Why You Shouldn't Shit Your Pants.....

by roy mackey

April 16, 2021

     Seriously it is not pretty... not that I know personally but I have seen someone here in Vancouver that had. In fact I am guessing about six times over the last few days and he never had access to a shower. When I said you could smell him coming I mean you could smell him coming.

     In fact as a side note if ever thought your life was tough having to run last years eye phone... baby you ain't seen nothing yet.... Because seriously check out downtown Vancouver for a while. If you spend enough time there with your eyes and heart open you will walk away hugging your life like you never have.

     Anyway back to shitting your pants. It's an ugly thing. We were never supposed to do that, except of course when we first got our bio suit and were still figuring out the controls. After that though most never have issues with it. OK it does rear it's ugly head again on occasion when the bio suit wears out. Depending on the model you got and how well you looked after it. Generally though once you get it down you are good to go. 

     Here is the thing though. You see there is something else that is almost as bad as shitting your pants and that is blowing steam at someone. It rates up there on the vibrational scale right near where "shitting your pants" does.

     Of course I am not saying you shouldn't disagree with someone as that is perfectly normal. Blowing steam at them is where the "pants shitting" comes in. Now sure the guy may have deserved the finger but who knows maybe he just bought his drivers license. Worse maybe he just got a text which made him drop his beer and hamburger and that's why he cut you off. Even worse yet maybe he had is pregnant girlfriend in the back seat dropping another bio-bot. There could be a hundred reasons for his stupidity. None of which you know about.  

     Now sure... he might just hate that virtue signalling pretentious Prepuss you are driving and was just out to get you. Hell who knows for sure. But you getting mad and blowing steam back at him is dumb and I will tell you why.

     When someone blows steam and starts yelling and screaming at someone they are about as fun to be around as someone who shit their pants. I have been around both and there's virtually no difference. Now if they do that directed towards you and you do it back that is like you shitting your pants right back at them just because they shit their pants at you.

     Now seriously this don't make a lot of sense to me. Better to just let them shit their pants and quietly get out of their range as quick as possible. Sure they stunk up your environment for a bit and I know it would feel good to stink up theirs back but unless you missed math in school the shit kicking you would be giving is not near worth the shit kicking you would be taking.

     Sure if your shit stinks bad enough you might get them back some but it can take hours or days to get that "shit-smell" off your energy. You will end up going to bed with the "shitting you shared" bouncing around in your head. Which of course is your most personal and sacred place you own. Not sure about you but I am pretty sure if I am taking anyone to bed with me it ain't going to be a pant shitter.

     Hey you might like that fantasy and each to his own. But if you do the math and think about it you will realize how stupid this is.
Attention Getters

     You see the guy I bumped into that had actually shit his pants six times was seriously looking for attention. Actually he was desperately begging for it. We humans crave it more than anything and most will do some of the craziest dumb-assed things to get that attention.. If you bump into one of them here's my advice in case you did fail math in grade school.... Walk away. Let them vent, steam, grunt and fart all they want. Just don't try to "touch them back" move along your path as quickly as you can giving as little attention to them as you can. Even if it means saying "Hey Dude sorry for cutting you off" in a bright cheery voice and keep going.

Redneck Foolz

     Being a redneck country fool that don't pay much attention to signs here in the city I seem to bump into a lot of "pant shitters" I like to just smile and give them a big friendly wave like we were old time friends. This of course makes them shit their pants even more but that of course is their choice. At least when I get home I don't have the mess to clean up like they do. Hell a quick hand wash at most is all I need to be fine.

     Believe me this sure beats the other option. The truth is if you get good at it a block later you will be fine the "smell" will have already worn off. Put on your favorite driving tunes. Think of your partner at home whipping up your nightly mac and cheese dinner ration or whatever. It will sure beat the clean up you would have to do otherwise.

     Now some people get a lot of satisfaction out of "shitting their pants" at other people. If this is you then you might want to consider why. Often it is a case of ones life being in a state of total desperation. When one is in these states, anger, which is higher up on the vibrational scale compared to desperation, feels good for them. So when they go there it becomes relief. At least until they end up falling back down into despair again. After being in despair for long enough then they eventually find another reason to "shit their pants" again. Which of course gets them back up into anger and feeling slightly better. That though is a vicious cycle that leads to no where.

Pant Shitter Sex

     The worst part about all this is because they find it feels so good it can turn into "sex" for them. So whenever you are barking back at some angry idiot you might just be "getting them off" at least mentally.  Again each to his own but personally I'd just as soon move along and quickly. 

     So remember next time you want to do a "bowel bark" at someone or back at someone you might want to think twice.

     Some old book once had this quote "let he who has not stoned be the first to get stoned..." or something like that anyway. There was another old quote "never judge another mans actions until you have slept with his wife... or maybe it was shoes...." might not have gotten that one quite right either but you get the point which is you never know all the reasons people do what they do. When you react to their actions you only make yourself look stupid no matter how smart you think you are.

     Oh and don't forget scientists have now proved that smarter people think they are the lower their IQ often is.