Bug Out vs Bug In Bags....

by roy mackey

March 18, 2021

"Bug Out" or "Bug In" Bags.....

     Now if you are a prepper and don't know the difference then you definitely need to read on. You see any prepper worth his salt should know the difference. After all it could mean the difference between life or death.... Actually there are two versions of Bugging In. With this post we are not talking about the staying in your home version of Bugging In but the moving to the city version that most are not familiar with.

     Lets face it unless you live under a rock and have studied no history at all you know that the odds of shit hitting the fan in a big way and soon is going to happen any time now. The everything bubble as it is now called cannot keep inflating forever. When it does pop it could get ugly..., very ugly... Not something our pretty society is used to. Just the same before you run out and start making up a "Bug Out" bag you need to know whether you need a "Bug Out" bag or a "Bug In" bag. So here we go.

The Bug Out Bag

     The "Bug Out" bag is what you need if you are planning to make a break for the country once the shit hits the fan (shtf) and all hell breaks loose.  After all any half smart city slicker knows that the country is the place to be when the house of cards we all live in fails. After all most country lakes are just teeming with huge salmon, trout, lobster calamari and prawns. The fields and surrounding woods are just crawling with deer, moose, buffalo, elk, turkey, wild chicken, rabbits etc. If you are vegan even easier because almost every plant in the forests is edible and very high in protein.

     This excessive abundance of endless food It is one of the reasons most country people don't have freezers. You just don't need them. If you wake up one morning craving some chicken wings you just step out the back door of your house, pick off a wild chicken, drag it in the house and popper in the deep fat fryer. Now if you don't eat it all who cares. You just pop what's left in the composter. Country people love to recycle.

     Of course if you want fish you might have to walk down to the lake but no big deal. Just grab a fish net and off  you go. There's no need for fishing rods. You just pop your net in the lake a couple of times, pick out the biggest fish in the net and throw the rest back. In the country food is everywhere you turn and all for free too boot!!!!

     So when heading to the country you need to make sure you have the important stuff. Mainly a solar charger for your cell phone. In a shtf scenario you can expect there could be interruptions in the hydro service here and there. Especially until wall street and the bankers can sort it all out.

     Of course one other thing you should have for sure is a good fish net. Fish for your omega three's are vital for your complextion. You can also use that net to catch rabbits and wild chicken. You have to remember wild game has gotten used to people so most times you can walk right up on them and drop the net on them. I am sure you have all seen youtube videos online of tourists walking right up to bears and feeding them. They are almost like pets these days. Once you get the net on them all you have to do is club them to death with a bat. A little clean up, a camp fire and dinner is almost served. Seriously life couldn't be easier.    

     Now good cutlery is also vital. After all how can you enjoy your meal if you only have your fingers to eat it with. By the way you also want to make sure you have a coffee percolator suitable for campfires in case the power goes down for longer than a couple of hours. Oh and need I say... fresh coffee beans!!!..., ones that you grind yourself with your hand crank coffee grinder you scored at survival A must for any real "Bug Out" bag.  

     Of course my goal here is not to get into all the requirements of a good bug out bag but give you an idea of the differences.

A Bug In Bag....

     With a "Bug In" bag you will need a completely different collection of accessories. First off anyone who has lived in the country in normal times knows dam well that surviving in the country is pretty well near impossible. Without the daily shipments of food from the city country folk would starve in days. As far as growing food that takes years before you can get a garden to produce enough food for even one person let alone your family also.

     The same with hunting game. In good times it is near impossible finding a game animal to shoot. Even then you have to be fast and a bit of a crack shot or you miss and scare it away. So most half smart country folk know dam well they will need a "Bug In" bag.

     A bug in bag should have all the things you need to get to the city where all the food is as soon as you can. Because seriously there is more food stashed in city mini storage's these days than could ever exist in the country. You have to remember a lot of city people used to live in the country and know dam well how hard food is to find out there. Thus when they move to the city they often get mini storage's and hoard up tons of food. It is an unconscious compulsive thing.

     Thus a Bug in bag needs different items. Oh sure you might still need your solar phone charger for the odd times that the power does go down but even more important is a wrecking bar, lock picking tools, a hand gun.., even if fake.., a nice suit, definitely high end brand name shoes and if you are a woman a hot red dress and high heals as that could earn you more favors or food than anything. You see you will need to look important and rich in order to get food or favors from people. You don't want to be looking like just another desperately hungry scum bag lepper on the street.

