotton. Either that or you are just a gluttonous consumer who just can't give up your gas guzzling dinosaur Cadillac. These people.., yes people, are an exhausting experience. (Though don't have to be) You will find this especially true if you are presently very grateful about your life.

Why Are These People So Exhausting?

     The reason this is so exhausting is because the different vibrations. They, being in hate, are running very low vibrations and thus low on "energy". If you are in a lot of gratitude thus you are likely running near love and thus have a lot of energy. When a hater dives into their frenzied rant it often catches you off guard. (This is actually the intention) This hits you in the stomach. You will feel yourself knot up and are often not sure why. What is happening is you are reacting to their raving with resistance which is cutting you off from your source of gratitude and love thus giving you less energy. You are basically cutting yourself off from this source and falling down to where they are, which is in hate.
     Soon you start hating them, thinking it was them that ruined your day. The truth is you ruined your own day by resisting. This is how they are able to pull you down to their level where, like vampires, they suck your energy. They spiel their "facts" then believing they showed you a thing or two are now charged and ready to go again. They will often go from one person to the other trying to suck everyone's energy as they go using the same tactics each time.

     One thing you will notice is that most people stuck in hate mode have very little money or "good" in their lives. There is a reason for this. One of the key things required for having more good in your life is energy. If you are in hate mode you have far less energy than you could have.
     Now in order to have good in your life you have to be offering up something for the rest of the herd to enjoy. Bill Gates offered up computers and made a shite load of people happy. The same with Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Elon Musk and your local drug dealer, Yoda Man, down the street.

     You see it takes a ton of energy to do what these guys did or do. You have to be in a state of love to access the amount of energy required to do these things. Thus one of the quickest ways around any lack is to amp up your gratitude and love for life. Then express it by making other people's lives better. The more people's lives you can improve the more prosperity you will have.

Spottin Hater Pataters

     So to "flush out" any haters in your life all you need to do is drift the conversation around a few subjects while watching their physiology. If you drift by the steak you ate earlier, or something your favorite leader is doing, or climate change they will often speed up their speech and maybe get a little louder. This tells you that particular subject is important to them. Then all you have to do is say is something like "oh I believe climate change is a hoax" or "Trump is my hero" or "vaccines should be mandatory for everyone". If the person is a fascist (hater) they will usually light up with a hot blooded counter measure. Their speech gets louder, faster and often very deliberate. The real bad ones will storm out of the room or demand you change the subject. Which is partially justified because they are terrified and think you are going to be the cause of their demise or whatever?
     If this happens you have just spotted a fascist which is the same as a hater. This is someone who has zero tolerance for opinions outside of what they think..., whoops..., I mean "KNOW" is real. Hitler made this system very well known but unpopular to the masses. He did this by planting fear in everyone. Now if you think you are going to convince them otherwise you might as well forget it. Once someone's thoughts have taken over their emotions and thus lowered their vibration standpoint to that of hatred convincing them of anything to the contrary will be far beyond futile. This fascist type mentality is very hard to crack. Look at how hard it was taking down Hitler and his followers.
     Now their loud and often violent reaction will also make you shut up which is exactly what they want. After all, first off your dumb assed ideas could destroy their whole life. Second is the fact they are desperately grabbing for some of your energy. When they seemingly gut bomb you with their spiel you know you just had your energy bled. When you are in hate mode you are in low energy territory. Love is high energy territory. Because they are disconnected from this energy they desperately need yours..., and I can assure you they ain't letting go of their hatred.
     Like I said above you will know your energy was bled by the knot you felt in your gut right after their violent or surprisingly intense reaction. This is very draining and can have the tendency to make you feel your good life is being threatened. Thus you drop down into the fear they are feeling and start to feel hatred toward them. This wells up more knots in your stomach and as the saying goes hatred just begets more hatred.
     So in the future if you notice knots flaring up in your stomach for whatever reason you can be safe knowing it is only you cutting yourself off from your source and lowering your self down to their desperate level.
     Mainstream media has perfected the art of hacking up people's radiance and gratitude. After all most big news is owned by one or two companies and they have an agenda. Regarding Trump both sides for and against do this. With CNN it is obvious as they just twist 95% of everything Trump does into something negative. This creates different levels of hate in their followers. Those with more fear end up with more hate.
     Fox does the same but from an opposite angle. They rave about how Trump is our savior...., but that the democrats are trying to "kill" him. This of course also stirs up hate in their followers. This is a "good cop, bad cop" situation. Both "cops" are on the same side and have a similar intention. Even though people know about this concept they will still fall for it. This is why people are so obsessed with news media these days. They are watching it out of fear.
     To make matters even worse alt media is also in on the game. Though they don't have sponsors and advertisers to make them biased they still help stir hate via "good cop" or "bad cop". They pick a side... Usually for Trump, tell you about all the good he is doing, then dump on you how the demigods are trying to kill him.
     Then to salt up the wound everyone, after listening to their "cop" of choice rush out and use what they heard to throw punches on facebook. This stirs even more hatred and disconnection. It is actually a genius system of control that the "powers that be" use to control the masses. This is the ultimate in hate begets hate.
     The funny thing is your Mom knew the answer all along when she said "if you can't say something nice then say nothing at all". Hooda thunk that your Mom or maybe grandmother had the answer to world peace?

