How To Ditch Your Loser Friends

by roy mackey

January 22, 2020

     Do you have weak minded friends who are clueless about politics and actually believe the... "other side"... is the way to go? If so you need to ditch those idiots fast!!! Read this to find out how to do it quickly, easily and cleanly.

     Lets face it recently having different political views is no longer socially acceptable in North America. This is good timing actually. You see we now have our smart phones so we can be smart so why not have just one permanent unchanging government so we can be governed. After all who wants to deal with politics anyway. Most of us are hugely unqualified to even know what we want politically or don't even care. We could even get the UN to do it for us that way we wouldn't have to argue about the constitution all the time. We could burn it and then just take orders from the UN.

     Actually Canada is testing this out right now!!! So far it is working great as it has almost destroyed our economy this means far less CO2 emissions. This is win win win. First the UN gets another country to rule, Greta gets a raise and mostly it takes a little bit more pressure off of China to reduce their massive emissions. Oh... I could add one more win.... It means a lot more Canadians don't have to slog hard jobs out in the freezing cold any more. After all the weather here in Canada sucks!!!  

     Anyway that's another story but back to how to ditch those "loser" friends of yours who have different political opinions. This is not that hard to do and could be something you want to do pronto !!! So where do you begin? Well first just un-friend them on farcebook. Second is block their emails. Third is to stop replying to their texts or phone calls. Now if they point blank you in public you can do what most do these days. Just claim you have been crazy busy. Since everyone these days is in the same boat they will likely take that bait and buy your story.

     Now even though they are obviously stupid, proven by their political choices, they will soon get the message. For back up you can track down all their previous emails they sent you and delete them also. You may want to even use bleach bit... If it was good enough for Hillary then it will be good enough for you!! After all think about what happened in Germany. If you were even close to any Jews you could have also been up the creek getting acid showers with the rest of them. It was far better to just drop them like the plague and move on.
     Now like the Jews the same thing applies here with those opposing your political beliefs. This alone is a good reason to wash your hands of those "idiot" friends as fast as you can. The best thing about the digital world is you don't have to deal with all that ugly face to face emotional stuff. Oh and don't worry they will get the message and if not don't be surprised. After all like I said above anyone who would make the political choices they did has to be a brick or two short of a full load.

Important Note: Don't Burn Your Heart

     Now before you actually do this though I should point out that you might want to think about this first... You see I realized awhile back something rather funny and actually kind of awkward. What dawned on me was the fact that there are some people out there..., and a lot of them I might add..., who are way smarter than me, way healthier than me, way richer than me, way more accomplished than me, way more charitable and generous than me, far more educated than me etc etc etc and yet managed to pick the other side politically!!! I know!!! How weird is that????

     Though strange as this may sound and against the opinions of your favorite news channel it is true. Both sides of the political spectrum have some extremely intelligent and successful people following them. All  who are far superior to me (and most other people) in almost every way. Yet here I am acting as if I am God's political wisdom and knowledge incarnate??? 

     Sorta like there are hundreds of different religions in the world that all say their God is the only God and they have the proof written right in their "bible" or "book" they use. People do the same thing when  they say they saw the proof plain and simple on their news station. Yet two different stations have two different views or proofs... both supported by the "facts"....????   
     Yes not everyone who voted either for or against Trump is stupid. It just doesn't make sense. There are a lot of smart people on both sides that are hugely superior to me in every way yet made a different choice than me. After stewing for so long about how could someone so smart be so stupid I realized that in the US (the only place politics really matter) very few people pick a president. No... they actually pick a news station! Once they do it does not take long before they personally take on the narrative that station is pumping out with a vengeance!
     So I then decided to watch both CNN and The Fox for awhile. Eventually by switching back and forth I noticed what they were doing. They each take short video clips out of context and stir them into the narrative that suits them. These guys have gotten extremely good at this. They also dramatize "their" choice to either scare the hell out of you as in CNN or give you total hope as in the Fox. This is TV at it's finest as it draws in viewers on both sides big time. People who desperately want to see how their side is doing as they actually think (or better said...... have been convinced) their life depends on it.
     Most people forget that viewers are ratings and ratings are money. It also divides the country and if you have ever read more than one book in your life you have heard the quote "divide and conquer". This is where the money is whether it is media or war. But that's also another story.
     Now I am not sure if the goal is just to divide and conquer so much as it is divide and sky rocket ratings. After all like I said ratings are profit. Though if it was divide and conquer then who is really doing the dividing and what do they want to conquer? Well apparently Trump seems to think he has an idea. At least that's what Fox said. CNN of course thinks he is crazy.  


     So what I did before jumping to any more conclusions and ditching any friends is made a commitment to no longer watch any news video "clips" on either channel. Instead if I want to make a judgement on anyone one or any party in any country I watch the whole speech or video of the person I am passing my holy and sacred judgement on. I actually study what that leader/politician actually said unfiltered by any news station.
     This turned out to be a little surprising and yet shouldn't have as that is what I do here at the ARC year after year. I watch prospective tenants to see how they react to certain things, what they say (if and when they even get a chance) and their physiology as that tells more me more about them than anything.

