Clueless Rebel

Don't Get Attached To Your Meat Sack....

by roy mackey

April 7, 2020

The Two Most Common Meat Sack Models

     Yes the ole meat sack. A fun machine a lot of the time and a pain in the ass other times. Most of them don't last forever and if you are lucky they die quick when they do start to wear out. Otherwise the repairs and patch ups can literally kill your estate. Not that you will hear any doctors complaining on your behalf as they milk your account via pricy bottles of "placebo" pills and ritualistic operations. If you have kids though then those greedy little buggers will be upset.

     Generally though it is true, the ole meat sack is a fun machine and the best part is we got it for free! Which I might add even included mileage, something you will never get down at the car rental joint. If you got a bum model then don't worry about it after all as much as a pain that can be you will be getting a new one sooner than you can imagine. In a case like that the best thing you can do is milk what use you can out of the one you have while you still have it. Because even the bum ones can feed you back some pretty cool experiences that can expand your knowledge of the world/game down here. The advantage is these experiences are not ones that the "herd" might be experiencing but still valuable stuff.
     Now I do realize your meat sack might really suck but unless you are going to do something stupid and hugely ungrateful like shoot the dam thing then you best get over it. What the hell you might as well accept the beater and get on with your life. Besides if you are willing there are a ton of things now available online (with enough digging and persistence) that can solve almost every meat sacks problem. You just have to make it a challenge and not give up after the fiftieth failure like most do!

     Oh and don't expect your doctor to help you. They are mostly drug salesmen for big pharma. North American medicine is one of the biggest crimes of humanity..., and yes you don't need to tell me they saved your life or the life on someone you loved once. They do that every so often so they can get away with their criminal actions. I know as they saved my life three times now and believe me I am grateful. Not because I was afraid of dying, hell I can't wait as I have been their three times now. My gratitude was because I still got shit I want to get done and learn while I am still here.

     I have read that reactions to pharmicuitical drugs is the number four killer in the US. They don't market that point much and some believe the number is hugely higher due to the line "died of complications" Which means the extremely complex chemistry in your body was disrupted by the ingesting of some red neck cowboys government approved snake oil combination of chemicals.

     Now you might heavily disagree here because you had a loved one's body brought back from total breakdown. That makes sense but as far as healthy the US rates 35th on the world list and yet probably spends more on medical stuff than the rest combined! Trillions get pumped into medical research etc and all they get is to 35th??? That is so bad it is embarrassing. Now unless you are a little short on logic you should be totally outraged.   

     Another side note here that I have always found fascinating. For about thirty years now I have been asking people to quickly name three diseases that doctors have cured in the last 20 years. They all fire off blank stares before desperately turning to antibiotics... Invented lifetimes ago. How could this be? Trillions spent every year and no cure for anything? OK I know there are treatments for everything as in pills you can take for the rest of your life but cures... Nope nada thing.... Pretty well the only field in the world that has not made one ounce of progress...., other than a ton of new super high tech machines and expensive drug treatments designed to deal with symptoms.

     Now if you turn to God... I mean Google... You can find endless stories of people curing all sorts of things from diabetes to cancer. Sure some of them are lying... Especially the ones selling something but that many all can't be lying!!! 

     Anyway moving on here, one of the biggest problems on earth is people get too attached to their meat sacks. Sure they are fun and have a lot of cool features but they don't last forever and thank god for that as most people don't want to be working down at the head orfice forever anyway. If the meat sack we get stuck in did not wear out then we would never leave that miserable job. The nice thing about ditching your body is you also ditch that miserably boring life you built around it.  

     Now a lot of people are afraid of changing bodies but that's only because they been taught to. You see the world, universe or whatever is a really strange place. Everything alive here in order to stay alive has to eat something else that is or at least was alive. A nifty little recycling system designed to clean up the mess left behind. When a living body gets worn down or old something pounces on it and starts eating. It could be either a lion or a virus. This keeps everything fresh and new. Too bad cars were not part of that same system.

     Now apparently in among all this cannibalistic craziness are some... uh... Beings that feed off fear.... Or at least the energy it gives off. So everything has it's place. If you are afraid then your fear is feeding something. Politicians and the media are apparently just the farmers for those beings. That's why most of what they do leads to fear, lack, destruction pain dependency and suffering. They are just trying to grow fear to feed their fellow beings hidden in the veils of darkness just outa sight but right in front of you. At least that's someone's theory I read once which I might add makes more sense than anything.

