The Smart Phone.... vs  Gym Trainers....

by roy mackey


Bob!!! Quick check this out. Apparently there is a UFO flying in the sky tonight. I saw it on facebook...

     The smart phone.... Whada great idea!!! By making it so "smart" it is able to give my brain a break. I don't have to think so much about simple things any more. Even better will be self driving cars as I will be able to think even less!!! Smart appliances like fridges are also good because I will no longer have to think about when I need food or have to feed the cat. This is great unless you realize that any time you don't use any part of the body the body lets that part of itself get weaker.
     Can you imagine getting a gym trainer to do your work out for you? This would be incredible as it would give you more time to focus on what you really want instead of having to sweat it out in the gym. Most, and I do say most, people would think this would be totally crazy. After all if you don't use it you lose it. So how would the brain be any different? In fact it isn't.... Science has proven that the brain is the same, the more you use it the bigger it gets. It wires up new circuits to handle new processes that you have embraced or have studied. This also in part explains the old theory that if you need something done give it to someone busy.

     I personally think things like driving are really important. Only because they involve thinking, fast decisions, and physical action and coordination. Writing by pen in cursive is also a good one as you have to think and move your hand at the same time in a precise manner. If you can chew gum at the same time it is even better!!! 
     Now though, instead of building bigger brains, we are actually getting our brains sucked out by the machine we carry in our pocket. It takes over tasks our brain used to have to do. Things like remembering the shopping list as we drive to the store. The more we depend on external sources looking after these tasks the less we use our brains. Because this is a slow process most of us never know or even notice that it is happening. Then if you are like most people and frequent farcebook you spend an hour a day training your brain to only focus for very short blips on any one thing. This gives us the feeling that we are getting smarter but wipes out our ability to focus and concentrate on anything for longer than a few seconds. Something that is required to actually make us smarter. Apparently science has already determined that the average human now has less concentration than most goldfish do. They figured that facebook is what has lowered this scale through mentally training the brain over time to focus only for a few small seconds at a time. Chickens and sheep have had this problem for a long time. Simple lack of focus. 
     If you look around and not just in the mirror you can see this being the case. Endless examples... Especially on farcebook that show stupidity at it's finest. The ability for people to conclude a real opinion on their own has faded. Thanks in part to every one just sharing an opinion that someone else has posted.  
     Now I am not convinced that phones and smart appliances have to make you dumb and dumber. If instead of thinking about menial tasks you started studying a new language or some other brain challenging task like the futility of studying politics then maybe the brain damage would not be bad. But most people buying "smart" things don't seem to be doing that from what I have noticed.
     It is all about using the brain in order to make it stronger. Studying politics on farcebook is not using the brain. It is just quickly bouncing from opinion to opinion and eroding your ability to focus. Lets face it thinking hurts and given the choice most humans would just as soon avoid it. Not much different with working out.
     I read something somewhere once about people do crossword puzzles keep their mental clarity right up until the day they die. That seemingly small amount of mental energy keeps the brain sparking on all wires. This is because it forces the brain to actually think. This sure beats trying to remember why you came to the bathroom.
     So sure you can make your eyephone smarter as you teach it everything you are soon going to forget but is it wise? I say who cares!!! You see I read science has proven that the dumber people get the smarter they think they are!!! So what's the big deal? You might be dumber but you will think you are smarter and that's all that matters. At least as far as feeling confident and happy etc goes.
My New Work Out Company

     Oh and just to let you all know I have started a new company where I do your work outs for you. All for a starting price of 75 dollars a month for the basic plan. Of course there are more elaborate plans that you will be able to buy for more extensive workouts. It just depends on the intensity you like in a work out.

     Sure it might cost you a bit but not much when you really consider what your life and time is worth. On top of that you don't have to drive back and forth across town to some gym, buy all the latest and trendy work out gear, pay the gym fees, waste the time sweating on a machine or dealing with sweaty gym jocks infringing on your space. Not to mention you will save all the after workout beers normally needed to recover. This leaves more money in your pocket. I am expecting that this business will start out slowly but over the next couple of years will start making more and more sense to more and more people. I just need to get the mailing lists for people with large data plans for their phones. : )  

The Other Side of the Coin

     Now for anyone out there who has still not bought a smart phone and still has their normal functioning brain you might think this is crazy. Well actually not so...... You see science has also shown that when people meditate regularly on doing hard work outs they actually get an increase in muscle mass. Not quite as much as those who actually work out but still a measurable difference. The world is not what it seems. Turns out you are actually magic!!!! Of course you were never told that in school!!! But lets be honest....  you always were a little suspicious. : )