Science Proves Dogs Hate Us......

by roy mackey

April 2, 2020

     Yes the sad truth has finally come out. Thanks to the wonders of science it has been proven.... dogs actually hate human beings. The only time they don't is when they are getting fed. It is during these times that their hatred turns to severe tolerance.  

How did they do it?

     These scientists were able to use brain scanners to figure all of this out. After years of testing they came up with some amazing discoveries. One of the most revealing ones was the brain activity of a dog after having food put out in front of it is the exact same as it is when their owner is placed in front of them. With the food they just dive into eating. Though with the human they would dive into dancing around and wagging their tail like pure fools hoping to get the food. Two different situations but both stimulate the same brain activity. This proved that dogs actually see us as fridges more than friends.

     Now they also did some other testing to see what part of the brain would light up when the dogs were exposed to annoying situations like being forced to watch hungry cats eating the dogs food etc.  Well it turns out this same area that lit up when the dog was put in the presence of its master. These were really powerful clues as to what dogs were really feeling. The more they looked the more it became evident that dogs had just learned how to manipulate us to provide food for them.  

     Humans of course have always associated the dancing and excitement of the dog to the fact that they had just walked into the room. One thing they did notice is once the human had offered up some food that angry part of the brain calmed right down. This is what told scientists that it was really the food that they were excited about more than it was the human. On top of that it appeared that they really hated having to dance around or "beg" for the food but they had no choice. Mostly because a domesticated dog has no clue where to get food any more.  

Dogs are just "Brown Nosers" looking for food

     Thus it appears that that the dancing around dogs do is very similar to the "brown nosing" humans are known for. If you work at an office you likely know this behavior well as every office has the company "brown noser". You know..., the one who is always sucking up to the boss in a desperate attempt to earn some favor. Well it now appears dogs have that same trait. Dogs have just realized that the more they suck up to you and do things that a alpha wolf would never dream of doing the more food you will bring them. This means they no longer have to be in constant hunt mode in order to survive like other dogs in their pack had to do.  

     Of course Alpha dogs would never do this but beta dogs know it is their only way of survival. Even though the alpha dogs are often the big tough dumb ones the beta dogs only had their brains to work with. Thus being highly observant they evolved their understanding of humans and how to get food from them very quickly. They learned that things like tail wagging and dancing around like pure idiots were the key to getting more caloric handouts of some sort.

     It turns out that the instinct for food will make dogs do just about anything. Which is something animal trainers have known for years.  It also explains why dogs will rarely fill up.... No matter how much you give them to eat. You see that instinct to be constantly looking for food is what kept them alive for eons before they learned to "milk" humans. Eating for a dog is hard wired in to be their number one main goal in life. This behaviour is even more common in humans except gets expressed more regarding money. No matter how much money a human gets it is never enough. Most humans if they won five million dollars they would immediately start worrying about where they could invest that money to make even more.

No question this was a very sad discovery.

     Scientists claim this was a real sad discovery for mankind but does clarify why Dog is God spelled backwards. God is known to be all good and all loving towards us. Common sense tells u that backwards would be the opposite of that. Which is why Dog is the backward spelling of God in the first place. Originally the spelling was intended as a warning to humans to watch out for "brown noser's" and how deceptive they can be. This is also where the term "he's a dirty dog" came from. Which meant someone who is just out to use others for his own purposes.  

     Over time humans forgot this warning. A big part of this started once dogs learned the trick of barking and looking intensely out into the dark. Humans of course thought dogs could see dangerous things they themselves couldn't. Thus they started to consider them as valuable warning devices. This led them to overlooking the backwards God warning. Humans were desperate for protection so started to feed the dogs in order to keep them around. Needless to say it was only the beta dogs that took that bait as alpha dogs would never stoop so low.

     Of course when it came to the dog's warning there was almost never anything out there in the dark. The humans though could not tell so they figured there must have been. Not to mention since nothing ever came out of the dark they figured that the dogs must have scared the evil thing away.

     In a sense beta dogs had to sell their soul for free and easy food. The ones that didn't died off in the forest.  At first it was not all that bad. They could sneak off when they wanted out into the wild and would do so often. This was mostly just for the satisfaction of killing a few things and reconnecting with their wild spirit here and there. It was also to scare the humans into thinking they may have lost their "guard" dog.