     Now another thing that is good to have is some nice new house key sets. You see you can sell these to people by telling them they are the keys to your hidden retreat in the country... You will want to prepare some maps and pics to go with these keys to make it more convincing. You just have to explain to them that this is where all the food is. You just want them to get there quick to look after what is there so you can come back and stay in the guest house. Which is why you are letting them have it so cheap. You just need long enough to bury grannie and then you will be joining them.... As their tenant of course. In the sales agreement you have to write up that you get to live in the guest house for the next two years. Makes it look official.

     Remember people starving will buy anything if they think it will help them. After all it is not like they are going to be back to get you. Once they get out to the remote place you sent them too it will be too late for them to get back. You will never see them again. They will be too busy trying to survive by avoiding the heavily armed "Bug Out" crowd. More on those psychos below....
     Like I said above most people from the country with half a brain already know that during hard times the city is the place to be for opportunity, food and anything else you might need. Sure you might have to hustle but at least you could at least find it.

The Real Problem With The Country

     You see to make matters worse if hard times do hit the country is going to littered with thousands upon thousands of Dodge Ram Tough Trucks... All decked out with their Alaskan campers and latest, greatest survival gear from sniper rifles to waterproof matches. All out of gas and parked on the roadsides. Either that or "shut off" thanks to the government using the satellite connection they set up on most newer trucks using systems like "onstar". With one flick of a satellite switch all those vehicles come grinding to a halt. This was designed to keep the population from panicking and racing all over the place out of control. in emergencies. In fact most will be "shut off" before they even get to the country. So their survival bug out plan will be shot out of the sky before they even shut down their game boy.

    Of course all the "bug outers" that do make it out will be looking for all the game to shoot that was supposed to be there. Only there will be nothing and they will be out of gas. The good part is this means all those dangerous preppers will be gone from the city and trapped out in the country shooting each other once they find out that there are no animals to shoot or fish in the lakes.

Some Back to the lander advice....

     Now in case you didn't know it the most dangerous place in the world during a shtf situation is on a totally self sufficient farm in the country. That would be like painting a bulls eye on you and your families forehead. Unless of course you have an Apache gunship to patrol your property 24/7. After all think about how crazy people are now and they are still digesting their last meal. How are they going to be when they have not had a meal for three days? Lets just say they will take "hangry" to a whole new level. Those psychos will be sitting on the hill two miles away, sniper rifles in hand, waiting for you to go feed the chickens. You will soon be "buying the farm" and they will be moving in. Not sure anyone would do that?.... Seems you need to study human history a little more.

     Now sure if you were far enough out in the country... I would say three or four "last stop" country gas stations at least. That way those tanks will be milked dry by the time Earl gets his loaded Dodge out that far. Now since most of those "Earls" have been living the good life in the city you can bet none of them will be up for doing much walking. At least not even near as much as they think they will. Between their...."hangover" as in extra weight, inflammation, bad knee and low back problems they won't be going far. Thus you could be safe. Any closer though and you are taking chances.

     Overall I would say the cities are going to be rather calm places if you can keep a low profile and know how to deal with famine. You are though are going to have to pick which "Bug In" or "Bug Out" bag suits you best depending on where you live. Partly because the line between city and country is sometimes blurred.

     Otherwise this is where the show could start getting a little more interesting. Don't let it get you down if so. Remember you signed up for the show down here or you won't have been here. Don't waste any time crying or you will miss the show you came to see.

    Good luck with it all and happy hunting....

Hope... The final frontier.....

One last thought... There is a boat cruise you can take where you pretend you are on the Titanic. They even take the same route... When they get to where they hit the ole ice burg the game starts. All the people on the boat try to figure out how to keep the boat from sinking. They only have a couple of hours give or take. They have a copy of the original plans for people to work from. So far a few people have figured out how they could have done it with only the stuff they had on hand. If you take this cruise you have to sign something that says you will never reveal the answer to anyone so as not to ruin it for others. What is amazing is they could have saved the Titanic.

     So.... could a shit hit the fan situation be similar.... Could it be avoided... Most would say no... Just like on the Titanic. That is what Joe average does... Just goes with the flow.

     Some though break away from the herd, put down their excuses and get to work at trying to avoid the problem. Will the problem be solved by looking out for number one? Nope. That is why the problem is here in the first place. Everyone looking out for number one..., themselves. When people start looking out for their neighbors family and friends then things can change.

     If you got a union job and buy cheap chinese junk at Harbor Freight, Wally's mart, China Princess Auto or Hopeless Depot to save money you know what looking out for number one is all about. But if you took some time, put down your excuses and bought north American you would be paying more but creating more jobs for your family, friends and neighbors. You would be making America great again instead of just being another Scamazombie victim kissing Bozo's back side and making him richer one kiss at a time. Oh not to mention making China richer so they can take over the world and your kids can work in their sweat shops.

    Maybe time to man up a little?.... Or are you going to stick to your excuses? ......