For The Love of Money

by roy mackey

July 30, 2019

     Do you remember Scrooge McDuck of Disney fame? He had a lot of money and in fact used to swim around in his money vault. He even had a diving board in that vault. It was like a swimming pool filled with money. You see there are no secrets in the universe... Often though secrets are hidden right there in front of us... so close we can't see them. Even as small kids we were shown by Scrooge McDuck that you should love your money and also guard it very carefully. He had a big vault for his money. My guess he never trusted the banks....,. maybe he was a bank? I can't quite remember.  
     Mind you what we were shown and what we were told is often different. Most of us were told at one point that money is the root of all evil. A quote often used by those that never had any. Then a smart motivational guy came along and clarified that antique quote pointing out that it was not money that was evil but "the love of money" that was the root of all evil...
     Well truth be known it is neither... You see it is "the love of other peoples money" that's the real problem. When you do that you get obsessed with stealing it off of them in any way you can. This is where the evil comes from. (and actually explains why governments never have or never will amount to any good in the world)  
      Money obtained this way is a double edged sword. First you make the person you stole the money off of miserable now and later you make your own life miserable by doing time in jail. The reason the jail part is because stolen money never quite feels the same. It does not satiate you like earned money does.
      Sorta like sex... It is always great but when it is with someone else it is ten times as great and if you are in love that someone else then it gets outa this world!!!  Thus the thief never really feels satiated and has to steal again and again and again stroking his ego in search of satisfaction. Eventually he goes blind..., no wait..., that's the sex story... Eventually he gets caught, goes to jail... and then goes blind.

     Earned money is a whole different game. Especially when you do something that improves other peoples lives or at least their perception of their lives. The money you receive for this is then a symbol of the good you created in the world.
     The difference is huge. Sorta like comparing a rusted out vintage Volkswagen Beetle verses a new Lambo. Thieves are always stuck with the rusted out Beetles as far as feeling truly satiated goes. Of course most thieves don't even know they are missing out since they have never tasted the effects of real earned money. Sure they might act "satiated" for awhile but the emptiness they feel inside eventually shows.  When it does it affects their performance and before long they drop the ball and get caught. Thus jail ends up being the most likely pension plan a thief can ever expect. Now sure there are some super pro's that likely do get away with it but I wasn't including politicians in this group.
     The simplest way to make a lot of money is to just solve a lot of peoples problems. Examples of this are everywhere. For example Bill Gates a bit of an honest crook really improved peoples lives by getting them a system set up where Amazon could function. Now instead of waiting for ever for stuff we get it in only two days!!! Needless to say because this solved so many problems for so many people he made a killing.
     Not much different that Steve Jobs at Apple. He marketed a tracking device for the US miltary by simply giving it some phone and camera features. Again helped the country and helped people unable to read maps to get to the closest pizza hut. The big money is all about making peoples lives better. Now you could be selling illegal guns to people to help them protect themselves and their families from thieves, robbers, murderers, government and other terrorists. You see it doesn't really matter what the state says is illegal as that is irrelevant. The key thing is that there be no victims and you are getting the people what the people want you will get rich.
     Then there was Mark who launched a digital profile gathering system for the US military disguised as a social networking site. This gave people the sense that they actually had friends along with a place to brag about all the "good" things in their life. On top of that it gave them something to do until they could find a job or get back to work the next day busting rock.  
     All three of these guys make a huge fortune by making a lot of people feel better about life through radically improved communication. Not only did they create even better communication but they created millions of jobs for common people so they too could afford to help rape the earth and feed their families.     
     Big money is always involved in solving problems. This is why it is such a great time to make a ton of money. Hell mankind has more problems now than we ever had. You just have to get off farcebook and dumb sites like this one, pass on social engineering projects like "car free day" pick a problem to work on and then bust your ass trying to solve it. If you do then you will be in the big time! Not only that but the world will love you. Yes the love is there if you can get off your ass!
     The best part is if you do earn your money solving other peoples problems the money you make from it will be "good" money. After all that money is the potential energy you received for doing the work that you did. It is your "juice" so to speak and you can use up that juice later however you feel. This is the money you should love! Even if you got it by putting gas in peoples cars at the gas station. You were solving problems for people. Sure the pay won't be no hell but like I said somewhere on this site pay has furkal to do with getting rich. So when you receive this money make sure you love it!!!
     In fact if you don't love your money then it shows you lack any gratitude for the reward that the Gods bestowed upon you. After all people in other parts of the world work incredibly hard, in far more dangerous situations and don't make a fraction of the pay you received. The fact that you were even born in this country is extremely lucky... You should be thanking God for that gift especially while it still is a gift!!!
     Now on top of this if you truly loved your money as much as you loved your Harley, maybe kids if you had them... or even better yet your dog, then you would never abandon it in creepy places. You know, places like fast food restaurants, or on cheap mass processed food, or imported motorcycles, or lend it to drug dealers and banks etc etc. Instead you would give thanks for your money and spend it very cautiously and with much thought. Every dime you spent it you would want to know it is returning to you the value and effort you put out to get that money.
     For example if you spent it on organic farm fresh produce you would know you were supporting your body the best way we presently know possible. You would also know that you were supporting a local farmer who one day might hire your kid so you could get some cash return on that deadbeat but likeable investment. Your kid would then get hard work experience that could help him get a little back bone for a change. He could also foot some of the bill for filling that bottomless pit of his called a stomach. You see when you do you good... you create good for those around you. 
     The same if you bought some unusual steel sculpture you would have a long term investment that could make you huge profits in a hundred years or so. Plus it would give you the pleasure of owning something really cool that very few can. Another way to spend it would be giving it to the power company. In that case the money would be keeping you warm and your internet up and running so you can read this babble.  
     Now people that don't love their money usually just throw it away on ego strokers, junk food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, taxes and prescriptions. All of which only give you short term relief and create long term disasters. Thus they always get the bum end of the deal. That's what my dad always said kids were..... a moment of pleasure followed by years of heartburn, headache, stiff neck, no sleep, empty wallet, higher car insurance, and an empty beer fridge once they turned twelve!!! 
     The benefits to loving your money are endless. First off it eliminates your need for discipline with so many things. After all if you really loved your money you would not toss it in one window only to have some chemical laden cancer causing "fillet of fish like substance" pop out the next window. The same with pop, beer, candy bars and other simulated food items. You would only want the best in return for your hard earned money.
      Thus if you haven't yet it is time to now start loving your money. Show it a bit of gratitude by giving it a bath or buying it a new home (wallet) just out of appreciation. Play with it more often by counting it and noticing how well it is made. Have you ever really even noticed the artwork that is on it? Doing this is a lot of fun and very empowering. After all that money is really your energy, a part of you.
     This is why the banks don't want you carrying it around with you!!!! It takes them out of the picture.!!! Not only that they want that "energy" under their control and approval.
     (oh and if you think the money in your account is yours try telling your bank you want to open a special account for buying crypto currencies! That'll open your eyes quick!!! Just make sure you deal with two banks so you have a back up. Either that or drop in and ask for five grand in cash... : )

