Pure Luxury In 2 Point 2 Seconds

by roy mackey

February 26, 2020

     Yes driving, so smooth... So comfortable... So quiet you will swear you are dead!!!  After all nothing on the road will beat the new aerodynamic, banana shaped 2020 DC.

     This post is about how to live a life of luxury in 2 point 2 seconds... or maybe a little more. Humans have been chasing luxury now for about as long as we figured out we had ego's. Luxury was proof that we were better than the next guy. The more we had the better we were. This was great for centuries but now it has changed. Luxury is no longer the goal that it once was. Now it has become a "chamber of deprivation".

     It all really started to take off back in the early forties. Centered mostly around cars and kitchen aids. Back the forties most cars could barely take a corner without dragging their door handles on the pavement.  As each newer car came out they were always pushing the limits of luxury. The handling kept getting better. The upholstery also kept getting better. This was pure luxury at it's finest and often considered to be decadent. It was an amazing time. My Dad once told me that when he saw the brand new 1946 Ford two door sedan he said cars could never get any better than this. He said he was sure they had reached the pinnacle of perfection. Well apparently not quite as we all know.

     Today we have the new 2020 DC (DC standing for deprivation chamber). These new cars are so smooth and so quiet that you can barely tell you are even moving down the street. Sensors in the seats detect and then compensate for the effects of g force, sound proofing is impeccable as you can't even hear passing cars, climate control reads your body temperature then makes the cabins interior perfectly match your body. In fact so much so you can barely tell where you "end" and the air around you "begins".

     As far as acceleration numbers? You won't care. The second you close the door all sensory input stops. You will actually swear you are in a deprivation chamber. Stone quiet, stone smooth, pillowy soft seats that make you feel like you are actually floating on air and the perfect temperature. Pure Zen.  

     Now another even better part is the fact you don't even need to drive it yourself. It can handle all your driving for you in smooth flawless comfort. You can even sleep while driving windy mountain roads. In fact the car can even play a recording of your mothers heart beat via speakers and vibrators in the seats. This effect makes you feel you are right back in the womb..., all tucked in... safe and sound. The ultimate in safe space. The hundreds of sensors in the car look after all the things your brain would normally have to do. Things like "does that front tire feel low", or "are my back wheels spinning", or "is that guy up front slowing down", or "what is that ticking noise".

     No the 2020 DC does that all for you. In fact you don't even need to be in the car. It can go where you want to just as easily without you. In reality you could even stay home in the safe comfort of your armor plated palace. Later if you wanted you could download the experience and via a virtual reality device go over all the good parts. Sorta like watching a movie, you could skip over the dull parts and just experience the highlights of the drive. That way you would get to "experience" more in less time. Sort of like when you water down your wine. You can drink more for the same amount of money.

     Another bonus with this is you could experience all the thrills of the drive without the cost of the spills. Like playing poker with no chips in the game. You got nothing to lose!!! You see you can even set the speed the car drove during the trip. Of course the car, using gps and a ton of computer sensors would know the very maximum it could take every corner at so it would be totally safe even if you were in the car. 

But Hereza Nuther Option....

     Now I am in the process of building a 1954 Harley Davidson. It is a bit of a different experience. First off it only has one main "sensor" and that is the idiot whose ass is on the seat with one hand on the speed controller, which is actually a mechanical device with a tendency to stick. It has no heat control at all. That is handled by mother nature. What you get is what you experience. It does not self drive thus you always have to be on your toes. After all with this machine you DO have chips in the game. In fact you have all of your chips in the game. You have no electronic beast protecting your pussy little self. Slack off mentally for a bit is all it takes you will see the "GAME OVER" light at the end of the tunnel.

     It also has no rear suspension other than one spring under your seat thus you are forced to feel the real road beneath you. This is real life in the real world, just pure experience. Real vanilla not artificial, real gold not fools gold. All your senses end up working full on. You actually smell the fresh cut hay fields you are riding by, you notice the temperature drop as you ride through the ravine, or feel the sting of the rain on your face at 75mph or the weight of the air against your chest and even the splash impact of a blow fly as it splatters all over your face at that speed. It is all pure experience that is delicious and cannot be simulated electronically. Even if it could be you would still not have "chips in the game" so would be lacking the delicious sense of importance that you staying focused gives the experience.

