Furk Prepping

by roy mackey


Gimmie Back My Bullets....

     Herez another way to look at prepping and why it is fruitless.......

     A lot of people out there are worried that the economy is going to crash and we are going to head into an apocalyptic nightmare. This idea is totally silly unless of course you are versed in history. If so then yes we are about to head into some kind of chaos no question. Only an un-educated and very optimistic fool would think otherwise. It is though important to remember that there is nothing certain down here. So the big question is, should you really be prepping for this. I say no and here's my theory.
     OK first off I think preppers and back to the lander's are nuts. You see here is how it works. If the economy collapses and we do head into chaos we would all be fucked anyway. Of course not a big deal after all even if it doesn't collapse we are still fucked as we all have expiry dates. Whether it is a "collapse" that gets us or "time" something will and in most cases sooner than most of us want or expect.
     Herez why...... Say you had a stock of food, guns and razors when the apocalypse happens. Well about a week or two into it people around you who are starving would see you being all chipper and healthy thus would figure out you must have stored food. Thus before long in their desperation they would follow you home then come in and kill you for that food.
     Now lets say you stocked up on precious metals. After the apocalypse the only thing the gas stations would take would be precious metals. Thus those watching would know that anyone filling up their car must have precious metals. Sure enough before long one would follow you home and kill you for your precious metals.
Whoa!!! Is that a "sitting duck" I see....