     Eventually when the dog was really starving they would come back, often with a bit of a "pity limp". This made the humans so happy they would pour out even more food to celebrate. They would then make up stories about how the dog was likely out scaring away bears on their behalf and that's why it was limping.

     The assumption is that dogs must have figured out somehow that humans needed saviours and idols. Which of course was true as humans have always worshiped idols such as God, Jesus, Budda, Guardian Angels, VISA and Mastercard for eons.

Dogs do not viciously protect "you" they protect their food source!

     The scientists also figured out some other interesting stuff. One was when dogs are viciously protecting their owner, what they are actually doing, is protecting their food source. Just like a bear will viciously protect the fresh elk it just killed. If you want to see a bear get edgy trying poking it's cubs with a sharp stick or taking that fresh killed elk!!!  

     Now even though we know the odds of there being something evil outside any more are extremely low dogs still go on barking binges. Scientists believe that is because it is just a carry over instinct they got hardwired with. Some dogs more than others. Eventually though after getting scolded enough times the dogs wiring will start to change. The problem is scolding can be confusing to dogs for quite some time. With some dogs this may take forever. For others they never do change. This is no real fault of the dog as much as it the fault of their hardwiring. So if your dog has this problem you now know why and thus it is important to be patient. Remember he isn't the only one hardwired. After all you are also hardwired to think that you can't quit that job you hate yet still talk about quitting year after year.   

     None of this is much different than people who believe McDonalds offer up good nutritional advice and banks offer up good financial advice. It makes no logical sense but most people do still trust both without even thinking. This is what years of programming via advertising can do to rewire any brain. Most people who claim they think for them self are actually deluding themselves. We all have been taught or told what to think.   

     You see originally beta dogs didn't have much of a life. They were low on the ladder so to speak. They never got laid and only had left over's after the Alpha's have eaten. It was the alpha dogs that ruled the roost. Thus domestication worked best with beta dogs as alpha dogs would never give up their independent life. Nor would they ever dream of living trapped inside a house moping around on shag rug all day, eating meat flavored corn meal, getting some of their "vitals" snipped, wearing girly little outfits, neck chains and booties. With dogs like this you can just see the self-humiliation dripping off most of them. Especially the larger ones. Most behave just like you would imagine slaves would have or as tax payers do now. Not complaining much about anything as they don't want to risk the food supply they have established. Instead they just sulk around head down looking for more morsels of dropped food as in the dog... or tax breaks as in with it's master.

Dogs figured out humans are very self doubting.....

     Scientists now know that once dogs figured out that humans were self doubting and constantly looking for love and approval they were set. After that they just had to fill that need as much as they could and they would be taken care of. Of course this was not an overnight process but evolved over time. As it did dogs learned more and more ways to help feed that basic human need. Most likely by shear accident than anything. Eventually they figured out that acting all excited when ever the human "food slave" came along was their ticket to our "bread basket" Of course this turns out to be a symbiotic relationship that benefits both sides. The dog props up our self esteem through all the fake attention and we prop up their digestive track with bags easy corn meal based mal nourishing meat like products called dog foods.   

     I should point out here that cats seemed to have done the same as dogs but they did it with far more confidence and style. They were able to keep a lot of their instincts and ability to hunt. A lot of people have seen that with their pampered little house cat "Prissy". They were often shocked the first time they let it outside and it snagged a bird in seconds. "Prissy" all of a sudden had cold blooded killer look in it's eyes as it dashed off with the carcass to dine. All to the pure shock of it's "owner". I have seen that transformation in a cat before and it is bone chilling.

     Now dogs will chase after something like a rabbit or squirrel but won't have a clue as to what they should do next once they get it cornered. They will bark and jump about like an idiot but nothing like a cat or even better a wolf. Those guys are cold blooded killers no matter how you paint them.

     Apparently the scientists were going to put these scanners on parrots but the bird world got all up in protest. I guess they don't want to know that their "pet" is really thinking. They don't need to with my parrot as I already know......... Now where the hell are those fucking band aids again????