     A lot of people think this is crazy and I might agree but if you want to know what really crazy is I will tell you. Us humans are all stuck to the side of this big round rock that is flying through absolutely nothing at break neck speeds. The big of space is so big that most minds can't even come near grasping the size of it. Or how about this... Two different models of meat sacks rub up against each other for a bit and next thing you know a third meat sack pops into the picture. Now that is really weird! So if you stop, look around and think about it for a moment the world is one weird fucking place! And thank God for that after all none of us came here to live in "Trumanville" We came for fun, adventure and challenge and if you were a politician then you came to kill someone, or at least get someone to kill someone.

     Of course one of the biggest reasons that you don't like your body is because you were told over and over that it was not good enough. This was so that some other "meat sack" could sell you something to fix your supposed "problem" If you were not dissatisfied with your body you and your money would just move on. Thus that "salesman" would not be able to get his next meal or car off of your bank account. I am serious here when I say this too. You see I talked to your partner one time and that nose of yours that you hate..., they absolutely adore it but have been too shy to tell you. Especially since they know you are self conscious about it!!!  So just remember anytime someone is telling you about your "problem" they are likely trying to sell you something.

     One other thing here. Your body is so mind bendingly complex it is unreal. Even the defective models. The only people who think they have this machine figured out are scientists, doctors and other ego maniacs. Ten years from now what science will know about the body will make what they know now look like something primitive similar to witchcraft, voodoo and network marketing etc. Of course no one really wants you to know how amazing it and you really are. There is a good reason for that. You see self conscious and insecure people are far easier to control. After all the last thing your friends, government and the powers that be need is someone who is hard to control. People who are afraid of life most often desperately try to control it.
     Now there is one really important thing to remember here. When I say don't get too attached to your meat sack I definitely don't mean you should say fuck-it and drink the dam thing to death!!! That would be absolutely the most ungrateful thing you could ever do!!! Especially if you were younger as I know a shite load of old fogies that would give their left nut for a body like yours!!! So quit your whining for fuck sakes. No not getting too attached is just that. Don't cling to it desperately but don't use that as a reason to abuse it. Your body is a super cool, extremely sophisticated machine that enables you to play in the game down here. Even better is you got it for free!!! You can't play unless you have one. Thus it is very wise to look after the dam thing as best you can.

     Hell I seriously can't wait to die. I have been dead and out of body three times due to severe accidents. From my experience it seriously is the funnest thing you will ever do in life!!! That said when you see life as a game then why the hell would you want to leave before you have to? That would be like going to Disneyland and leaving at noon just to beat the crowds at closing time???

     I spend a lot of money on my body in the form of vitamins, special coffee's and other snake oil cures to make it run as good as it can. Most of what I buy does fuck all but every so often I try something that makes a huge difference in how good I feel. In fact my specially designed "surtakillya" coffee alone costs me about four hundred a month but man talk about giving me lasting energy. Yes a lot more than McD's but ten times the value in added energy, increased productivity and a feeling of well being.

     Of course I never take advice from doctors as that is too irresponsible and risky. Nor do I take advice from some huckster on the beast. If I see someone selling some magical potion then I will try it after I have read a bunch of reviews and references to it working from what at least appear to be real people. After all, the smoother my body is running the better I am able to enjoy the "game" down here.

     So what is the summary here? Well first off never trust McDonalds for nutrition, banks for financial advice, politicians for truth, doctors for health, schools for learning or bars for happiness. Quit whining about your galldam body like an ungrateful crybaby. Start taking things a lot lighter. If your "story" is about whining all the time then it is time you became a country singer. At least you will make some money with your "sad songs of struggle and regrettable sin" I could tell you that "you" are not your body but you honestly already know that. You have known that since you were young. It is something you feel. That "you" inside this body. That magical sense of self that never seems to change. Hell I feel as young now as I did forty years ago. Sure my body might hurt a little more here and there but I am still the immature, irresponsible, self centered idiot I have always been even though the body has changed lots.

     Honest gratitude for your body with do more for it's health than any other thing.... If you don't quite have a grip on gratitude then read my post on it here....  To Hell With Gratitude....

     In the meantime show your meat sack a little gratitude for fucksakes. Try playing around with your "maintenance" program and you might just be surprised how dam good the thing can make you feel.