     So you get smart and figure it is time to head to the country and buy a little organic retreat away from everyone. Not a bad plan except for one picky little issue. Half the preppers in the city have guns ammo etc all stocked in their bug out bags ready to go in a flash. The second economy collapses ten thousand of them are going to hop in their Dodge "Ram Tough Chrome plated Plastic" 4x4 trucks and race out to the country to "shop" so to speak for nice little organic farm to hole up in. Bang you are dead again. You "buy the farm" and they are the new owners.
     Now if you were to shoot back they will just retreat. Then with their long range assault rifles will just sit on the nearest hill and wait for you to come out of your house to feed your chickens... Bang you dead again. After all anyone with guns must have something to protect right? You see you have to realize that not all sociopaths are politicians. Some of them had slightly higher IQ's and thus could not get into politics. Thus got forced out into the real world. Most of them never made it but a lot of them live what appear to be normal lives short of them all having wives who walk into cupboard doors all the time.
     Now sure if you are planning to head to Alaska then that could be different. But in most normal places where normal humans live no there aint going to be no running away. Now I admit that the idea of playing real world survivalist might sound and look like fun in the movies but in the real world it ain't so. Even if you do secure a retreat all it takes is a minor infection, bad tooth ache, or some other simple thing and your "softened" city body will crumple like cake tumbling down a steep rocky cliff. I don't care how much "gym puff" your arms have.
     Now even if you are a sociopath and don't mind killing other humans then big deal. You now are the new target on that little plot of organic land! Before long someone with even longer range assault rifles will pick you off and on it goes. Here on earth there is no place where you can put something that someone else can't get to... No matter how tough your "vault" is. Governmental mobs have been trying to do that for eons and before long someone stronger or usually smarter always comes along and takes over.
     Now I admit there are some half crash situations where being a full on prepper could be a godsend but those are slim. People in North America go half nuts over a half price sale at Wally's Mart these days. How do you think their sugar starved bodies are going to fair after two days of no food or pop. Thus an all out crash could easily turn our high tech world into a bumbling mess for decades on end. Especially if socialism keeps getting as popular as it has been lately. Never in the history of mankind has socialism worked other than make a very small collection of super rich and a huge collection of super poor.
     You see our modern system is sorta like a lot of the new cars. Some dumb thing like the gas cap is loose and the whole car shuts down. If we had a huge solar flare tomorrow every computer in the world would shut down... That means everything from water to medicine would be shut down. Never in the history of mankind have things been so interdependent. It's sorta like the space shuttle coming back into earth at seventeen zillion miles an hour. All it takes is one faulty tile and the whole thing vaporizes in a hot flash of smoke. Yes one of the greatest achievements of mankind gone in a flash all because of a couple of rubber seals or loose tiles.
     So what do I suggest? The first thing is to get over the idea of dying. Quit being such a galldam cry baby trying to protect your pussy little self with guns and ammo all the time. After all your "time" like everyone's is coming up faster than you want to know regardless of what you do. It is time to show a little back bone. Be the man, woman or the trans that you are for a dam change! Be the Captain of your ship and show no fear going down with your ship. Real men women and other humans look after their own. "Their Own" as in the people around them. After all most times the weak are smart and smart is valuable. Just as the dumb are strong and strong is valuable. Everyone needs everyone else to some degree so get over it.
     Now what else do I suggest? There are a few things. First off you have to realize that economic tragedies don't happen they are created. This is done by those who run the world... Not the government but those above the government. The "Shadow" government as old Eisenhower called them. They create these most of the time for reasons of control. Hungry and scared people are far easier to control. Thus one of the best things you can do is detach your dependency on government, banks and grocery stores as much as you can.
     The more people in a society that are independent of these three creepy forces the more stability the county has. After all you have to remember the government gives nothing. It steels ten and gives back two. They use the other eight to kill and control people via wars and accumulate massive wealth. After all they are more terrified of dying than most and often go to creepy and desperate measures to grab an extra couple of years of life. A sad waste really but that's their loss. Though they definitely don't consider it a loss. Sociopaths after all truly believe they are the smartest people alive even though science has proved the exact opposite.
     Now you might be confused here as I am kind of saying that you should be prepping. Especially when I say to get independence from government, banks and grocery stores. Well in a sense it is true but not really. You see being independent is pretty well a normal thing for anyone who managed to get through puberty mentally intact. The more independence we get the more motivated we get to leave the nest and the convenience of mom and dad. I have heard people before talk how government is just a replacement for Mom and Dad. At least for a lot of people I know this is the case. After all anything free is never free.... Especially when it comes to parents and government. OK it is true you will get a hell of a lot more free stuff from your parents than you ever will from government.  
     So in truth this is not really prepping. Just as getting car insurance is not considered prepping. Even though it is exactly that. It's just getting prepared in case you do run that red light and kill someone. This is just mature logical action.  
     Thus looking after yourself and your own as in your family and friends etc is just a natural, mature and responsible thing to do. Handing that over to the government to handle means you still need to grow up a little. Going all psycho and building a fifty thousand dollar bomb shelter with enough guns and ammo to take on a small country is prepping.
     Now one other thing I should mention here is that I am not saying there is anything wrong with prepping as in building a bomb shelter etc!!! Hey each to his own. The bit I have looked into it seems like it would be a ton of fun. Especially if you ever saw the movie... "A Blast from the Past!!! " Not to mention after governments eventually wipe out the world we are going to need some seed people to start the games all over again. So everyone has their place and purpose. But for the average human I am not sure I would worry about it.
     Now by growing up and becoming responsible for your family and friends you realize securing the basics is vital. The thing that will really surprise you is that looking after the basics will give you far more satisfaction than your "golden carrot" ever would. We are all chasing this "golden carrot" hoping that if we catch it we will gain some satisfaction in life finally. Well hate to pop your balloon of optimism but it aint going to happen. Why? Well the second you "get" your "golden carrot" you are going to start worrying about losing it. The only thing that will ease that worry is catching another "golden carrot" for back up. This just keeps repeating until you own all the "golden carrots" in the world and then you die.
     The funny thing with covering the basics is that you get so much satisfaction from this that your desire to at least desperately "chase the golden carrot" radically diminishes. (which often leads you to catching that carrot a lot sooner)  You thinking clears up and you start enjoying the moment like never before. This makes life delicious. Most of us get so busy grabbing for more that me miss grabbing and groping what we have!!!  : )
     So what's my worthless advice? Don't make being prepared into another "golden carrot" to chase. Sure get on top of your basics for you and your family but don't let that goal rob you of your day to day life! Take what steps you can to unhook your dependency on the banks, government and grocery stores as much as you can. After all say an earthquake did hit the west coast (as if that will ever happen!) and your water supply stopped working. If the only thing you got done was figuring out an alternative water source for you family you would be set. At least hugely more than if you did not have even that covered.
     Oh and don't forget the day after you have every aspect of your life completely "prepped" and asteroid hits the earth and in about one point six seconds everything on the earths surface for fifty miles each way of your "prepping" is instantly vaporized.....