by roy mackey

August 7, 2019

     Do you ever notice how irritating street beggars can be? Man every time right in the middle contemplating something serious like which bread I want to buy they barge in wanting some stupid change so they can eat.

     To a lot of people street bums are one of the hardships with living in Vancouver as they are always looking for money. In fact it is one of the reasons so many people want to switch to a cashless system. That way they can just say they don't carry change. Just something to give them a little more distance from their fellow men of lesser stature.

     As tough as it is though you may want to reconsider. You see one of the things I learned after having three near death out of body experiences due to severe motor vehicle accidents is that the world ain't what it seems. This is not an uncommon experience as a lot might think. More are coming out of the woodwork with their stories all the time. In fact it is almost getting a little cliche. Most say the same thing or least similar and is that things are not what they appear.

     After my first OOBE (out of body experience) I got obsessed with finding out what the hell is really going on here. Tons of books and years later still don't know for sure but Mr. Elon Musk seems to have confirmed the theme of the conclusions I have came to. That is that the world is just one big virtual reality and that we, as humans, are in the process of creating another level of virtual reality to add to the matrix.

     Strangely this is almost exactly what the mystics have been saying for years. Sheza game down there and none of it is real. Fun but not "real". Of course for everyone who's been out of body you likely already know this.

     Since then I have also had a ton of really cool psychic things happen. So much so that I have forgotten most of them. We all have these but when you are looking you see even more.

     Anyway one day I was walking down a street and some street bum asked for change. I passed and walked around the corner before realizing in a flash of appreciation how great my life was  and yes I could spare some change. I quickly spun around  took two steps back around the corner and the sunofabitch was gone!!! There was no where for him to go! Unless he was Superman or Flash Gordon. Seriously there was no way he could have disappeared that quickly. I had not been drinking nor taking drugs or anything. This didn't really freak me out as I have had a lot of strange things happen to me in life but it did make me think and think seriously.  

     At that point it hit me... Maybe street bums aint all street bums.... Maybe they are testers who drop in to check your compassion level for you. Then record it in some ugly book of records. A book that could come back to haunt your desperate negotiations for a penthouse just above cloud base sixty or eighty years down the road. Whoops... Then what?

     Now if this were true it could also explain why there are so many street bums in Vancouver. Maybe a lot of us here need "checking up on" so to speak... After all most here are pretty wrapped up in the rat race keeping up with the trends or Jones's.

     Of course all of this to the logical mind is nonsense but lets be honest we have all had strange things happen like our friend calling us right after we were just thinking about them etc etc. Who is to say it isn't the case? Now if it wasn't the case then shite over your lifetime you could be out a few hundred dollars give or take. But....., if it was would you not be wishing you had gave that money instead of seeing most of it grabbed up by some greedy thieving branch of the government after you died?

     You see there are times to gamble and times to not. The trick is to weigh out both options, costs etc. If those bums were just "angels" sent down to test you and you did give generously it could be the straw that saves you from seeing orange light at the end of the tunnel instead of white light when you die.

     On top of that here is the funny thing. Most people don't realize how close they actually are to the same position. A lay off, car crash, fire, sickness and viola life can change around very quickly. Don't think so? Just ask any Jewish person who lived in Germany not many years ago or someone who lived in Hiroshima... Everyone is strong in good times..., but when hard times hit those who appear the strongest can quickly turn into the weakest. Especially if they took more than one punch back to back and of course we all know things come in three's....

     I find it is also good to remember I ain't giving them change... They are selling me Karma and humanity. And there is no question the world needs a hell of a lot more humanity. So it might be a good time to quit thinking you are so special and help someone who is really in need.

     Now I agree if you spotted him a fiver he would just run off and buy more booze or whatever his addiction was. But be honest what if ole granny bit the big one and spotted you fifty grand. If you were married you would split it with your wife and then quickly rush off with your five grand and buy what ever things you are addicted to also like Harley parts, good whisky,, more star wars figurines from eBay or whatever.

     So don't fool yourself you and that bum got a lot more in common than you think. In fact this might be why most people are afraid of them so much!!! They might just be reflecting back to us what we are really like. Poor and desperate like they are. 

     Thus if you are a homicidal maniac, politician, lawyer, religious fanatic, used car salesman or Hillary supporter you may want to start giving every chance you get while you are getting those chances!!!!
     I figure every bit of good karma I buy will help take back one of those bricks of good intention I have been paving my road to hell with!!!
     Oh..., by the way... I figger some of them might not be disguised angels checking up on us... They might just be real bums... If you figure out how to tell the difference let me know so I can sava few bucks for hell also.