     It wasn't that long ago that all of life was like that. You had to keep your self on the ball. After all one slip of the knife and a little cut could infect and kill you. All that gets lost as fear creeps in and desperation for safety rules. This is what the new electronic experience has been doing to humans. Sucking the life right out of us slowly one real raw experience at a time. You see digital is "faux finishes" and outside of the 1980's there is no luxury in faux finishes.

     Now I am guessing sometime soon a car maker will come along that makes a "car simple" not a "simple car". No sensors, no overkill safety features, no super sound proofing or self driving features that lull you into unconsciousness. A car that you live to drive and drives so that you can live. A super dependable car that is built to last and not buried in sur-ta-break sensors and electronicy gizmos. When they do maybe then more people will stop chasing the comfort of faux finish luxury designed to stroke the ego instead of basking in the glory of real life.

The Clothes Dryer.... a poor mans luxury

     Another prime example of this is line dried clothes. Years ago this was the norm. Then along came the clothes dryer, a real luxury. Overnight line dried clothes were a sign of the poor. Well there was only one catch. There is nothing in the real world that can even come close to beating the freshness of line dried clothes. They feel crisp, clean and freshly sterilized by the master sterilizer itself, the sun. Lined dried clothes are ozone fresh and feel incredible and they even stay fresher for longer and make your closet smell fresh and alive. Sort of like what a thunderstorm does to the air.

     These days it is only the rich can now afford the time or location required to have line dried clothes. The problem is most of the rich are too focused on the latest version of brass and glass coffee tables to realize what they are missing.  

     Now sure huge chemical companies tried to duplicate how fresh and clean lined dried clothes feel by adding toxic chemicals to laundry soap and dryer sheets. The trouble is these toxic nightmares just don't cut it or come anywhere near that of line dried clothes. Not to mention since the introduction of them we have cancer rates in north America skyrocketing. Not saying that this is why but something sure seems to relate.

     Then of course there is human interaction. With the beast and our phones there is rarely ever a need for face to face contact any more. This means all you have to deal with is a few words. You miss all the body language so to speak that tells you what the person is really saying. On top of that because most people cannot type that fast they often even say less. This is far from real human communication. In reality phones do more to "disconnect us" than they ever do to "connect us" All red liquid in wine bottles is not fine red wine!

     These days the "hurried" no longer have time for real communication thus life becomes flat and they don't even notice as their car rushes them off to work each day..., all tucked in safe and sound insulated  and protected with air bags and roll over protection to keep you far and way from the scary but delicious "real world".

     Now I do understand that real life is often too harsh for some people and that is fine. Each to his own but a camp fire on the computer screen is not even near a campfire out under a starry night. So if you want to tune into the real luxury that life has to offer you might want to assess what you think real luxury is. Don't just accept what "they" tell you it is. After all those "telling you" are also "selling you". The best part is you might find out that the luxury you are seeing is a lot cheaper and closer than you ever thought. Ego stroking is definitely expensive but is it the pursuit of real luxury? Not really especially if you factor in the effort required to make the money to spend on that ego stroking.

So..., where dahell is real luxury?

     Well it is not that hard to find. If you find yourself really hurried in life it is often because you are  not really being satiated by what you really want to do. You see you can eat all the "faux finishes" you want or stroke your ego all you want but unless you are satiating yourself by doing what you are really craving to do then you are missing out on life. I don't care how many lambo's you own..., unless of course it is a real craving and not just something to prop up your ego and self esteem. Soul searching out what you really want to do in life and then doing it is luxury beyond compare. On top of that you will no longer have to hurry all the time as you will be satiated already. You will also stop worrying that you are missing out on everything. Which is what causes the hurrying in the first place. This will then allow you to slow down and get into the luxurious moment right in front of you.  

     Now most people out there don't realize that what they think they want might not be what they really want. This is the hard one to figure out because you have to get seriously honest when looking at your life. Personally I believe there are more back to the lander artists out there who would rather be lawyers than vise versa. Sounds shocking but life is strange.

Anyway good luck finding your "luxury" and don't be surprised if you find that your "luxury" does not impress many people but satiates you beyond compare.

Just to note that there are more bullshit long winded monologues here on this dweebsite somewhere that talk about finding your "luxury". You have to look around though as I can't bloody remember which one talks about what....