Do You Have Mob Mentality

by roy mackey

September 9, 2019

Mob Mentality's Mascot

     Governments love mob mentality. It is one of their favorite human traits and how they get perfectly normal healthy people to do absolutely horrific things without even thinking. Apparently that is why they started facebook. With some censoring you can literally "steer the herd" with it. All while staying in the back ground with no one knowing. To me it is one of the most incredible forms of controlling people ever.  
     Anyway I wondered how can one tell in advance if one has mob mentality or if they actually are a independent and clear thinker. I figured it would be good to know in advance before I got sucked into a mob gathering up some where. After all you have to realize good honest upstanding Germans opened gas valves at Germany's concentration camps, killed women and children and then went home to dinner with the wife and kids as if it were just another day at the job.
     So... Are you infected with mob mentality. Well to find out you only have to answer one question.
     Have you ever laughed at some street psycho who was wearing a helmet covered in aluminum foil out of fear of mind control or strange rays etc, and yet... never did actually try one on yourself for awhile?
Yup that's all it takes.
    Don't feel bad I have laughed and made jokes at them also. All in a desperate but unconscious bid to fit in with the "herd"
     Yet just like all the other people I never did try one out for awhile to actually see for myself. Far safer and more socially acceptable to just follow the herd and make jokes.
     Why was I so afraid to try one on? Part of the reason was the fact that I did not really want to know that they could have been right. That would have caved in my perception of the life around me that I have been desperately and unconsciously clinging to. Not only that but if I did the rest of the "herd" might disown me or stop giving me "licks" or "likes" on farcebook.
     Humans do that with a lot of things. They formulate opinions about most stuff without ever spending any time really studying the subject outside of a few different opinions they heard here and there.
     So if you did answer yes to the above question then for sure you can bet your government will be able to count on you to assist them with their next round of atrocities they are likely to attempt. Remember you might think you are tough and special but it's not that simple. If it was why do you think so many very intelligent Germans got caught up in the acts they did. Not just to pick on Germans here as pretty well every country in the history of mankind has done the same. It is what governments do. America of course being the worst. They just never did it on their homeland... Except for 911 of course.

What's the Cure

     Now once you know that you have mob mentality what can you do about it? Well this could be argued extensively but herez my theory.
     First you have to question everything!!! Especially anything the government is planning to do. If you need to get a book that explains logic and what it means. A book on common sense would also be a good one. Be a little careful with "common" though. When I say common sense I mean that it is common sense if you throw a rock up in the air it will likely come back down. Study up on these two subjects and then use these principles to assess the subject you are questioning. In most cases this will be government, big banks and other parasitical gangsters that love deceiving those more trusting than themselves.

     Some examples of common sense. are: Never in the history of mankind has a steel framed tower ever collapsed due to fire other than three, all in one day, owned by the same owner who apparently doubled the insurance on them two weeks before 911. Common sense tells you these were controlled demolitions. Who cares that the worlds top scientists also say this is the case.

     Another one is the fact that a small handful of poorly trained Cessna pilots were able to out fox the worlds greatest most powerful and advanced military in the history of mankind. Not only did they steal three airliners but they had them for 45 minutes before anyone noticed. Once again common sense tells you this was not the case.

     Another is the idea that if you throw a pop can (or airplane wing) fast enough it will cut through two feet of cement and steel. Right.... Common sense tells you impossible and you don't even need science to figure that one out. 
     You see if you don't engage some common sense into your judgements then your government will have a position for you!!! Those that don't will likely go down in history like a lot of good German people did killing women and children first. You will become the plague that no one wants to remember. Sorta like the loser bully in high school or worse the leader who went to war based on lies. Oh and don't buy your answers off of privately owned fake news stations like CNN and other creepy stations. In the past the big news stations had advertisers now they have agendas.

     You will find that the more you practice thinking with the aid of common sense, logic and bit of intuition life gets a lot more fun and easier. Things like burning that grass next to the forest in the heat of summer will become a lot less important. This means you will be able to live out the rest of your life without the burden of being the worlds biggest idiot who destroyed acres of forest, peoples homes, peoples lives etc etc.

     Not only that when your government goes to "pull ugly" again you can sidestep that trap, save your face and go down in history as a hero that rebelled.