     Now just maybe if you started showing your money a little more real appreciation you would have more of it flowing in... or at least less flowing out so rapidly. I guarantee it will help you lose weight quicker than sit ups ever will.  It's time to give money a break and quit saying "there's never enough" all the time. All the while using it to beat up your body down at McFeed's Food Farm Factory.
     After all think about how bum dads treat their kids. The kid works their ass off trying to please that dad and all the dad does is yell that it is not good enough. If done enough times it eventually kills the kid's spirit. Just like you can kill the spirit of your own money.
     So what do you do? Well for starters quit yer bitching you ain't got enough. Truth is that's why you aint got enough. Besides most of your friends are sick of hearing you whining about money like a seven year old all the time.
     Next start savoring your money like it was just the tip of the iceberg. Carry it on you, at least as much as you can. Pay cash for things and savor giving the recipient the money. Savor getting the change back. Remember debit cards kill that delicious basic human exchange experience that paying cash offers.
     Make sure every dime you spend is giving you value back. Don't let your ego talk you into that 14 foot ego stroking big screen. Instead focus on things that offer real value. Consumer crap like that ends up worth only half the second you walk out of the store. That's sucker bait!!! Treat your money better than that.
     If you can't decide where to spend it then great you can have more time playing with it. You can also read up on the history of money. You will be amazed at how history is about to repeat itself again. Find out what real money is and what fake money is. The more you learn about money the more interesting it is. After all why spend so much time chasing it if you don't truly know what the hell it is!! Not only that the more you learn about it the more you will appreciate it. The more you appreciate it the more will flood into your life. At least it will feel that way because a lot less will be flooding out of your life on dead end ego deals!!! 
     After all if you think about it you spend one third of your life working to get it. Why would you treat it like dirt and lock it away in solitary confinement at some creepy bank.? They will only suck the life out of it for you via services charges and interest below inflation. Not to mention if you ever wanted it back you have to ask for approval. 
     Sure your money would be apparently safe in there but would you do that to your kids to keep them safe? No way.!!! .. Ok... Maybe you would but you would feel bad about it... At least after the game was over.
     Remember if you don't embrace your money like you were going to..., one day.... embrace your kids then, just like your kids, money will rarely stop by to embrace you.  
     As crazy as this all sounds if you take the time to try it surprisingly you won't notice a thing!!! Why?, because rarely do we ever notice or give much gratitude when life changes for the better. Even if we do actually notice, all we usually say is "finally" as if it was owed to us or some other stupid thing. Remember: "ungrateful is always poor no matter how many millions it has..."     
     Though if you make notes about how and where you really are now and then after trying this for awhile check back on those notes it might surprise you. In two or three days..., not likely but two or three months very likely!
     Anyway if you are bored checkout my other post on money called the magic of money. If you never thought of money as being magic you might after reading it.