Should We Gas Chamber Anti Vaxxers

by roy mackey

April, 2, 2021

    OK this idea is maybe a little bit premature but here is a tidbit for you...

     After world war two was lost by Germany the winning countries were all scrambling for the spoils... Not the gold, silver art and antiques but the countries top scientists. In fact it has been recorded that at one point some politicians were gleefully asking a group of these German scientists how they got normal intelligent Germans to do such atrocious things to other human beings as if it was just another day on the job. Their reply was "simple... Just scare the hell out right of them. After that they will do anything you tell them to...." Has anyone out there noticed that a lot of people are acting like someone... "scared the hell right out of them" lately?

     Anyone out there ever heard of the term "red flag"?

     Now if I have ever seen a time when people are scared as hell it is now. Hell I even know people who have disowned their own family members over this virus. Some have dumped their life long friends, other have lost their jobs or fired employees because of different beliefs. Parents are abusing their children by forcing them to wear restrictive masks all day and to avoid their friends. The ultimate form of child abuse ever. These immature, irresponsible and terrified people have gotten out of control.   

     The worst part about all this is they are doing this and acting totally terrified because of a virus that is almost impossible to die from, at least statistically. So what the hell is going on? Especially when you consider that they want everyone to get an extremely experimental vaccine that does nothing more than maybe lesson your symptoms if you do get it. One that was also rushed into production at "warp speed". So was legislation that says if you die from it you can't sue the maker. To make matters even more mind bending is after the shot you still have to mask up and social distance?

     Like do I smell stupid? Where is the scientific logic behind all this outside of CNN. Especially when you add in the fact that the annual death rate at least in North America has not changed over the last three years other than the normal increase due to the annual increase in the population. This makes it look like covid is actually the cure for all other causes of death!!!!  

     Why is it that mainstream media and social media are censoring scientists that have a radically different outlook on this? That is not normal in a free country. Why are we listening to Dr. Bill Gates for anything other than computer advice? Why are people no longer allowed to have a different opinion? Why did all the mom and pop stores have to shut down but Wally's China Mart, Holocostco, hopeless depot etc were allowed to stay open. Why did more of the middle class join the poor rather than the rich. Why did the rich get so much richer? Something is going on here and you would have to be stoned blind to not see it. Either that or terrified right out of your skin.

Thus This Leads To Gas-Chambering Anti-Vaxxers.

     Peoples state of survival terror right now would mean that if they did start doing this.... Just like in 1940's Germany..., no one would stand up and protest. In fact I have seen some so terrified that I am sure they would actually revel in the idea. Finally getting rid of all those "granny killers". All while wetting their pants when watching CNN's nightly... uh...  "programming".

    If there is one thing history can tell us is that the most dangerous animal on planet earth is a human being that is terrified of something they don't understand. Right now there are a ton of people that are terrified of some virus they don't understand. These people are scary people and if you are not scared of them you should be. After all it doesn't matter if they were your own family or best life long friend. Their fear will make them ditch you faster than it takes to flush a toilet.

     Now if you are one of them yet don't want to go down in history like all the creepy Jew killin Germans did then you need to just go online fast...... while you still can..., and read all you can about this virus. Of course you have to find sources that are outside the approval of the mainstream media you normally watch. I know this will be hard because you have grown to depend on them but if you can you will be wildly surprised and hugely relieved.!!!

     You see there is virtually nothing to be afraid of. You had just been tranced into a state of total fear. There are a ton of extremely legitimate and famous scientists out there that will tell you that same thing. This is not me talking here. 

There Are Two Camps Forming

     You see there are two camps forming on the earth right now. One is the terrified camp. The other is the happy camp. You are going to have to make the choice at one point but you should know that if you keep buying the terrified camp you will be doing exactly what the majority of the Germans did. Regrets that large can never be washed away no matter how much soap you use. They will also haunt and guilt you and your offspring and their families for generations to come. Ask any older Germans how long it took that dark creepy stigma to fade. We are talking life times here. All which will be resting on your terrified shoulders!!!

     Now you have to remember that the media has been trying to scare the hell right out of you for ages now. Do you remember the coming ice age they were harping about in the seventies. That scared the hell out of me as I hated winter, then it switched over to the ozone layer.... Google sometime about the guy who invented the new a/c coolant one year before the ozone scare got started. He couldn't figure out how he was going to sell that new coolant.... Strange timing but "Viola!!!"..... Then there was global warming... Until they realized it was actually getting colder so they switched the marketing to climate change... Japan was going to rule the world was another one. Aids and swine flue were also going to kill us all. Now they are even building up the asteroid gig and apparently are already laying out the ground work on the alien invasion one next.

     So yes you can buy into the mainstream fear camp and live in darkness. That's your choice. A better option is to buy into the bright side and focus on all the good in life. This pandemic was a crime against humanity. Now I know people died from it. Of course they did!!!! People die every year from the regular flue and a lot of them. I have read 60k a year in the US alone. Yet we have never shut down the country because of it and we only isolated the grannies and those with weakened immune systems. The rest went on with their life and took the chance.

     You have to remember people die in life. Some die from simply choking on food, or falling down stairs, or from cancer, the bus takes out a quite a few, hell even lightning grabs some. Yes life will kill you eventually and you won't know when but don't let your fear of dying rob you of the life you are living.

     It is time to shut off your news. If you do you will notice you are no longer running around like a scared confused rabbit all the time. Then join the excited crowd out there who are having a ball and loving every second of it.

     If you are too scared to do that then put on a mask and isolate yourself in a house up in Alaska but please leave the rest of us..., including your kids.., alone to get on with our lives as we see fit. After all we don't have the same programmed fear that you do.