     Now if someone ever "gut bombs" you with a spiel of hate it is important to just remember that they were just terrified and needed some of your energy. If you come from more of a loving spot you can quickly remind yourself of the other things you love in your life. This will amp up your gratitude which leads to a feeling of love, a higher vibration, and thus more energy. This can happen almost instantly if you practice.
     OK this is hard to do when your mind is filled with hatred and anger seemingly caused by them angrily barking at you, though you just have to practice persistence. This is how you can quickly recharge after a "hater's" visit.
     The best part about all his is the more you access this energy via real gratitude and love the more your life feels delicious and exciting. No matter what is happening in the world around you. If you don't think so read up on an unbelievable guy... Viktor Frankl. He focused on the positive and what could happen all while surrounded by haters with zero tolerance for outside opinions. He might not have been happy but it kept him alive in the concentration camp until those things he thought about eventually happened.
     You see love always leads to more energy. For proof just remember when you first met your wife and how you guys could stay up all night talking..., or..., um..., whatever..., and never think twice about it. Then think about how exhausting it is doing your taxes and that is even before you have started! If you really grasp this concept then it does not take you long to realize that vitamins might help energy but love will skyrocket it far quicker and far longer than anything known to man.
     This is great because these days you will need it. There are tons of energy starved, terrified of life, people out there who do nothing but bleed energy from other people while thumping them with their personal and "obviously true" beliefs. All in a desperate attempt to solve the fear that mainstream media has planted in their brains. These people really are like desperate vampires.

Don't Take The Bait

     Now after these haters blast you and then leave, you as the victim, you will often go away trying to think of things you could have said to convince them your side was valid. This is an absolute waste of time. They are dealing with fear and hate energy. There is nothing that even Einstein could say that would convince them to let go of their fear/hate. The worst part is the more you think about what you coulda shoulda said the more you stay in that disconnected vibe they lured you into. Best to think of them as just a scared little kid and move back into the gratitude for what you have in your life. That will restore your energy far quicker than winning any mindless battle with any hater.
     This is what "loving your neighbor" is all about. You don't love your neighbor and their psychotic ways for their benefit...., you do it for your benefit!!! The more you love them the more your energy goes through the roof. If you don't know or don't practice this then you could likely end up in a mob somewhere burning down businesses owned by black people in order to save them from racism. Sure that makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever to most people (other than maybe some flat earther's) but it obviously does to those stuck in hate mode at the bottom of the vibrational scale.

Another Reminder

     Now the best part of this is the fact that love is an endless source of energy. It never runs out. As long as you can let go of the fear of losing your "things", "life", or whatever else, you can pull in endless energy. When you start using this source of energy you will really notice when you are not using it. Also if, or when, some "vampire" has sucked your energy you will notice it right away.

     Like I said above it will most likely hit you in the gut as a dark heavy knot. Your resistance to their resistance cuts you off from the source of your inner light. This is the reason for the negative feelings you feel. Often when this happens to people they think it was the vampire, stuck in hate, that caused it. This is not the case. The cause of the knot in your stomach was your reaction to their fit of hate. Learning to still love others while they are throwing a fit of hate, at or near you, is the game to master.
     One of the other reasons that it is futile to try to calm them down is the fact that their fear of loss, whatever that loss is, has made them search out a solution. Once they decide what that solution is they race down that rabbit hole very deeply gathering all the "facts" they can. After all fear runs desperately. While you were watching cat videos on youtube they were going deep down the rabbit hole of their solution.