     Now I am not bragging but I have a ten year one hundred percent rent collection record in an 79 unit artist live work building. Which I might add is full of starving artists. This is pretty rare especially here in Vancouver with it's crazy high rental market!. Even more so when you consider the turn over here is supposed to be over two units a month. That's a lot of tenants. When I first took over it was anywhere from four to eight tenants a month!!!

OK... I admit....

     Now I have to be honest I did end up picking Fox and here's why. First I noticed that CNN was all about fear. "If we don't get this president out and fast we are all going to die of nuclear war, global warming and racism". My hopes for the future were sad at best.

     With The Fox I quickly noticed it was all about "a bright new future. Increased jobs, more blacks working, no racism no globalism, the demise of political corruption and national diversity maintained". This gave me huge hope for a new and exciting future.. delusional or not. 

     I kept hearing Trump was such a racist but after seeing him give so many long winded, heart felt speeches and hugs at all these black rallies I started to wonder what the hell??? Especially when his physiology seemed to match his actions.... something that is really hard to fake. Also as irritating as the guy can be at times he can't be paying all those people???..... That was definitely not what CNN was telling me though. 

     The best part for me was for the first time in almost decades my dream of moving to the US seems possible again. Something I gave up on after the 911 controlled demolition of the Trade Towers. I knew at that point corruption had won in the US.
     Oh and just to note I say "controlled demolitions" for a few reasons. First there is not a serious scientist in the world today that does not agree that all three buildings that went down that day were controlled demolitions.

     Second is if you believe nine amateur Cessna pilots could out fox the worlds most highly advanced military and airline industry for 45 minutes you definitely need to hone up on your "math".

     Third, I  attended a talk just under two years before 911 happened. It was at some huge downtown venue here in Vancouver that escapes my memory. There were 1500 well dressed people there and one slob. (hey like I said before...., money was tight) The speaker was talking about banking and exposing their corruption. It was a fascinating long winded talk.

     Near the end of this expose on banking he talked about how the US government was going to pull off a "self attack" or "false flag" as they are sometimes called within two years or less. This was so that they could get an excuse to go to war with Iraq for selling oil without using the petro dollar. Now at the time I thought the guy was nuts even though his banking talk did make sense. Then about eight months later I heard they threw the guy in jail. Well that immediately sparked my intense interest as the government never throws crazy people in jail!!! They only throw threats and competition in jail. Sure enough about twenty months (just under two years) after that talk we had 911 exactly like he said!!! 

     This self hit job was corruption at it's finest. The facts against the governments narrative is so far beyond mind boggling it is unreal. In fact it is so scary that most just don't "want" to believe it and thus in a state of fear just brush it off as a conspiracy theory. After all who could or would even want to imagine that their own government could do such a thing... because being human they would never do anything like that themselves.

     This is not even counting the thousands of American lives they "spent" getting "revenge" on the country they framed!!!

     Now just to note I don't hold any grudges towards people who have chosen CNN and the fear that they put out. After all fear is a far better motivator for most than optimism is. I just like to favor on the side of optimism and giving people the benefit of the doubt.
     Anyway all this side tracking aside. Next time you are thinking of disowning your... "politically incorrect" friends you may want to remember what I said about there being people out there hugely better than ourselves in every way that picked the other side. These people are obviously nobody's fool but just had different opinions. One's, I might add that were more about their news station's choice than the actual political party itself. And yes they were brainwashed by their news station but hey everyone who has a "news station" has been brainwashed. 

     Now I know Fox actually says and "proves" that anyone supporting CNN must be a total idiot. At the same time though CNN says and "proves" the same thing about Fox supporters. So who do you believe.... well that takes us back to the 500 religions in the world.

Short Side Note:

     An added note to all those out there who actually think they are smarter than everyone else in the world. Scientists have pretty well proven now that the smarter people think they are the more likely they are to be of a far lower IQ. Apparently truly smart people often doubt their own "smartness" mostly because the more you know the more you realize how little you really know!!! The world is a place full of infinite possibilities and realities to learn about.

     Oh and to those that were not aware the super intelligent people in the world that could care less about mankind make huge money figuring out how to keep your brain stuck on the nightly news or farcebook, or nit twitter etc. If you have ever wondered where the last two hours of your life went after doing a quick check on farcebook you now know why. If you think you can resist their handiwork then good luck!!!!

     Now sure, if you graduated with honors, can speak three languages, have a few Nobel Peace prizes to your name and your main hobby is algebra and quantum physics then yes you might have a chance to unhook but few do. A lot talk about it and even threaten their uninterested friends that they are going to close their FB accounts but rarely ever do. The reason for this is mostly due to FOMO... "fear of missing out". The other part is due to the handiwork of those super intelligent people in marketing and mind control.

     At the same time apparently younger generations who are  far more tuned into reality are ditching farcebook in record numbers. 

Summary.... forgive your friends for being so stupid. They couldn't help it. They just got onto the wrong news channel and before long were brainwashed with that station's version of the plain and simple "facts"