Covid The Best Dam Pandemic Ever!!!!!

by roy mackey

March 20, 2021

Covid The Best Dam Pandemic Ever!!!!

     If you don't think Covid has been the best dam pandemic ever then you seriously need to open your eyes and read this post. Because a lack of gratitude for the good in your life is the one thing that will attract more to not be grateful about.

     Seriously folks you have to admit that covid has been the best pandemic we have ever experienced. Usually in a pandemic you have dead bodies everywhere. I have been asking everyone I can for almost a year now if they personally know anyone who died from this.... No one... and I meet a ton of people. Ok two people told me they lost or knew someone who had lost their grand parents! How great is that? No... Not that they lost their grandparents but that only two people told me they had that happen!

     Now recently I did have one person tell me they knew tons of people who had died. I guess he was lucky but he did appear to be one of those terrified "three maskers". Not only that he never mentioned any details or seemed all that emotional about the losses either.

     Now I am not the only one who was asking people, a ton of the people I asked said they had been doing the same and were having the same results. I even had a taxi driver ask me here in Vancouver. He then told me that he has also been asking people for the last almost year. He found 50% more than I had... Three to my two and those also lost grandparents. I am guessing he bumped into more people to ask than I did.

     Now if you lost someone yes that sucks big time. Though life has a tendency to be like that. Live long enough and eventually everyone you ever knew or grew up with is dead... At 89 my Mom just told me that. She is the last survivor from her tribe short of her offspring. Everyone she has known in the past is gone.

It Gets Better!!!

     Now another very cool thing about this pandemic is the fact that it has prevented deaths from almost all other causes. This is why the death rate in Canada and the US has not changed in the last three years other than the normal increase due to annual increase in population. That alone is a miracle! Now I have sourced that data numerous times over the last year from very reputable sources. Of course lately information on the net seems to be strangely changing or disappearing a lot. But that is another story.

     I think people need to show a little more gratitude towards covid. Even if you did lose someone. After all most real pandemics can take out your whole family and then some. If you had to chose between losing a grandparent or your whole family... An ugly choice but still fairly easy.

Yes There Is More!!!

     Now even though the shut downs were far more devastating than the pandemic ever was even they were a good thing. It gave everyone time to slow down, shut up and just think. I know a ton of people who did that. It made them assess their lives and what they really wanted in life. It also gave them time to ask questions and start to notice what was really going on around them. All this without the pain of losing half their family and friends!!! Pandemics are normally not this pretty. Even the CDC declared that it was only about 6% of those who died from covid actually died because of the disease alone. In the US that takes the 400k down to 24k.... Half of what the normal flue takes out each year every year.

The Best Part Of All

     Now if the shut down would have been just a holiday everyone would have been heading off all over the world, out to dinner or down to the Harley shop to get shots to post on facebook. It would have been the same old rat race.

     Of course with the shut downs you could not shop most places, you could not travel, you could only drink alone, there was no partying, zero social obligations, no going out for dinner shots....nothing.... Just pure sit at home think time. This was the break that so many needed but did not realize it. It was a time for them to recharge their lives and directions. After all had this been a real pandemic it would have been tragic with half the people they knew dead and gone.

     Thus it turned out that the shut down was also one of the reasons so many people woke to things like how fake the news is, how crooked most politicians were with their endless lies, how much they really hated their dead end job, how out of shape they had become etc etc. Sure it was somewhat depressing in a sense but unless you can see your problem you can never fix it.

     Here at the building I manage I saw a lot of people get recharged and refocused on their dreams and the life they wanted. One that the rat race had swiped from them.

     So needless to say I personally think the shut downs were the best things ever. Not because it had any affect on the virus because unless the overall death toll had changed then we were all running from nothing. But!!! The shut down gave people a chance for some clarity and we all know how hard spare time is to find these days. I even got some time to slow down and think for a change. Something I am definitely not used to. I almost feel like I could even try growing up for a change. OK maybe not but I did think about it. Besides all my therapists, astrologers, tarot readers seem to think growing up is not in my stars.

     Now sure some may not have done any self searching but they will the second the government hand outs end and they have to go back to their lousy old job. She will be "Monday Morning" times ten big time then!!!!

Yes There Were Some Downsides

     As usual though not all that happened was good. For example clowns like Bozo got extremely rich off the backs of those forced to support him via scamazombie. Yes that was a crime forcing people to avoid small local businesses leaving them stuck with Big Box China (BBC) and scamazombie. That though is soon about to change in a huge way. In fact already has. Droves of people have connected with reality again and want to spend their money in ways that helps people they know. I can't believe how many people I hear of who have boycotted buying Made in China via Bozo and scamazombie not to mention BBC stores. "Wherez it Made" checking is very quickly becoming the newest trend!!! This is called conscientious spending. People are now willing to pay more just to support their communities for a change. Either that or do without.

Back To The Bright Side

     This shut down got people back to basics and what they really want. Too many people have been gulping back one chocolate cake after the other and never feeling satiated. This is because they didn't want cake..... they wanted pizza. As they move more towards the things they are really craving all the other crap becomes meaningless.

     I actually have a post coming up on what I experienced when quitting the BBC and Imazombie. Man was that ever delicious!!!!   Sure the "bozo tan" on my nose has faded but that was a small price to pay for the satisfaction and deliciousness of getting real. Strangely the "doing without" part has been the most fun!!!  

     So yes it will always be a sad thing for those that lost loved ones but for most of us covid was a pure blessing in disguise. And if we play our cards right it will turn out to be the blessing that transformed the world to a new place. Not the "new normal" bullshit that the fake media is pushing to keep people terrified either.

     No a new place mentally where people start slowing down and working more towards living their dreams instead of building Bozo's dream. As they do that their communities will benefit greatly. Their own lives will become extremely delicious. They will no longer be sucked into a hurrying frenzy just to work shop buy and die doing what they never wanted...... to buy things they never needed...... to impress people they never liked...... Yes there are some good times coming soon and all because of the shut downs!!!!

     Some say these shut downs were intended to "kill" the middle class. The proof of that is pretty obvious but the truth is that plan is going to back fire big time.. You see the shut down has transformed the middle class into real human beings again. Ones that are more concerned about their communities than the savings they are getting at all the Big Box China Outlets.

     Oh and if not... oh well.... We never paid for life so pretty hard to complain!!!