     Because of this you won't stand a chance against them in a debate or argument. Your one or two news clips you watched on Fox will be bowled over in what they believe to be pure and simple scientific logic. Their domineering of the argument based on their logical facts will start convincing them how smart they really are.
     On top of this, which makes matters even worse, because of the fact they just sucked your energy they will be feeling hugely better! Thus before long they start doing this to everyone they can any time they can. It turns into a desperate way of life for them and they never even notice. I know a few that do this and are not even slightly aware of it. Even if they are aware they think it makes them feel good so don't perceive it as bad. Thus they will never realize that they could get that easier with out trying to get it second hand of some innocent person. Stealing someone's energy is similar to eating food they have already eaten...., if you get my drift.
     The thing is bleeding other peoples energy is like snorting coke. The more you do it the more you want to do it the more you have to do it. We all need energy but those who can't get to the place of love will always be short of it. Thus they will try to bleed it from those around them. The sad part about this all is reality rarely follows the path of their logic. Just like it never followed mine regarding the world being dead in ten years because of meat eaters.

How To Be Prepared

     If you are even half prepared for these people then it can save you a lot of frustration. You just have to be on your toes and think about times where these people could surface around you. The most common these days is around the media's favorites. Trump's politics, Greta's weather forcasts, and Bill's vaccine business.

     I would say Trump's politics are the mostly likely place you will see hater's flare up. Fascists hate Trump so much it is beyond believable!!! Why I call them fascists is because the intensity of their hate. You see fascists tolerate no outside opinions at all. Their hatred for ideas outside their own seethes out of them. Whenever someone has that much hate it is more of a reflection of what is going on inside of them or "eating them" than it is about someone outside of them.
     Most artists know all about this as they will have a piece of art that inspires one thing in one person and something totally different in the other. It happens all the time. I had one Christian look at my cross and arrows piece and looked and talked like he would have shot me were hand guns legal in Canada. After he left I kept nervously watching the studio door every time someone new walked in. I was worried he went back for his gun! An hour or so later another guy, also a Christian, told me the piece was inspired by God himself and wanted to touch my robe. Fat chance of course..., though I would have let his wife have a go at it.

     If you are ever in a situation where these subjects could come up it is best to stay on your toes. At the drop of a hat the friendliest person in the whole room could turn into a screeching vampire and attempt to tear the throat right out of you. You never want to dwell on this happening but if you are half prepared then it is a lot easier to stay connected to your "gratitude" and source of energy. That will turn into your shield of protection. If you do stay connected then it will not bother you to hear all the facts they dug out of their dark and dreary rabbit hole on the subject. When they are done you can just respond that "nope... you still don't buy it" Now a normal person might shake their head smiling and agree it is a free country to think what we want. A hater though will often get totally distorted and often start screeching and storm out of the room. This is a good sign that they will won't be back. Disagreement to fascists and haters is like garlic and crosses to vampires.
     Now you may not think so but it is really fortunate to have at least one of these hater's in your life. They rarely last long though once they find out your real opinion. Remember like I said fascists tolerate no opinions outside their own. Of course the main good reason to have them is they help you practice giving them your energy and still being able to recharge on your own. All you have to do is reflect on how good your life is and the good things you have. Just amp up your gratitude. After all if you are not a blind paraplegic with a speech impediment recovering from third degree burns top to bottom it should be pretty easy.

     Remember no matter how bad your life is you are still doing hugely better than a big portion of the people in the world. If you can hold your thoughts in a place of intense gratitude for awhile this will put you closer to a state of love and that will open a flood of energy into your life. In fact I have a post here on gratitude that you can check out if you want to try it. I admit it takes a bit of guts to try but if you follow it through you won't believe how great you will feel. After all it worked for Scrooge and George Bailey!!! The best part is you don't have to deal with some freaky ghost taking you on a "horror" tour of your life. Check it out......